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Lenovo Legion 5i 15.6" FHD 144Hz i7-10750H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 2060 6GB $1,599.20 Delivered @ Lenovo eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Bit upset I missed out on a decent price for a 3070 5iP since I need a work / casual gaming laptop to replace my hinge-broken Dell.

However, in hindsight the main concern I have with the new 3070 is it's only 6Gb RAM so I'm not sure it'll last all that long and what with the elevated prices and long wait times of 6-8 weeks for 3070 stock I'm hoping to wait with a 2060 6Gb until things get better.

Was also considering $1399 for a Razer at Costco since there's still stock in store until I found out it has a lousy 45% NTSC screen which doesn't fold flat, and is supposed to run hot so I decided to try this one and maybe upgrade in a year or so.

This Legion 5i combination seems like a decent price for it's inclusions, the main being 2060, 15.6" 144Hz GSync IPS 100% sRGB that does fold flat, 512Gb SSD and apparently reliable cooling for $1599.20.

Don't forget 1% cashrewards!

Link to the original Lenovo specs https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-5...

Model 81Y600HEAU RRP $2,849.00 (Marked down on Lenovo AU to $2,299.00)

Tech Specs
Battery: Integrated 60Wh
Display: 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) WVA 300nits Anti-glare, 144Hz, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision
Finger Print Reader: No Fingerprint Reader
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6
Hard Drive: 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe
Language: EN_AU
Memory: 2x 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-2933
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64
Processor: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10750H (6C / 12T, 2.6 / 5.0GHz, 12MB)
Screen Size: 15.6

Tip for extended warranty 15% off welcome15 upon product registration thanks to JoeJoog

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  • Wireless Wan: N/A

    What does that mean?

  • +5

    Nice find OP I got the 5 Pro and am loving it. I think the wattage for the GPU is alot more important than Vram with the RTX series. I could be wrong, worth noting extended warranty is cheap when you register the product on Lenovo for piece of mind- use welcome15 when paying for it to knock off 15%.

    • +1

      Yep I've been very much regretting not jumping on the 5i Pro 16 but at that $2400+ price I think I would have to purchase extended warranty etc.

      At $1600 it's more of a 2-3 year purchase so I think I'll take the chance on the build quality and I don't think I'll get extended but thanks for the discount I'll add it to the post

      • +3

        Sweet, yeah it's cheap I think $160 odd for additional 2 years warranty (3 in total with onsite service)

        • How did you get the 3 yrs for $160 for onsite support ?

          • @Soulflyer: When I was negotiating with the price he gave me an extra 1 year warranty (upping from 1 year depot to 2 year onsite warranty) for $85. When I got the laptop I got an email asking to register my device for warranty purposes (Google Lenovo Laptop registration Australia).

            I could upgrade my device anywhere from another 12 month to 36 months and it has the price. I think it was $95 for an additional 12 months taking it to 3 years- in checkout I applied the code welcome15 and it took 15% off the price ($80 odd).

  • Looks like a decent price, a good alternative to the recent Razer Blade 15 deal.

  • I have this exact laptop purchased for $1599 in October last year, its a perfect gaming laptop in my opinion.

    I'm using it with this laptop case which I'm very happy with due to the amount of protection https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07B3Q37QH?ref_=pe_2361882_2952...

    • What games? Any insight into FPS for games like warzone?

      • No but I played Cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing enabled and it ran amazing with DLSS. Too bad the game sucks.

  • waiting for a deal on the Legion 5 Pro with 3070

    • Me too!

      Good luck though I tried on LiveChat last night best I could get was ~$2880 with 1 year warranty plus there's 13% cashrewards so should take it down to ~$2500 which is not bad if you ignore at least a month wait :)

      EDIT: oh wait negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback.

    • I spoke to LiveChat today got $2460 for that bundle

      Looking at the reviews for my purpose of chucking under the desk as a secondary room desktop replacement for my partner most of the time with occasional going out for work I think I'll stick with this for now considering the heat the 5800h puts out etc.

      • May I know what's the spec of the $2460?

        • 82JQ002DAU
          Legion 5 Pro 16" AMD
          ● Processor AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H (8C / 16T, 3.2 / 4.4GHz, 4MB L2 / 16MB L3)
          ● Operating System Windows 10 Home 64
          ● Display Type 16.0" WQXGA (2560x1600) IPS 500nits Anti-glare, 165Hz, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision, HDR 400, Free-Sync, G-Sync, DC dimmer
          ● Memory 2x 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
          ● Hard Drive 1TB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe
          ● Warranty 1 Year Depot
          ● AC Adapter 300W Slim Tip
          ● Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6, Boost Clock 1560 / 1620MHz, TGP 140W
          ● Second Hard Drive N/A
          ● Battery Integrated 80Wh
          ● Camera 720p with E-camera Shutter
          ● Fingerprint Reader No Fingerprint Reader
          ● Keyboard 4-Zone RGB LED backlit, English
          ● Wireless 11ax, 2x2
          ● Integrated Mobile Broadband No Wireless WAN

          • @s3n: How did you get $2460, i tried few times, only to get down to $2640. any tips would be appreciate. Thanks

            • @bm2amb: sent you a message

              • @s3n: Hi mate, can you also send me same info please? I'm interested in getting this bundle cheers

  • Hmm not sure if i jump the gun abit early but i purchased this yesterday: Asus Rog strix


    Main difference compared to this legion is lower gpu witj gtx 1660-ti (15% less benchmark performance) but in return…rgb lightning haha.

    Should i consider cancelling asus rog dtrix for this legion machine?

    • +2

      The 1660 will age much worser

      • Hmm i see, even tho both GPU release in Q1 2019, I do think 2060 is slight better future proof haha.
        Also legion comes with Windows 10 pro vs Rog Windows 10 home.

        Tempted to cancel, but from general internet research (I'm no expert), the ROG seem to have really good built quality.
        Having work lenovo work laptop, I kinda stayed away from them but then workstation peripherals might be easier to switch between work and non work if get this legion.

        • For me, it was either ASUS Rog Strix, ASUS Zephyrus G5 or Legion 5i.

          I'd personally go for whichever has the best deal, and I think this the one.

          Honestly, I'm not sure if I should buy now or wait till next month for any sales for the end of the financial year…

  • I have this and bought at 1,800 last year. No regrets so far! My only gripe is that it does not have a built in webcam.

    • This one does maybe yours is 5i pro?

  • Is this powerful enough for editing holiday videos on davinci resolve?

    • +2

      No clue but this was for 1660ti

      For this test I took a 9-minute 4k clip placed it into Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve then exported it out of both programs at 4k YouTube settings and 1080p YouTube settings:

      Premiere Pro 4k Export to 4k - 5:13​
      Premiere Pro 4k to 1080p - 4:40​
      Premiere Pro 4k Export to 4k on Battery - 7:49​ @ 40 dB
      DaVinci Resolve 4k Export to 4k - 11:07​
      DaVinci Resolve 4k Export to 1080p - 4:21​


    • +1

      Works well for me with Premiere Pro 2021.

      • Thanks for the response, sam. What is the resolution of the raw video you are working with?

        • 4k. Small projects though, if its anything like my main computer, you need 32GB of ram for a large 4k video project unless you like waiting around while it lags.

  • Owww I bought Razer Blade 15 Costco deal but now wondering if it’s worth returning and getting this instead.

    Razer build quality is so nice though

    • how bad is the screen on the razer?

      • I think it’s fine unless your doing photography editing.

    • I would keep the razer, that deal is a bit of a steal.

      • Ok I already bought a Kingston A2000 1TB ssd for it anyway at $134 Amazon

        • Good thing about Razer is that it doubles as an ultra book, comparable to XPS or almost Mac like.

  • Can someone describe to me in Layman's terms what the difference is between the deal in this post and the deal linked https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622546

    Thinking about purchasing this one and returning the one I just brought for $1,215.

    • +2

      ~30-40% faster frames in most games
      Much faster response time for games (144Hz GSync display)
      Windows 10 Pro
      Larger faster storage main drive SSD

      6 core ~10-20% less processing power

      • Thanks mate! Do you know if it charges through thunderbolt? USB-C

        What do you reckon? I mainly want it for playing games and League of Legends. do I return?

        • No both don't

          If you want to play any sort of First Person Shooter / FPS and be a bit competitive in LoL for farming then absolutely worth $400

          • @s3n: So I’ll return the Costco Razer Blade 15 for this?

            • +1

              @BargainSnatcher: Razer is a bit more debatable because it's 1660ti rather than 1650ti

              If you're not doing image / CAD work on it like I'm likely to do then you could save the $200

              For me the overall minimalist work of the 5i look suits me over the Razer wouldn't want to bring that gaudy thing out to a meeting

  • This is good, but i'd still hold out for a 3060 deal for the same price.

    • -1

      What makes you think a 3060 would get to that price?

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/620233.
        Small step down in terms of processor but it's a 3060 for $100 lesss

        • Most likely that's a 75W to 85W version of the 3060

          Which is about 10% better than the 115W version of the 2060 on average

          i5-10300H is quad core which doesn't cut it for most games these days


          Haven't researched the Nitro 5 but the Legion has been proven to cool well in terms of throttling etc which is also a consideration

          (Lots of threads complaining about the Nitro 5 throttling)

          So using the $1799 for the like for like 10% better 10750 Nitro 5 (assuming it doesn't throttle) it's on a similar footing and when you're at $1799 already it's hard to justify not going 3070 for a significant (ie 20-30%) jump in performance so for me it's a toss up between this at $1600 and $2400-2600 for a 3070

    • I saw the 3060 model on the Lenovo site last month but it's not there anymore. Hope it'll be back again for a lower price.

  • Question. Hi brains trust,

    I got this G15 2 weeks ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619511

    Which one would be better? The G15 has the RTX2060 max q. Is RTx this 5i better than the G15?

    Thanks in advance

    • It depends on the game and on throttling etc.

      The 2060 max q is 80w nerfed vs 115w on this one but the 4900HS might get more frames in some games

      GPU bound games would be a difference of say 10%

      • Doesn't the legion 5i come with a 85w rtx 2060? I thought only amd version comes with 115w.

        • I just got mine today so I'll let you know but as far as I've seen it's 115w inside although you need to "tweak" it

  • +1

    Got shipment confirmation for mine

    Came from Sydney through DHL due Friday

    • When did you order? Hoping to get mine Friday 🤞 ordered a bit over an hour ago.

      • Very early morning order
        Shipped around 10am
        DHL picked up 3pm
        ETA Friday but if you're in Sydney you'll have better luck
        Indeed cross fingers :)

        • Bought mine 2 days ago, received a call this morning for another address cause they do not deliver to a parcel locker and estimated delivery by 18th next week. you got yours?

  • Anyone got a lead on a 14" with discrete graphics and the new Zen3 Ryzen or 11th gen Intel chips? I'm completely coming up stumps!

    • The best 14 incher seems to be the Zephyrus G14. It's a thin and light with next-level power for the size and weight and seems to get decent battery life too.

      • Do you think it's still a good buy considering its using last gen CPU and the replacement (whenever that will be) only just got announced?

        • The main difference between the 2020 model vs the 2021 model lies no so much in the CPU but the GPU. The 2021 model has a RTX 3060 which is a significantly better than GTX 1650Ti, but it also comes with a hefty 3k price tag.

  • What resolution will a 4k monitor display when connected to this laptop?

  • oops wrong reply thread. please delete

    • So you do not think that a 4K monitor will display 4K when connected to this FHD laptop?

  • What’s the battery life like on these?

  • This or wait for EOFY deal?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought one!
    Used the Celebration Swap gift card on Shopback to get another 5% cashback for eBay egift card.
    But eBay only allows me to pay maximum $1500 with gift card, so I have to pay the balance with paypal.

    • Surprisingly received it from DHL Sunday today, yah! Played some games and happy with the money I paid. Also extended 2 years warranty.

  • why is PS5 even worth $500? There is virtually no games

  • Got mine on Friday and whilst I'm bummed the battery life isn't great the cooling is amazing so it serves my purpose as a mostly plugged in secondary work/CAD/office system for late night gaming and with occasional trips for work etc

    My secondary setup has a Freesync 144Hz 2560x1440p monitor and I used CSGO to tune this system with the FPS limiter set at 141 Hz to give lowest lag

    Before you read the below make sure you read up on what you're doing and backup the BIOS etc.

    Out of the box with 85W 2060 boosting to 1500MHz (I think it was) in high performance mode I was getting full 141 fps but lots of drops and tearing during game play to 100-120fps and it was not smooth at all but I was still impressed because I was only expecting decent 1080P performance

    Undervolted -100mV VCore on the Intel chip using ThrottleStop (after bios patch) and burn tested to give around 60W under 100% load down from 70W in order to give more headroom for the 2060 and flashed 115W 2060 BIOS (if you're going 115W + 70W thats 185W plus peripherals it's possible but it's too close for me to the power delivery limit of ~230W)

    Made CSGO much smoother but not perfect with some very minor tearing the 2060 running at 1850MHz

    Ran a custom curve in MSI Afterburner at 950mV and I've so far settled on 1930MHz and +400MHz Memory

    Still more tuning to be done but absolutely smooth as butter now with similar game play to my Ryzen 5600X with RTX3080 desktop and GSYNC AW2721D run FPS limited at 224 Hz!

    Cooling absolutely amazing at max around 70-80 degrees on CPU and GPU

    I was not expecting such good performance and was thinking of paying $2460 for a 3070 but at only 10-20% improvement in frames I don't think it's worth it

    Here's more info from the lenovo community on tuning this system (disclaimer: it's generally low risk to unlock what this system is supposed to do anyway but I'm not responsible for what you're doing warranty wise etc.)

    • -1

      Thanks for that in-depth breakdown!

      This really seems to hit the sweet spot for me. A big plus for me is that they look discrete. The new Legion Pros have a lot more bling that make them indistinguishable from every other gimicky gaming laptop.

      It's very hard to justify the extra $$ for 3060 or 3070 laptops.

    • Awesome post thank you! Can I ask, what's the fan noise like when you are using the laptop for general use, as well as gaming?

      • I put mine lid closed in the keyboard tray of an old desk

        It's the best laptop cooling system I've seen by far handles even a closed lid

        My intel gen 6 dell precision quad core used to crash at 100% full load closed lid in autocad etc.

        General use the legion is very quiet wife even commented especially in balanced or quiet mode almost silent

        When running boosted @ 1930Mhz there's a huge rush of air moving to keep it so there's absolutely no throttling @ 70 degrees CPU and 70-80 degrees GPU but it's not an fan annoying noise even then still probably want to use headphones

        • thank you! Could you also please message me details of how to get $2460 on the Legion 5 Pro with 3070, cheers

    • It's probably worth mentioning that there is an 80Wh battery available for the Legion 5(i) that's a simple swap in/out replacement, it just requires that you remove the 2.5" drive cage (which also frees up the second M.2 SSD slot for use at the same time) and is obviously an additional cost.

      Were you running with hybrid mode disabled? I believe the Vantage software on these laptops allows you to bypass NVIDIA Optimus and run everything directly off the dedicated NVIDIA graphics, which can improve performance and consistency at the cost of significantly worse battery life.

      Did you notice any clock throttling on the CPU while gaming? Your reported temps look good, but it's a bit pointless if the CPU is being clock/power throttled. My brother purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 i7-10750H/1650 Ti Max-Q and when both the CPU and GPU are being used, it throttles the CPU very hard (at or less than 15W) in the balanced mode, making games a stutter-fest. The performance mode removes these power/temp limits, but makes the CPU sit at 100C for extended periods of time. I know it's a completely different class of laptop, and by all accounts the Legion 5 is good in this regard, but it's just something I'm wary of.

      I was contemplating a Legion 5 Pro 16" 5800H/3070 config, but the prices keep going up from the ~$2500 price a few weeks ago and delivery dates are ballooning. I need a laptop before August too. Did you have any details on the $2460 quote you received that you could PM?

  • I was going to buy, but wanted the extra warranty and Lenovo sales people wouldnt come down in price on their site to match ebay coupon price.
    Might just wait for end of financial year now, its just next month.

    • I'm not sure how yet I'll have a look later but you can register the device and maybe extended warranty from there, otherwise there is an extended warranty page


      There's a post above about a 15% discount there

      Let me know how you go

      I wasn't planning on extending since I've already done bios mods etc., I've previously done my own repairs on my Dell, and it overall seems like a better engineered system than my old Dell cooling etc. wise

      Today's the last day for the 20% off code by the way

      • What was the cost to change it to three years On that link?

        On the Lenovo website it was an additional 130 or so I think for three years and on-site.

  • +2

    All gone folks

    There was a frenzy deal last night on the lenovo site where it came down to $1699 plus 7% cashrewards may have taken it down to ~$1580 but that's gone now

    Do comment here if there are any other Legion deals available and you can't be bothered front-paging them!

  • +1

    Just cracked open my box to start using this laptop, and so far very happy. Very nice feeling device

  • +1

    For anyone who wants to add a ssd, I have managed to add the Kingston A2000 1TB nvme on this model without issue.

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