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[eBay Plus] Free - M3.0 64GB, Logitech H110 | $5 - Xiaomi Miband 4C, Humidity Monitor, SanDisk 64GB MicroSD @ Ninjabuy eBay


Looking around ebay and found the code for tomorrow's ebay Tuesday deals. Select the item from the drop down list to see the price and take $15 off it per the promo code.

I think the pick of the lot is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C.

Free -

  • Ultra dual drive M3.0 64GB
  • ipad portable stand
  • Logitech H110 headset
  • Infrared thermometer

$5 -

  • Mi Band 4C
  • UGREEN Nintendo Switch Storage Bag S Size
  • Mi Temperature humidity monitor
  • Sandisk Extreme 64GB micro sd card
  • 2 pack HDMI cable
  • 3x HDMI cable
  • 2 pack braided HDMI cable

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Your order's in!
    When your order has finished processing, we'll email info to …

    Got a SD card. But no confirmation email yet.

    And the item description is messed up.

  • ordered mi band, I don't think anything else is worth going for.
    good toy for kids for $5

  • Anyone get the thermometer?

    Ended up with the tablet stand…

    • +1

      I got the thermometer but I wanted the temp sensor haha. Funny because they probably just didn't add the stock in yet because now its available…

      • Arghhh…yeah. In stock now after saying it was of of stock lol :(

  • +1

    iPad stand! Finally able to get something from eBay deals. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Single use code… ;(

    • This also made me sad 😥

  • Link for mi band? Thanks

    • +1

      click on the OP link which takes to the Ugreen switch pocket - then scroll down abit you will see “size” click on it and you will see the selection … I found it tooooooo late and slow

      • Thanks, mate. Just did it. Not showing the deal on iPhone app. Cheers

    • 10x more expensive than last time.

  • It was back on for few minutes got 2

  • More in stock

  • they added more stock, got the watch

  • Op's pick of the lot was the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C, but ozb's pick was the USB.
    Thanks op, I managed to get the usb.

    • The 4c went out of stock for awhile but more stock was added later.

  • Got the Mi temperature humidity monitor… something I've actually been meaning to buy.

  • +3

    A lot more items are available here.

    Looks like all the same code, so choose wisely :)

  • Rookie mistake, used PayPal for the Mi Band…. the 30 seconds it took to process was too long lol… should of gone CC.

    • Yeah… I freaked out when it told me to login in to PayPal. Luckily still got what I wanted. It's funny it never askes me that when I'm buying at other times of the year.

    • Came back in to stock… :)

  • good deal, got the Mi band for $5

  • link for hdmi please

  • Thermometer back in stock too

    • out of stock again
      Common Ebay

  • Thanks got USB :) Didn't want to spend money on something I wouldn't use

  • any link for the headset?

  • Why no links!

  • Thanks, got the mi band 4c.

  • Nuts I wasted my PLUSFDET code on the wrong humidity monitor but also $5.

    • yeah me too :(

      • +2

        That being said, the humidity monitor I did get looks decent enough for $5 and whilst it lacks Bluetooth, it seems to have a much bigger screen.

      • Im never gonna use my head set

        • I bought 10kg dumbbell set. See you at the car park next year

    • i guess there is no way to cancel the order and use the code again?

  • Is this only for ebayplus members?

    • YES

  • I got this item Out of stock
    Ultra dual drive M3.0 64GB

    • i had the item added to my cart before this started so all i had to do was keep trying to apply the PLUSFDET code

    • I added earlier, applied coupon, gave me $15 off (free) delivery. Stared at the same $15 item charge for a minute, then went oos

  • +5

    So what do we do now that we've used our single codes? Lol

    Back to sleep I guess..

    • Mission successful

  • Urgh, what a painful ebay page to go through the items - I sorted by price low to high but too much crap to sort through. I ended up getting a USB to lightning cable (Philips brand) for $4 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383290206184

    • The link OP posted had other items within the drop down box.

      • Lucky for that link, gave us a headstart or we would have ended up with (other) junk.

  • I thought this post was an epic trap only listing a small fraction of items, and then realized how bad the rest of the options were haha. a good 5 pages full of cheap stuffed toys!

    • I thought initially the same: a decoy listing (but seems like this was the most decent one?)

  • +10

    $5 10kg dumbbells are good

    • dang these would have been better than the 4C

    • Bought this as well

    • Best bang for bucks!

    • Well done, these are showing up as nearly $50 for me now pre discount

      • That's $47.95 for the 15kg not 10kg. As the 10kg is OOS, now defaults to the 15kg as the first price displayed.

        Still, the 10kg pre-discount price of $20 seems much better $/kg than any of the other listed higher weight combinations.

        Very happy to have snared the 10kg set for $5 delivered. Is actually something I've been looking for for a while, but shipping always blew out any good deals I found.

        Thanks very much Timmyy for the heads up :-).

        • +1

          Got the 10kg dumbell set delivered today.

          Nothing flash, but for $5 delivered, very happy :-).

  • +1

    Ended up with a gamecube controller for the wii for $2.95


  • +2

    not sure what I’ve bought! The picture shows the mi watch, but the description says Nintendo bag

    • same, but in small writing it said mi bank 4cv

  • Are they doing something like this every tuesday?

  • +1


    Body Spray itself is $4 normally so getting the Body Wash + Delivery For Free (express)
    This is good deal Lynx Africa Gift Set $4

  • Almost abandon the sale as no stock for the watch, but lucky I read the comments here, managed to buy 1.

  • +1

    I thought this USB C - Hub with Network and VGA adapter was ok for $5

  • Got a "Swiss" Army Knife for $4.. didn't know what else to buy lmao

  • Grabbed the Sandisk Ultra dual drive M3.0 64GB thanks!

  • Plastic folding step stool for $5 delivered https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114306668292
    Edit: Gone within 2 minutes I posted…

    • I got a milk crate for 'free' from the back of Coles.

      • Would be nice if it was free delivery too though ;-)

  • sd card back in stock, just got one

  • Wanted the thermometer but it was gone in seconds.

    Then didn't know what to get and wasted time thinking.

    Then the switch bag was oos.

    So settled on the iPad stand because it was free but useless to me

    • +1

      You should have waited. Most of the items came back in stock at some point.

      • Fomo.

        None of the stuff I wanted came back.

        I'll settle for free landfill than no landfill.

        Well I guess with any bargain I buy of here, I always find an undiscovered use for it

  • $5 watch, thanks OP.

  • Thanks mate, got a Xiaomi Miband 4C,
    is there any way to use this without creating a MI account or MI app?

  • +1

    Missed out on the thermometer and ipad stand so ended up buying finish quantum for $3..

  • Didn't get what I want. Didn't expect back in store after refreshing! Thought gone means gone.

  • +1

    Logitech H110 headset back in stock

    • +2

      I would get a better quality laptop bag like the Dell one for $12.84. I used a cheap one I got for free from uni orientation, the strap broke and it cracked the corner of my laptop.

      • -1

        Yea but there's a difference btw $5 and $ 13.81 + Delivery

        • +3

          If you bothered to click on the link, it says free delivery. You also got the amount of the bag wrong even tho it is in the comment you replied to…

          My point is the bag isn't something you wanna cheap out on when you are spending $1k+ on a laptop.

  • +1

    Hoping to see eBay voucher errors now soon hopefully

  • bought 2 x Dettol Household Grade Wipes PK90

  • Thanks OP - scored the Logitech H110 headset!

  • Saw an amazing deal on a 15kg hex dumbbell for $5! Not that I managed to get it … went out of stock as soon as I clicked through PayPal.

  • Good luck people item you want may be in stock sometime later

  • I know it is out of stock, but cannot even find the link for Infrared thermometer

  • +2

    Most of the good stuff is OOS. Majority is junk…Having said this, I bought the Wii/Switch game controller for $2.95…hopefully, it won’t add to my ever-expanding junk pile…

  • +1

    Thermometer back in stock!

    • Can't find the link to save my life lol

      • +1

        Oh it's drop down! Facepalm

  • +1

    Got a pop protector for $3 not bad

  • +1

    just noticed 50*face masks option added, not sure that is part of the freebies?

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