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LG Velvet 128GB 5G (Aurora Grey) $499 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheaper than last deal posted by Budju back in March.

Key Features

Qualcomm SM7250 Snapdragon 765G

6.8" FHD+ (2460 x 1080) U-Notch POLED Display

48MP standard + 8MP wide + 5MP depth rear cameras

16MP front camera

128GB storage


Immersive audio experience with ASMR & Voice Bokeh

Large 4,300mAh battery with fast-charging

3.5mm headphone output

Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac

Bluetooth V5.1

Android Q operating system

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  • +10

    Large 4,300mAh battery

    Yet considered small against other devices

    • +1

      they try to trick ya with "large" kinda unneeded

  • +19

    Decent price, it even has wireless charging
    on saying that, LG is leaving the mobile phones industry. I had a LG G8s-ThinQ (what a name) that was quite good, but slow to get updates. The screen had an issue and when I activated warranty they decided to give me the money back - not even offering replacement for any model.

    So, from my experience, I wouldn't buy it.

    • +3

      Going by the link you provided, it appears it's slated to get Android 13.

      That's pretty good, at least LG is not leaving their current premium phone owners out in the cold without major android updates. Not many budget $500 phones from competitors will have the Android 13 treatment.

      • +1

        s21 is bit cheaper (if you secure a cheap trade in) with better chip and support.

        • how LG have fallen :[

        • +2

          never heard of Exynos is a better chip than snapdragon

        • I don't think the S21 has a depth/ToF camera though unless you go for the expensive Ultra model. The LG has a 5MP camera which sounds quite good.

      • +16

        LG's software and marketing killed them, sucks cause they made nice hardware. Just upgraded from a V30+ that has been bulletproof, but waaa only Android 9 and no updates is eww

        • +1

          LG never had any "nice" hardware. You'll need a bit of luck to get the good one, majority of their phones have higher than usual failure rate / QC issue.
          I personally had G2 leaking backlight from side, G4 cracked mic, G6 slightly off-centred screen+white spot, V20 DOA (first unit), V20 ghosting/image retention (second unit).

          • @dotJaz: Jebus, that's a horror run!

            Apart from my V30+ having a bit of discolouration in the top right corner on light backgrounds (which I hardly notice cause I'm on Team Dark Mode), everything else LG I've owned has only had battery faults due to age

          • @dotJaz: Damn man. That's horrific. My LG G6 has a cracked back issue. So weird because I only dropped it once on the bathroom floor.

          • +1

            @dotJaz: Counter point to your issues, I've had a G5, G6 and currently G7 without any issues whatsoever!

        • yeah LG has less Bloatware than Samsung. Also their DAC audio is second to none.

      • +1

        Is there anything wrong with android 10, 11 or 12? They still work fine. No need to constantly update OS.

        • -1

          It's rather important.

          • @Techie4066: Username doesn't check out.

            OS major version is not tied to security updates. One of my Android 8 phones still gets security updates. See the affected versions in below patch for example…. if you're on Android 8, you get the patch.

            SVE-2021-20185: Arbitrary code execution
            Severity: Moderate
            Affected versions: O(8.1), P(9.x), Q(10.0), R(11.0)
            Reported on: January 5, 2021
            Disclosure status: Privately disclosed.
            An improper input validation vulnerability in…
            The patch adds proper input check to prevent buffer overflow.

            The article you linked to is generic fluff. It says nothing except "updates are important hmmkay". It also tries to relate the challenges of threats on health care systems with people keeping their devices updated. Those two things are completely different. Further more, the vast majority of security issues arise from human error. If I convince you to transfer funds to my account, no amount of updated OS on your phone will stop that.

            • @cerealJay: You misinterpreted the intended meaning of my comment. I meant to specify that if you aren't receiving major updates, you sure as hell are likely not receiving any form of security updates other than those Google rolls out to the Google Play framework and as part of Project Mainline. I'm not stupid, I know this stuff, and I know LG software support has really lagged behind, which was the main motivator for me to comment. I've rooted devices and done a lot of tinkering with phones from various brands (Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Google, HMD Nokia), old and new, and experienced how software support really varies. So thanks for your condescending remark regarding my username, which I can change if you would be that way inclined, as everyone seems to need to cater to everyone's preferences but their own. Congrats on pushing that narrative.

              I was simply trying to express the important nature of a secure device through that article, and ASIO's stance on this issue in the context of 2021.

              • @Techie4066:

                "if you aren't receiving major updates, you sure as hell are likely not receiving any form of security updates"

                Once again, this is false. The example patch I mentioned is from Samsung not Google.

                I don't wish to argue about it. People can do their own research. The point is there is no urgency to update the major OS. The parent comment asked "is there anything wrong with android 10, 11 or 12?" and your reply implies there is, but there isn't.

                On a related point, manufacturers should not get away with forcing people to buy new phones because "security"… they should be encouraged to keep supplying security patches to older phones for as long as possible.

                • @cerealJay: …the bus left a week ago.

                  The parent comment asked "is there anything wrong with android 10, 11 or 12?" and your reply implies there is, but there isn't.


    • +15

      money back - not even offering replacement for any model.

      Nice, better than repair, technically you can buy a new phone and restart the warranty.

      • +1

        unless you wanted the phone of course.. but I guess you could buy it again if in stock

    • +45

      LG is leaving the mobile phones industry.

      What were they ThinQing?

      • +1

        They are ThinQing Sinking Ship

    • +4

      Man, that's sad. Good memories with the G4 and its' camera.
      I feel old now, lol.

    • +1

      I loved my LG V20.
      Screen died with ghosting that's the only reason I replaced it.
      But the audio was amazing, and the camera was awesome for a phone I paid $500 for

      • -3

        Loved my G7 til I replaced it with Huawei Mate20 love that even more

        • The Australian government is gonna deport your arse now that you dare to touch a device that isn't stamped and approved by the government.

          • +1


            The Australian government is gonna deport your arse now that you dare to touch a device that isn't stamped and approved by the government.

            Is that what they are telling you on weibeo or whatever it is? Just, quit whining.

            It's not like China where the government blanket bans things like YouTube and Twitter. The Australian government doesn't give one hot damn about what phone you're using, may it be Huawei or xoiamei or any other garbage.

            And don't get me started on things like Google also spies on me. I just don't want any CCP spyware, that's it.

            • +2

              @CocaKoala: Its called irony and irony is pretty funny.

              • @fuzor: Huawei seemed to be the only manufact of recent times to have features that others are removing one by one.
                Their phones were way ahead of anything else before they were banned.

                So no-brainer I was gonna grab a good late model with all that plus Google system.
                (One of them being IR blaster which is damn convenient changing channels in places lol)

                It's a very well-rounded device, ticked more boxes for me than my LG did.

                • +1

                  @capslock janitor: You clearly have not heard about Sony.
                  Front facing stereo speakers? Yes.
                  Headphone jack? Yes.
                  Notch? No.
                  Can be found for around $900.

              • -2


                Its called irony and irony is pretty funny

                I don't think that you understand the meaning of the word irony, or the difference between "it's" and "its" (or when to use what). There's also nothing that's even remotely funny about your post.

  • +1

    Hi OP. Can you please add the chipset in the description. It's a snapdragon 765G

  • I went with the Moto Edge 5G deal the other day and loving it - Suncorp JB gift cards took it down to $456 too, so don't forget to gift card it if you get the Velvet or anything else peeps

  • 6GB RAM

    no 64bit chrome :(

    • Is there a big difference?

      • It's new. Can expect faster response.

        • I thought just access to more memory than 32 bit but not faster (at least with computer programs)

          • @MrSaveDave: Well on a desktop it will be faster when it has access to more memory and doesn't need to swap out and in… Probably the same deal on a phone..

            • +1

              @scud70: Only if you’re maxing out the 4gb or whatever memory limit with a million tabs

              • +1

                @MrSaveDave: Well it's sharing device mem, so i guess if the device is getting close to full utilisation then the app can't see the ram above 4gb.. Dunno why u need more than 6gig for 64bit chrome though, whole device limit for 32bit was 4gig back in dem good old xp and 32bit win7 days…. So technically OS should be 64bit but I dunno linux/Unix stuff.. I know Unix could load drivers into mem past past the 4gig limit..

                Either way not sure if it'd make Chrome faster just being 64bit.. Lol

  • +3

    Keep in mind that LG is closing its mobile business unit, future update and repair may become difficult.

    "LG will provide service support and software updates for customers of existing mobile products for a period of time which will vary by region."


  • +3

    This is a steal at this price, don't forget this also has ip68 rating so very comparable to Pixel 5.

    • +1

      I bought one. I find the cameras great, some really good colour matching with what is there. Maybe not as good as other flagships in terms of processor, but plenty good for me for the price. Very happy with it.

  • +3

    Looks like there is absolutely no custom ROM support. Big no-no with LG going out of business.

    • What's a good phone with similar soecs for custom roms?

      • +1

        I am an iPhone user, but before that I was an Android fan and would only buy phones with active custom ROM communities on XDA.
        I am not sure what current trends are, but from my conversations with friends this page seems to be very accurate on what to get for custom ROM opportunities.

  • +4

    Seems like the current S21 ($450) is way better than this. LG is also leaving the business…

    • S21 for $450? link please.

    • +2

      Alas, only for those with a phone to trade my s6 edge is not on the eligible phone list….

      • +1

        Use one of your friends/family. Just dont send their phone in afterwards.

        • -1

          I believe then they will charge you 400++?

          • @oranglama: Read the comments in that thread apparently they just charge the value of the phone if u don't decide to send it and you still get the $400 credit

  • -2

    that price has no reason for notch, punch hole is way better

    • +2

      iPhone 12 is $2K and has the biggest notch ever. Price has nothing to do with it.

  • +13

    TGG selling at $488. Link

    • I see $588 with %10 off (i.e. $529). How do you get $488?

  • Great phone. I purchased it at launch last September (and have been claiming price protection at every reduction).

    It does have some issues with freezing very occasionally, and the camera is not amazing, but the battery life is excellent.

    Definitely worth it for $500.

    • +1

      freezing very occasionally

      That'll do my head in and I'll toss it!

      • +3

        What a tosser =p

  • Wished we got the v50/v60 in Australia.

    Love my v40, which is starting to age. It has 4k 10bit hdr 4:2:0 recording which surprised me and had great stabilisation.

    Probably look into this or a new Samsung.

    • +3

      we did lol, I'm using a v50. Absolutely awesome phone, with the dual screen attachment you kinda end up with a poor man's samsung fold but with better durability and better audio

      • +2

        Fairly sure only Telstra carried the V50 no outright stores. Though JB did do a great deal on the Telstra variant I am still kicking myself for not grabbing and being stuck on a LG G6

  • +2

    I tried to like this phone having owned LG's for the past few generations, but it's been such a let down. From the annoying curved screen to the terrible fingerprint censor, to the sluggish feel and the very ordinary camera. Probably the worst phone I've owned in the last 10 years.

  • +2

    I'm surprised that I don't see any LG wing on sale. I would consider that for the fun factor.

    • +1

      Never officially released here as far as I know. I really wanted one too but they're still a bit too expensive to import, and seems like hardware failures on them are a bit more common than I'd like. Shame they'll never get to do a Wing 2, I love the concept a lot… reminds me of flip phones from the 2000s that had horizontal swivel screens.

      • +1

        defo will miss LG's quirky designs which they tend to fall short in marketing every year

      • +1

        Thats a shame. Really all the handsets these are just starting to look the same. And that wing was refreshing.

        I believe the handset your talking about was the side kick, kick top or something.

        I remember the motorola back in the android 2.2 days….. the flip was interesting.

        • I was talking more so Japanese cellphones of the era which were normal flip phones but the top half could swivel, if you were into Japanese phones at the time you were blessed with so many cool innovations, truly an awesome time for portable tech. Nowadays everything is just the same like you said, I don't feel compelled to upgrade at all nowadays unless my phone actually needs to be replaced.

          The Sidekick and other swivel phones, and slider phones too, were also really cool… I had a couple of slider phones from the US back then that I really miss. Good times!

    • Nice find, wonder how much @ GGC

      • I couldn't find it in TGGC.

  • +1

    Great phone at the price, but only if you use the phone stock.

    While LG promised support with updates, but their software update rollouts have always been painful and shoddy. Not an issue if you don't care about it though.

  • +1

    Have sworn never to support lg products. Had one of their mobiles which stopped working and sent it in to assess. They claimed that the fault wasn't covered under warranty. Crap warranty and service.

  • +1

    TGG selling at $488, + 5% cashback from Cashrewards

  • Some would say this is targeted to kill off peoples $500 gift cards

  • +2

    Anyone still have G4 that never bootlooped. That was a great phone until bootloop

    • i do, still works, bearing in mind my first G4 bootlooped and the one i have now is the replacement which fixed the soldering issue

      its my burner phone to do free sign ups like UE, GYG etc

  • No quad dac😉. Otherwise it’s an instant buy from me.

  • Great phone - using it now. Also was able score the dual screen in ebay off a Korean seller - no longer available now. With dual screen this is awesome for gaming and multi tasking. Battery life actually was suprisingly good in dual screen mode. The dual screen also have easy on and off.

    Camera's much better than my wife's iPhone 8 plus - as a benchmark. Probably not the best compare to latest flagships, but wouldn't expect it to be given the price tag.

  • Anyone thinking this phone's screen is getting too big at 6.8" ? Phablet size. Personal preference I know but pockets in ski jackets and suits don't seem to be getting bigger to keep up with screen size. My wife wants another phone but she prefers 6 inches or less for that kind of tool.

  • Anyone got one? How do you find the ToF Camera? Could you take a few snaps and show how they turn out as a Facebook 3D photo?

  • So LG V50 for $599 was better or this one? I got it over a year ago

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