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[NSW] Wendy's Pop-Up (Free Burger and Drink) - The Rocks (Sydney CBD)


Address: 22 Playfair Street (next to Pancake on the Rocks)

Took me 45 minutes to wait in line (this was around 12pm)
You get a burger, dessert (some ice cream/mousse thing) and bottle of drink (water/Coke/Coke Zero/Sprite) for your efforts waiting.

Wendy's chick talking to people in line said she reckon they had enough supplies for up until 3ish.

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  • "of course, there'll be a limited amount of freebies available for each item"…
    wondering how long it will last

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    Wendy's was the bomb back in Canada.
    They used to have these wraps that were my go to lunch, and their taco salad.

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      I think you mean Timmy's was the bomb back in Canada..

      • +2

        As a Canadian Timmies is gross. Wendy's is amazing and their chili is really good.

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          You're Canadian citizenship is hereby REVOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            @he11bent: Good coffee here in Oz is so much better

          • -1

            @he11bent: Surely canadian in Oz is citizenship can't be revoked on the basis of disliking one chain in favour of another? What if someone revoked you are Australian citizenship for disliking a chain like Jack's (Hungry, Outback or otherwise)?

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              @Meconium: @canadian in OZ - No doubt the coffee here is better, but I do miss a Timmies coffee sigh

              @Meconium - We're friendly people, but we can only take so much when one of our own bashes our coffee lol.

              • @he11bent: At the risk of really upsetting someone, Go Leafs Go!

                • +1

                  @NinjaChicken: Surprisingly, I'm actually a Detroit Red Wings fan. Got plenty of family there.

              • @he11bent: How do you miss dirt mixed with rocket fuel? Now timbits, those I really miss. I would give body parts for box of sour cream glazed timbits right now.

                • @freefall101: Blasphemy, did you know that Starbucks offered Timmies over 50Mil for their coffee recipe back in the 90s only to be turned down.
                  I'm actually surprised no one has brought Timmies here to OZ.

                  • @he11bent: $50m is a bargain, people I knew there were heavily addicted to it even though you could usually get free coffee at maccas. Starbucks drip coffee was terrible, they couldn't get their heads around what they were doing (however they did do really good espresso, much better than starbucks Australia does where it's all about selling syrups).

                    I drink a lot of coffee (4-5 a day some days) but timmies left me jittery as all hell. It seriously was a caffeine bomb.

                    Anyway, I'm surprised no one has bought sour cream glazed timbits to Australia. Also a drug.

                    • @freefall101: That's because research has shown that filtered drip coffee has the most caffine content out of all the ways to make coffee. Great for waking you up in the morning, not so great at 3pm.

      • Timmy's is basically like the Starbucks of Canada. I didn't find the coffee to match the hype.

        On the other hand, Wendy's actually had some great offerings. Plus bonus points for whoever runs their Twitter.

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    Just starting tucking in to my burger.

    Reminds me of a Hungry Jacks Whopper actually.

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    Here's hoping that if Wendy's do come here, it'll at least be better then the mediocre intro of Carl Jrs.

    • Is it a different Wendy's than the one that was founded in Australia?

      • +2

        Totally different company.

        • +1

          Ok, found it now. Apparently it previously was in Australia from 1970s to 1986.
          May be a problem with the branding if they want to re-establish here.

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            @GG57: They won't have a problem as both WENDY'S SUPA Sundaes and WENDY'S HAMBURGERS are both registered with ip Australia and it look like last time they were here, the both co-existed

            It also looks like Wendy's Burgers have been continuously registered since 1975, whereas the Wendy's Supa Sundaes since 1982.

            • @Pcoder: They may both be registered, but the source of all truth (OzB) keeps prompting me to indicate if "I am associated with Wendy's Milk Bar", so OzB is confused as well.

          • @GG57: I remember in the early 80's, there was a Wendy's in the (then) basement Foodcourt at Westfield Parramatta. It was a regular stop for me every Saturday.

            • @gpoly: But which Wendy's? Depends on what you used to have I suppose.

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      haven't tried Carl Jrs here.
      What's the issue with Carl Jrs?

      • +2

        They taste very similar to the average Hungry Jacks without the value of having coupons or convenience of having many locations.

        • +3

          Who doesn't like a drive to Bateau Bay? ^^

          • +1

            @thibaut: Fat capital of Australia lol
            Was why Carl's Jr opened there 😂

      • +3

        Its expensive and crap.

        The burgers just have no flavour. I normally love crap fast food but it's not even good in a bad way lol.

    • wendy defo taste better than carl jr

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    They make really good chicken burgers (Yanks call them chicken sandwiches)

    • I was fortunate to have their flavour dipped chicken sandwich back in Canada. Absolute mouthgasm.

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    Sir/Madam, this is a Wendy's

  • Are the beef patties still square or round?

  • social distance, everyone ~~

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    Is this new or has it always been in Sydney?

    • Apparently this is new and exciting. But it is free (today).
      I'm not sure the best way to gauge interest in your product is to give it away. I take anything that is free, doesn't mean I'll buy it.

  • +4

    Waited about 10 minutes. Just left. No queue now.


    • Are they any good when compared to HJ or Macdonalds?

    • Wow has an egg like a true Oz burger!

  • Their beef burger is really juicy and not dry….that was many years ago when I ate in Japan…need to give it a try when I go to the rocks area.

    • +1

      You might have to hurry.

      • Lol not today…..will just have to pay when I take my family along.

        Ohhhhh, my bad it is a pop up store.

        Maybe one day….lol

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    I’m here now, no line, free soft drink, burger and milkshake, solid! Thanks OP

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    I pretty sure they do this as part of their requirements to keep or apply for a trademark in Australia. In ‘n’ Out also have done it in the past.


    • You're on the money.

    • +1

      Win-win situation for all involved then :)

    • This is exactly why In N Out does it, but I don't think Wendy's would work the same way considering we have a Wendy's Hotdog in every shopping center.

      • Possibly, but there's a few differences. In N Out is a private company (Family owned) and owns and operates all of it's stores, it does not like franchising and has always been against rapid expansion, which is why there are no stores on the East Coast of the US.

        Wendy's is a public company with an international presence (including in New Zealand) and is currently going through an international expansion (https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newslondon/wendys-burger-gian...).

        I'm hopeful that Wendy's are thinking about reopening as I like their Burgers.

        I'd imagine with In n Out the could eventually open in Australia and that's probably part of the reason why the do the pop up. They did recently expand to Texas which is a bit more of a distance from their existing base of California. If they did open up here I'd imagine they would probably only focus on one city and wouldn't move from there for years.

        • I remember seeing the video of the lines of cars waiting to go through the drive through of the new Texas store, went for miles and miles

          Same thing happens when a chik fil a opens up in a new state for the first time

      • Wendys are hardly around any more. i miss their hot dogs so much.
        They rebranded to wendys milk bar a couple of years back and closed a bunch of locations. can only see two locations from metro brisbane and they're both an hour away

    • I could understand In N Out doing pop ups for trademark protection, but Wendys Hamburgers doing it doesn't really make sense considering there's already a large, completely unrelated local chain of ice cream and hot dog stands in shopping centres across the country.

  • Hurry up and open one Please

  • What you got is a Frosty. Wendy's is known for that!

  • Hope they're still there when I finish work in 30 minutes.

  • Can anyone regauge their stock level? I won't be there until 5:30 PM.

  • Stock levels pls?

  • how do people find out about these pop ups in advance? Yes, I know 'pop up' means it's a surprise but it just seems people know in advance.

    • +1

      I remember reading about it in broadsheet yesterday, but no mention of it being free so didn’t think much of it

  • +2

    One of the few things I ALWAYS get when I visit NZ. Please open in Melbs…

  • +3

    It's all gone :(

    Person before me got the last order. Didn't get a chance to have a taste.

  • I love Wendy's! Fond memories, it was the first place I got something to eat when I visited the US for a month back in 2019. Hope they open up some stores across Australia!

  • Popeye's Chicken is coming too.

  • God I miss Wendy's. I used to have the Taco salad for lunch a coupla times a week. Having said that, I also loved Carl's Jr, but the Aussie Carl's is a pale imitation of the real thing.

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