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20% off digiDIRECT Store @ digiDIRECT eBay


20% off digiDirect store on eBay. Might be a good time for Sony camera/lens buyers to stack with Sony cash back promotion

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Acceptance. By using or attempting to use the applicable redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 (AEST) on 13 May 2021 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 22 May 2021. eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the Digi Direct store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

Exclusions. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer does not apply to items listed by the Seller in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).

Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code PHCB20 as applicable into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

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  • +10

    Almost nothing decent actually listed on ebay…

  • +1

    If anyone is after a Z6ii and 24-70 F4 kit, this is currently cheapest on the market (after discount) @ $3519. You can get lower using eBay discount GCs.
    Z6ii body is also currently lowest @ $2719 plus bonus FTZ Mount Adapter or Nikon MB-N11 Multi Battery Power Pack from Nikon.

    • Where are these bonus coming from? Don't see anything from nikon.com.au

    • Do you know z6 ii price history? They don't seem cheap, for a mid range it's almost as much as a D850.

      • They're pretty high end, the Z7ii is probably closer to the D850, but the Z6ii is clearly head and shoulders above the D750.

        • I've been trying to read if it's worth replacig my d750. Mainly want a touch screen, better AF. Not sure I'd use the video etc. The Z6 doesn't do a lot more tho it seems, once ftz the weight is similar.

    • Anyone can confirm you'll actually get the nikon bonus purchasing via ebay? Why does digidirect not advertise it on the post like everyone else?

      • they're authorised right?

        • Yep, bought from them before, different brand though, they sent store receipt (not eBay) at ad value (good back when we can claim TRS), and claimed factory rebate ok.

  • Sony 16-35/2.8, unbeatable price after Sony CB, go go go


      • +13

        14-40mm at 2.8? Do you anything about lenses?

        • Sorry I'm not very lens- savvy, why would a 14-40mm lens at f2.8 not work?

          • +2

            @Dealzallday: It could potentially work - but it's a matter of what compromises the lens maker would have to make. Case in point, the Canon 15-35 mentioned above, is nearly 25% heavier than the Sony 16-35 2.8. To look at some lenses with the same mount and maker, I think the Sigma 28-70 2.8 is nearly half the weight of a Sigma 24-70!

            So, if a lens maker wanted to make a 14-40, they'd probably have to compromise by making the leans freaking heavy, large and cost a bomb, or let the quality suck. Generally speaker, the wider the zoom range, the harder it is to make a sharp lens.

          • @Dealzallday: Its the same deal with the compromises that Tamron made to the 17-28mm F2.8 and 28-75mm F2.8 lenses in order to keep them light and within the 67mm filter diameter. I am guessing the extra mm may push them over the boundary and necessitate the use of another glass element and/or a larger one which will implicate the size and weight of the final product.

            A smaller filter diameter also allow you to use smaller filters which are cheaper. If you're into landscape photography you will appreciate this because you can make do with 100mm square filters rather than 150mm without any vignette.

    • Wouldn't really say it's 'unbeatable'

      I'm in the industry, you can pick these up for low 2's regularly from occasional Sony deals directly.

      Right now, it's a decent purchase at 2.15k.

      • +2

        Combine with Sony $350 cash back, I'd say it is unbeatable though. I pretty sure that's what cxy0614 meant.

        • +2

          My bad, overlooked the CB part.

          Good price. Great lens. ignore the guy re 14-40mm lol.

    • Damn it, I was too slow. 😢

    • No longer listed?

      • Damnnnn oos

  • +6

    They took all the good Sony mirrorless cameras off their eBay listing, and also most Sony Promo Cashback camera/lens items.

    • +2

      Yeah, cannot find anything worthwhile to purchase and combine with Sony cashback.

  • The Nikon Z5 and Panasonic S gear are not there either…

  • Canon R6 is listed on there.

    Picked up my unit in store a couple of days ago, amazing camera so far from my limited testing (coming from a 5D4).

    • Looking at current market pricing, seems like the R6 is a good deal @ $3510. But if I am not heavily invested in any ecosystem, have to cough up my hard earned $, I'd get the Nikon Z6ii or Panasonic S5 costing much less, and spend the savings on good lenses. The L-mount S5 is best as there are more native lens choices, plus Sigma is making L-mount lens that are more affordable. Sigma have yet to to make Z or RF lenses.

      • Yea all depends on what system you wish to go with. I've always been a Canon guy so R6 was a logical choice (as much as I want more mpx I can't justify paying an extra 2K just for the R5 sensor).

        Will say the AF and IBIS in the R6 is incredible though. Hits everything at f/1.4 and I can get consistently tack sharp shots handholding an 135mm at 1/20 shutter speed and 50mm at 1/10 shutter speed.

        With regards to Sigma making RF and Z lenses I am sure it will come; Canon and Nikon keep their AF systems closed so Sigma will have to reverse engineer but they have made statements that it's on the way. For now I am happily adapting my collection of EF lenses and feel zero need to go RF.

        • For now I am happily adapting my collection of EF lenses and feel zero need to go RF.

          This was gonna be my question, as I'm heavily invested with my EF Reds, and I won't start again.

          How's the experience been with them?

          • @aussiekid: I use the Canon RF-EF adapter, seems to work fine with both Canon and Sigma EF lens (Sigma don't make RF lenses and I want to use their affordable 600mm zoom). It also works fine with RF-EF adapter and Kenko Teleplus 2x Teleconverter inline (with all the electronics circuit). I read in some reviews where they said EF lens actually perform better on the R cameras than on the original EF cameras, no doubt due to better technology and processing/correction power in the R bodies.

          • @aussiekid: @aussiekid I've tried my 16-35L f/4, 24-70L f/2.8 II, 100L Macro, Sigma 14, 50 and 135 Art and 150-600C and they all have been great.

            I even tried stacking my 100L Macro with the Sigma TC-1401 1.4x with a Kenko extension tube and it auto focuses perfectly fine.

            Only lens I've not tried yet is my 70-200L f/2.8 II but I have no doubt it'd be fine going off what I've seen so far.

  • +1

    Sekonic L-308 for $271 is pretty decent: www.ebay.com.au/itm/173260360583

    • +1

      Thanks heaps! Been meaning to pick up a Light Meter!

  • I was looking to buy fujifilm x-t4 but the price is not as good as last sale in March.

  • Canon R6 everyday price at bhphotovideo is ~AUD3200.
    And while I've got friends in US who could send it to me, I will be patiently waiting till the price tag in Oz will become reasonable and then I hope there will be a Canon cashback or discount codes.

    • +2

      I believe you still have to pay import duty and fee on declared value over $1000, even if your friend send as gift. And the price on their website is not what US people actually pay, the store may add tax at check out depends on what US state the item is sent to (different states have different state tax rates).
      Anyway best to buy Canon in Oz for their 5-year warranty, which is more than double other brands. Resale value holds quite well if you decide to sell within that period with a valid local warranty, speaking from experience.

    • Yea import duty tax makes it not worthwhile getting it from overseas compared to prices here when it's on sale especially factoring now the 5 year local warranty otherwise gray stock is all around ~3200 I think for the R6.

      I paid 3500 for mine after factoring in cash back so I am pretty happy.

      • I still cannot justify the current price. I'll hold for a year or two and then hopefully the price will drop a bit further.

        • Yea completely understand. Up until a week ago I didn't think I was going to get the camera myself but after playing with it a bit more, also my mate offering me a good price and finding a buyer for my 5D4 so quickly I couldn't resist any further haha (though I am still having reservations about the camera only having 20 mpx).

          I can tell you right now though you will fall in love with the camera, the AF and IBIS is insanely good; I am talking about nailing everything at f/1.4 with ease and consistently getting sharp shots hand holding 135mm at 1/20 shutter speed and 50mm at 1/5 good. Files coming out of the camera looks gorgeous as well; for some reason it looks crisper than my 5D4 files despite having lower mpx count. Maybe it's the larger pixels? I don't know.

  • +1

    No love for Sony A7 S III

  • +5

    Sony A7III $1770 after 20% and cashback.

    • Pretty good price considering all time low is 1750

    • Where did you see that in their listing? Can't find it? Been chasing one for ages at a good price …

      • Sorry, stock was long gone

        • Bugger :(

          • +1

            @LoftyAu: Looks like the store started cancelling some listings like this (probably not enough profit with the discount factor in) and the Sony 16-35/2.8 mentioned earlier :-( I saw at least 2 purchases today in the Sony A7 III's History before it disappeared.
            'Best time to look for really good bargains is the first 4-8 hours before the store realise and start culling less profitable items…

  • No DJI air 2s 😟

  • "Storewide" sale. 52 items listed.

  • Damn. I was just about to buy the Canon EOS RP +lens kit for $1799… then the price suddenly went up by $120 (after discount).

    It’s now a bit cheaper at other eBay Plus sellers (e.g. Ryda).

    • Yep, I was going to buy a stand bag for $79 and it jumped to $99 when the sale started. Something's they jack, and others they don't. Strange…

      • Yeah I noticed a few items are now priced higher than during their 22% off in March.

    • I've got an RP +kit lens, only a month old if you're interested, located in Sydney

  • Don't forget they have a microphone range too lol.

    Considering a Blue Yeti 3 Capsule mic, again. Again.

  • Was hoping the Sony A7C would be included.

  • Where is the Rode PSA1 in the picture?

    • Hmm missed out on the eBay plus sale for 22% previously

  • Not a great deal for anything I'm looking for. Looking at this Fujifilm XF 18-55mm for example, it was selling for $479 previously. Now $589 minus 20% = $471.20. Parramatta Cameras sell it for $471 anyway, and a couple of weeks back had it for $399 or so.

    • +1

      There were some good bargains early yesterday before they started culling them. Several items of my interest are now priced higher than during their 22% off in March.

      • +1

        A shame, thanks for posting though!

    • +2

      Fuji lens prices have really spiked over the last year or so. Pretty annoying when a couple years ago they were regularly available for way less when stacking store discounts and cashbacks. Fujicrons for under $400, 27mm for $69, 18-55 around $300…

      Your best bet might be the used market, although it can take some effort obviously. There are lots of 18-55s around, I've seen some on fb marketplace for under 400, might be able to negotiate down to 350 or less.

  • Sony A7 III back in stock for those missed out yesterday, $1770 after eBay discount and Sony cash back: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/623249

    • OOS now mate.

      What is everyone doing with their old kit? I'm keen to pick up decent 2nd hand gear for portrait and macro photos.

      • They're all trying to sell them on Facebook Marketplace for 95% of their original retail price 5 years later :|

  • I had 3 different Sony camera bodies in my cart and all 3 were removed before this sale…GRRRRRR