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Tojiro Traditional Sashimi Knife 21cm $27.20 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


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When you use a Tojiro knife, you’re holding in your hand the product of more than one thousand years of evolution and quality craftsmanship.

Tojiro, from Japan, can trace their heritage all the way back to the days of the Samurai – the ancient caste of warriors charged with protecting the most valued members of Japanese society. These fearsome fighters required equally fearsome weapons. Japan’s finest swordsmiths were charged with the task of bringing to life the most legendary weapon ever created – the samurai sword.

These days, every Tojiro knife is designed with a nod to the same time-honoured techniques developed by Japan’s ancient craftsmen…though naturally, Tojiro have added a few of their own technological flourishes here and there. The result? Blades that are the perfect blend of technology and tradition.

Tojiro’s Narihira collection is as practical as it is beautiful. With their traditional magnolia wood handles, and their single-bevelled edges, these knives will astound you every time you use them.

Just like a Samurai sword, a Tojiro knife will lend an air of distinction to the chef who wields it. If you value craftsmanship, history and tradition, choose Tojiro knives.

Traditional Sashimi Knife features:
Made in Japan.
Triple layered blade is crafted from two layers of stainless steel, with a pure, high-carbon and molybdenum core.
Handles are crafted from magnolia wood.
Hand wash recommended.

Blade Length: 21cm.

Please ensure you read the care and use instructions that come with the product prior to using it.

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  • +19 votes

    The brand as a whole? Amazing.
    These entry level knives? Terrible.
    I was disappointed they put their name on such slapped together bits.

    If you want a good sub $50 knife, look into TitanForge on Amazon; amazing steel used.

    Otherwise anything using a x50crmov5 steel will be better than the cheap japanese stainless used in those. Japan make some amazing stainless; but its not vg10 in those knives; far too soft.

    • +1 vote

      nfi half the stuff you mentioned. How would you compare this with say a victorinox fibrox since its in the same price range?


        fibrox is much better; since it's made from X50CrMoV15.

        Unsure what steel those entry level wa tojiros use; maybe 420j or something equally soft.


          Yeah, they're 420JA or something? A very slightly hardened 420J, so better than kmart knives, but not by too much.


        Victorinox is great; but I feel like it got popular enough there are clones/fakes.

        Ive used 2, and they were the worst knives ever. But even some pros swear by them as the go-to beater knife. Mine were soft; they shouldnt be.
        Pretty sure Amazon had a batch of copies.

        So long as they're genuine; you have a good knife.


          I've got 2 fibrox knives. Super sharp out of the box, bought a sharpening stone which costs more than the knives to keep them nice n sharp.

    • +3 votes

      User name fits.


    What is the type of steel and hardness rating?


      Last time I asked them;

      Maximum possible; 56hrc


  • +7 votes

    Yes I understand some of the letters and numbers these guys are saying…

    If you want a fast knife you should look for RB26DETT or 2JZ steel.

    • +3 votes

      Don't forget SR20DET

      • +1 vote

        Maybe dabble with some LS7 steel too, very popular these days


          I would go with the LSX steel. Much harder


            @he11bent: With the rarity of the 2JZ temper, may I recommend almost-as-capable 1JZ?


              @Bluebench: I am still on my 2GR, might not be as sharp as the RB26, but good enough as a daily runner.

              EJ25 is good for some weekend slice and dice too.

              • +1 vote

                @keyboardwarrior: For my weekend slicing. I go with the 13B-REW steel. Fragile as hell, but man does it cut hard, maintenance can be a bi1ch though. But I live with it.



                EJ25 is good for some weekend slice and dice too.

                For the short term.
                Built a whole lotta the EJ series… 25's bore-wall is too thin, even 16mm headstuds won't hold past about 24psi very long; it's too thin of a mating surface for a headgasket to keep sealed.

                Throw that 25 crank in a 20, set a 32psi boost target on a TD06SL 7cm and then it's a fun time.
                Also, never broken a gearbox yet :)

                If you have a stock EJ20 in Auto, whack a TD06-30G on it; they peak spool at about 2950rpm, and a subaru auto (when flat foot kick-down switch engaged) holds gears until 3500RPM, you're literally ALWAYS on boost. Auto foresters become WEAPONS when you play them right, haha.


                  @MasterScythe: I like things stock, oppose to mate that like to do projects. :)

                  Anyway. Let's get back to knives. Haha.


    Any recommendations under $50 for a starter ? Looking for an upgrade from my ikea knives


      Kiwi knives from Asian supermarkets are my go to. Seriously try them.


      In all seriousness, TitanForge from Amazon.
      Just remember, harder steel means more carbon, means you need to keep them clean and dry.

      Also careful not to chip on bone or frozen meats :)


      I've got a victorinox chef knife which has been pretty good for the price.


    is this some code talk?