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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $200 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


$400 Trade-in & Stackable $200 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series ( S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 @ Samsung Store

Price has dropped $150+ from this deal - ask a live chat agent (https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/) for a $200 discount voucher and use the $50 newsletter sign-up voucher.

After coupon discounts should come to:


128GB $449
256GB $549


128GB $649
256GB $749

S21 Ultra:

128GB $949
256GB $1049
512GB $1249


Case & Tempered Glass Option

zillkin case

spigen case

spigen 2 pack tempered glass

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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    • used Macquarie debit card yesterday with no problem

    • I've tried with every single card type and it still didn't work. Was fine yesterday

      • I wonder if it's fraud protection, but because it assumes you're a criminal it doesn't directly say it, (cause you'll then find other ways to be fraudulent)

        And if that is happening, it's really annoying, My card works fine, and not blocked

  • Been trying to obtain a promo voucher via chat since last night but constant network error. Now I got through the chat but they can't generate the voucher due to system error.
    Singed up for newsletter coupon 3 days ago nothing yet.
    They are the second largest phone manufacturer in the world!

    • Check your Pms i sent my newsletter voucher to you

  • +1

    Unable to get the newsletter code, tried guerilla mail as well…

    Unable to complete the trade in process, tried debit and credit cards to no success.

    • There seems to be a problem with the app.

    • Yeah I can't validate my card with my phone and this phone is being taken overseas tomorrow D:

      • Try changing to a different wifi network. That worked for me…

        • I've tried data and hotspot (different wifi) still no bueno D: Might try at 2am or something.

      • You need to try repeatedly. Try restarting your phone, reinstalling app, change cards etc. eventually it will work. Same thing happend with me. After near about two days of trying, it finally worked just now.

    • It has now worked, after waiting some time, credit card didn't seem to work but debit did. However still have not received my email code.

      • +1

        Email: "[email protected]" - i just sent "$50 discount code pls" and after 6 hours they replied with my $50 code. You need to use an email you've subscribed to newsletter with.

        • Yep this worked for me

  • I'm stuck at "card verification failed"; turning on/off wifi didn't help.
    Has anyone tried restarting the trade up process all over again? Did you kill the app for that? Phone's back button doesn't work.

    • +1

      Yes, tried uninstalling/installing, restarting the phone, changing the network, using another phone, using another credit card, and still no luck.

      • +1

        Tried all this too, no luck. Maybe try later when there aren't many people destroying the servers.

        • Tried all this as well. My plan is to try in the early hours as well. :-)

  • +1

    Worked brilliantly

    $954 S21 Ultra 256gb with Note 8 trade in

  • On iPhone6 can't validate credit card. Have restarted, tried 4 different cards, different WiFi.

    • Type in the full expiry date for the card. See if that helps. It worked on a debit card for me.

    • mine is failing on an iphone 6s

      tried on wifi, on 4g, all the combos, multiple cards :S

      • mine worked with iPhone 6s, after restarting phone

  • +6

    "cArD vAlIdAtIoN fAiLeD".

    If you want your $400.00 credit, better make sure you:

    1. Turn the Wi-Fi off;
    2. Turn the Wi-Fi on;
    3. Restart your phone;
    4. Re-install the app;
    5. Do the hokey pokey;
    6. Show everyone on the doll where Aurison touched you
    • I found this hilarious!

    • There's a link in the post for code requests.
      Same issue for most of us it seems

    • +1

      I've emailed [email protected] to ask for the $50 voucher. Received a reply from them with the code after half day.

      • Thanks, I've email them, hopefully can get a reply soon.

  • +1

    I'm also getting the "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" error message. :-(

    Really hope someone figures out a way around it.

    • -3

      I have same problem, and as I suspect, it's not really a technical fault, it's a security feature I tried to determine what suspicious actions I did.

      2 I can think of, first time, I gave the wrong answer to one of the condition questions, then reset app, then fixed, so that's one signal of fraud, the other is that by default my phone uses a VPN that's in Sydney, but i'm in a different state,
      So that's why it's blocked me, Pretty dumb though, nothing wrong with trade in phone, and nothing wrong with Card, but I can't appeal anything because officially i'm not being accused of anything

    • Me too. Was just on chat support and they can’t even help. Hoping this gets fixed!!

    • I had the same issue for the last hour. Left it sitting for about half hr, then it worked. Got my new trade id.

      • Yeah. it's not over zealous security, it's overloaded servers (unbelievably) , I got through also, and now have trade ID

        • Just got mine too after trying all day. Agree it must of been something wrong on their end.

    • Got it working finally. Had to do the credit card thing. It wouldn't work with the "in store" code.

      Now to wait for the $50 code to come through ….

  • -1

    For some odd reason the live chat agents just refuse to give out the $200 discount codes saying that it is a loyalty voucher for people who have broken phone out of warranty
    this was their reply

    These loyalty vouchers are currently being offered as an alternative option to customers who have physically damaged or out of warranty units and are liable to pay for the repair at their own cost. In this regard, we would be unable to issue a loyalty voucher at this time.

    I told them that isnt it and they said this is the only thing we have and they wont budge!
    How do other people get it? Is there a specific chat to go to?
    I went on the chat on the link and went to the mobile phones category

    • The agent is right, this code is for loyal customer that needs to buy new phone. You just tell them you dropped your Samsung S7 phone, smashed the screen so need a new one :)

    • +1

      Everyone got their code by saying their phone was damaged

      • my phone screen is really smashed and I want to get a new Samsung phone :) Just that my existing phone is not Samsung but moving to Samsung now.

      • I just said I'm looking to trade my phone and have heard chatter on the internet that there is a $200 voucher I can get. They gave me one no questions asked.

    • +1

      Why is everyone making it so complicated is beyond me, simply ask that "I need to ugrade my existing phone to S21 and need the $200 voucher code. I was told, i can get it via chat" that's about it.

      I know chat people are no experts in anything but I experienced they can at least read and comprehend just fine.

  • Trade in app is working now, finally validated my credit card.

  • -1

    anyone had any luck with the $50 email voucher?

  • Ok at last I managed to get my cc validated. Where do.i put the $200 voucher code from Samsung and the trade up code? I get to the credit card stage, but before that it has promotional code and won't except either of them? Is there another section? Im not putting my credit card in and paying the full.amount. thanks

    • There is a field for voucher codes just under the device on the left side of the screen. You wanna enter the $50 code first before the $200 one. It won't work the other way around.

    • You can add your trade up code on the cart page, also add the $200 voucher in the Promocode section on the cart page.

  • Are yall ordering a 25 W charger along with your sweet phone deal or purchasing a charger in jbhifi/harvey norman? Also what are the best cases?

  • Worked to trade in an s9+ for a s21 256gb for the mrs. Only problem, didnt pay attention to the colour while ordering….will need to get in touch with the support team to change from purple to white. Don't know how that'll go.

    Anyone has any experience.

    • Can't change the colour. Only option is to return it once I get it - which may take up to 30 days. And if I do, I'll need to speak to the trade-in guys separately and explain to them the whole situation and seek an extension.

  • +1

    I got it to work!

    I turned off my wifi and turned it back on again, turned my phone off and back on, and it finally accepted my cc details. Also it's 3.30am so maybe less traffic helped.

    I was able to stack the codes so I got the S21 + 5G for $444.

    What a frustrating experience - hopefully worth it.

    Thank you for everyone's advice.

    • +1

      Hang on you mean you got the S21 for $444 or S21+ right

  • Worked at the first attempt this morning..Got the S21 for $444.
    I think they must have fixed the issue.

  • Worked this morning without playing with WiFi etc after having tried all afternoon yesterday

  • Samsung chat told me this morning that the $200 voucher offer ended last night. Anyone else get that message from them?

    • It still works just got one now

      • Same, I just got one, said it couldn't be stacked with trade in but worked. 128gb S21 for $439. Haven't sorted $50 code yet. But its for work so extra $50 write off.

        • Where do you put the trade in code for your phone

          • +1

            @LANCASHIRELASS: on the initial order page, there's the trade in option, click and follow the prompts once you go to enter the cart and it'll ask for the trade up code.

            • @1301Beast: Thank you, I was having problems on my phone. Worked first time on my laptop.

    • Do whatever that you want in your precious life just don't trust what Samsung's experts tell you.

  • Finally just managed to get the credit card validation to work on the trade-up app and I've ordered an S21!

    With $70 trade-in of my old iPad I managed to get it for $379. Thanks OP!

  • Is there a way to find out exactly what phone models are accepted via a trade in without downloading the app?

    I have a Oppo Reno z phone that I want to find out how much the trade in value is? Still in excellent condition, no issues with phone.

    • If you put a phone in your cart and go to checkout there is a field in there where you can enter your device's name to see what the estimated value is.

      • Thanks mate

    • $45

  • Hi All, the trade in code does that go in the same place as the promitional code?

    • +1

      put the code in the first option on the main page & the promotional codes the next stage, near the top, click "yes please" & add the code

      Samsung Trade-inSamsung Trade-in

      Get up to $305 off your new Galaxy S21 series 5G.2 Plus get extra $400 off when you trade in now!2
      Additional $400 applied to cart. Offer ends 27/05/2021. Learn More
      Save up to

      Yes please
      No thanks

      • Great thanks, tried it on my laptop…. the phone didn't want to work

  • Samsung chat absolutely useless when it comes to the $50 codes, tried a bunch of times , they keep referring me to their e-commerce dept.

    • Its true - thats the appropriate route to get the $50 code. Ive done it multiple times and each time Ive received the $50 code.

      They've actually steered you in the right direction. Before knocking it, try it.

      • tried the number, they referred me to the email whom I have already contacted to no avail

        • Give it a day. Even people below confirming that its worked and got code in half a day.

  • Oh my lord…. samsung chat is impossible to get hold of. I waited until my turn, and then BAM, suddenly the message chat cannot be edited/entered as the chat box became disabled for some reason. Now it's just 'Retry Now'

  • What a bargain! I got the S21 for $8 after trading my S10 5G. After discounts, the S21 is for $449, then sold my S10 5G to a store for $441. So, I only paid $8 difference and got to keep the 25W super fast charger. Thanks OP!

    • What do you mean sold your S10 5G to a store? So you did the trade in and plan to not return it as you've already sold it elsewhere?

      • Exactly. I will end up paying the $185, which is the trade up value. The $400 promotion won't be affected by this

        • How do you really know if the $400 promotion won't be affected?

    • +1

      I would not have swapped a 6.7" S10 5G with 6.2" S21 ? I would with a S21+ though

      • I have a tablet, so I don't need the large screen anyways, but besides the better specs, I will get 2 extra years of OS support and warranty.

  • +1

    I can't seem to get my loyalty voucher to be accepted. Is there something I might be doing wrong?

    • Hi, Mine didn't work last night, I had to request a new one.

  • How are the traded phones returned btw, do we get a postpaid satchel with the delivered S21 phone ?

    • They change the process often but last time I did it I just got an email with a code to take to auspost. I then took the phone to auspost and they just gave me an a satchel to put it in which they then sent.

    • I've emailed [email protected] to ask for the $50 voucher. Received a reply from them with the code after half day.

      • I'm sure i tried that yesterday. I will try again. Thanks

        • +1

          It worked for me. I sent an email around midday on a Friday and received the response (with code) Monday morning. So half a (business) day for me also.

        • if it didnt work with 1 email, try a few different emails that you've subscribed to the newsletter with. It's worked 2 out of 2 times for me.

    • +1

      Per the bottom of the deal information:

      Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

      Code Request Megathread
      Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

  • +1

    Just put in an order for s21. Really hope they don't charge us the $400 trade in bonus if we don't send in our old phones.

    • Read description, this is not the place to ask for code

  • Is anybody else having trouble with the trade-up app? I cannot pass the Power Button Test cause the app doesn't register me pressing the start button (even though I'm able to pass all the other tests).

    • +3

      When you get to the power button test screen, press your power button once. Your display should turn off. Turn it back on/unlock your device. Tap the "test" button again. It should then pass the test.

      • +2

        Thank you! This worked like a charm :)

    • +1

      Have you turned off your screen lock before starting the tests? If not, try that.

      • Thank you, I did :)

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