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Apple TV 5th Gen 4K 64GB for $209 + Delivery or Free C&C @ Bing Lee


So as the new 6th Gen Apple TV launches soon the 5th Gen is on sale at many stores. BL has them on clearance as follows:

  • 4th Gen HD - $165
  • 5th Gen 4K 32GB - $209
  • 5th Gen 4K 64GB - $209

Not as cheap as the JB price error but yeah a good drop. Don’t forget the 2.8% Shop/Cashback. You could try OW and do a 5% on the 32GB as the 64GB is not available according to their website.

Use case..well Apple TV’s are super fast as a steaming box and if you don’t have the latest and greatest SmartTV this will make you life super easy for streaming(Netflix, Kayo, Binge, Stan) etc. If you on the Apple Eco System the Fitness plus app in builtin so you can fire it up and hit play - instant Gym Class. Apple TV app has some shows and you will 12 months free.

IOS Screen mirroring, nothing like casting Backroomcasting couch seamlessly on your big 📺 😉.

If you are using a Chromecast or some other sub $209 solution and that works for you, AWESOME.

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  • Is this considered a good price for Apple TV?

    • +5

      Yeah although, to be honest the new remote alone is probably worth going for the new model

      • Agreed. The current remote touch&press pad is not intuitive, doesn't do what you expect it to in certain apps, and unnecessarily restricted - all of which is really disappointing for a crucial element of a device at this price.

  • +3

    So as the new 5th Gen Apple TV launches soon the 4th Gen is on sale at many stores.

    We're waiting on the 6th gen.
    The 5th gen was released in 2017 (there was no 4th gen 4K) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_TV
    so be careful with which version this truely is.

    • Mistake on my part in title and description , this is the 5th Gen.

  • Wouldn't buying Nvidia shield be better for a few $ more .?

    • Can I AirPlay to the Shield?

      • +1

        Most things will work as far as streaming from iOS and there’s apps for other things. You can’t mirror the screen the same way. I have both and tend to prefer the Shield. It’s ability to play emulators turning it into a smes, dc, n64 etc blows the Apple TV away IMO.

        • https://github.com/Provenance-Emu/Provenance

          If you’re willing to sideload

          • @PainToad: Ah k cool didn’t know you could do that.

            Still if gaming were the point of contention GeForce now blows Apple TV away again .. if u have the bandwidth I don’t.. but can stream games from your steam library too which is pretty sweet.

      • Just noticed airplay is built into some TV'S like LG TV'S have this functionality.

    • Yes

    • Plex app on android has been an nightmare the last 3-4 months though. Pretty much the only app I use now.

  • Reckon this will get cheaper before November 2021?

    Bought this Apple TV November 2020 for $279 but have a year to price match as part of credit card insurance.

    • I think your discount time prediction make sense as they are pretty new I don't think we will see any discounted deal before Xmas time.

      • Unless it’s part of Apple’s Black Friday promo (November). Last year I bought one and it came with a $70 promotion.

        • +2

          I agree. It's still not a redundant piece of hardware though.

    • +3

      TV apps are generally bad.

      • On crap TVs, yes

        • +2

          crap TV's have terrible apps, better TV's have average to poor apps.

          You can't really avoid this unless you replace your TV regularly as even the best TV's have poor software support compared to an Apple TV or Google TV.

          • +1

            @samfisher5986: My LG OLED is fine - all apps firing nicely, and receive updates. AppleTV+, Stan, Netflix, Prime, Disney+. They're all there, and work flawlessly, and in beautiful UHD 4K goodness.

            The only key ones missing (for me) at the moment are Binge, and I'd love Kayo - though both services have the same ownership I think.

            • @fookos: Same here. I have LG OLED C7 (2017) model and all apps are working flawlessly. I cannot imagine the newer model, especially those are coming with AirPlay support. 2021 models which are recently released are also supporting Apple Homekit.

            • @fookos: I have an LG OLED as well as an Apple TV 4k. While i accept that the LG interface is better than most TVs out there, including the Android ones, that is only true in the sense of ease of use. Once i plugged in my Apple TV, the picture quality difference was night and day. I have run, back to back, the same apps - netflix, stan, YouTube, prime, etc. directly on the LG app and then on the Apple TV, and found the PQ to be much better on ATV. I think it runs its entire interface in HDR, and to my eyes, that makes a significant difference. The rest of my family does not notice this difference in the way i do, so i suppose it depends on what you seek from your TV and your streaming device.

            • @fookos: Foxtel are working on providing Binge & Kayo apps for LG

          • @samfisher5986: What you have said is correct but I don't think within the "fair" comparison.(no offense)

            Apple TV or Google TV are dedicated devices with better processes to do what they do. Smart TVs on the other hand have different hardware to function Smart TV functions. The CPU in Apple TV is (somewhat) competing with laptops.

            It really depends on what you need. My 2017 model LG OLED TV processes high bit rate really good quality 4K movies over PLEX without any hiccups. I am talking about 80GB single file movie. For this, I would give credit to that device. I would love to see what would happen if you try to stream that file on Netflix?? They don't even have such quality movies anyways…

            Apps? yes Smart TVs don't have the APP world that Apple and Google have. So should we criticize them not entering into that world? TVs are not designed for that. At least not for today.

            Even if you replace your TV every year you won't get the 4th gen Apple TV experience. If Apple continues to evolve Apple TV then Smart TVs will always stay behind.

            So long story short, it all depends what you need… But what I am trying to say here is that comparing the power and functionality of Apple/Google TV with a smart TV doesn't make sense…

            • @wrx5: But can your LG TV direct play MKV files? Most can not.

              The Google TV under $100 and means you aren't limited by the TV or what apps they dictate you have. I think its a pretty safe bet compared to relying on what your smart TV will offer, especially if you buy something expensive like an OLED TV.

              Either way I think your response is misplaced because my response was for someone calling Google/Apple TV redundant, which for most people is not true.

              Also "depends on what you need" is way too open ended, you'll find people telling you that their 720p device that struggles to play Netflix and Youtube as exactly all they need, at least until they have something better.

              The overall point here is that for $100 you can have the best of the best TV experience for years and years.

              • +1

                @samfisher5986: I partially agree with your comment "TV apps are generally bad." Same APPs on better TVs give you better experience for sure but comparing it with Apple/Google TV that's a different world of course.

                I think I have explained the variety of APPs on TV vs Apple/Google TV. It is well-known fact that TVs don't have that luxury.

                720p?? I don't think we need to talk about that :) Let them stay in their own "special" world :)

                I agree from the APPs point of the view that having a Apple/Google TV will enhance the TV experience even on the world's the BEST TV today. But if someone who is just after YouTube, Netflix or any other streaming platform then average good quality TV (something around $1000) will be more than enough. However, people those want more on their TV will need to look for extra technology.

                I don't think we are too far from each others view but may be there are few different angles that we look.

                What I like is that people those can share different opinions within the "Respect" boundaries.. I enjoy reading those forum items. They are full of information and ideas.

          • -2

            @samfisher5986: As mentioned above, I have Apple TV 4K, have an LG CX & BX.
            ATV only has use for holidays now. Everything I need with sufficient load & response speed is in the LG TVs

  • These include an idiotic touch remote. worth the upgrade just to get the new remote!

    • Make sure you wash your hands after Backroomcastingcouch….

  • I want to get Apple TV to use as Homekit Hub. I am using one of the iPads at home as Homekit Hub at the moment and it has some lagging issues. I have been told that Apple TV is the best device to use as Homekit Hub. I have a LG OLED Tv which has decent smart tv features. I wonder if there is a real benefit to get a 6th version or 5th is just enough?

    what do you guys think?

    • +2

      They should both perform similar as a HomeKit hub, however only the 6th gen has Thread support. Thread is a low power protocol similar to Zigbee and is starting to be used in smart home products. Thread will also be a big part of a new standard being worked on called Matter (formerly called CHIP) that has buy in from all the big smart home brands. So in conclusion 6th gen will be more future proof.

      • +1

        Thread… Good to know. Thank you.

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