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Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum $68.43 @ BWS App


This is a bargain walk-in price already at $80.50.



Use the BWS App with either of the codes above to get 15% off which brings it down to $68.43!

This is my preferred premium rum and just beats Diplomatico Reserva.

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  • +1

    getting $0 for both coupon codes

    • Nice, free rum!

    • I got the same $0 when I applied the codes.
      If you navigate back to cart/checkout the discount applies there for some reason.

  • Price is $115 for me. (in Melbourne)

    edit: I think it needs to be added to cart and there's zero stock

  • i got no stock near by

  • Couldn't get either code to work, but the already discounted price is decent. Thanks op

    • +1

      Are you using the BWS app and not the website?

      Have you used the codes before?

      Are you using CAPS?

      • Tried both app and website with caps. Haven't used the codes before. No luck

  • Worked for me, thanks OP!

  • +3

    no workies for my via the APP.
    $0 discount applied whether I use all caps or lower or anything :)

    • I got the same $0 when I applied the codes.
      If you navigate back to cart/checkout the discount applies there for some reason.

  • Needs CAPS

  • +2

    Targeted? Does not work on app. Both codes are applied but $0 discount

  • Found some stock in SA. ANGRYDAD worked (don't enter both codes)

  • +1

    Jeez no stock showing anywhere southside brisbane

    • +1

      It goes against my bargain hunter religion to tell you this without securing my own stock, but I'm in a giving mood… was going to get a mate to pick these up for me who is closer, but its a bit far for me to make a special trip, so I'll pass on the tip to a fellow Ozbargainer - Coorparoo Shopping Centre BWS currently has 2 bottles in stock according to my search just now - BE QUICK JIMOTHY!! :)

      • Thanks but I just opened a bottle of Bundy spiced rum earlier tonight after giving up on getting any of the liquid gold that is zacapa :c (plus payday is not till next Friday)

  • As a scotch drinker and sometimes lover of Bundy - would I like this???

    • +3

      As a lover of Bundy I rate this over Bundy

      • Sweet! -thanks-

    • +6

      If you like bundy, this is wasted on you. Save yourself some money and buy more bundy.

    • Yeah I mean dark rum is a lot more approachable than most scotch, but if you're used to drinking spirits slowly for the flavour you'll love it. If there's someone you hope to get into scotch over time a nice dark rum like this is a good gateway.

  • $57.50 for me 4 bottles at Glebe befor codes

  • +3

    Managed to find a bargain with Naked Grouse using this. Installed the app, added a bottle - https://bws.com.au/product/565597/the-naked-grouse-scotch-wh... - in cart it comes to $33 which is a bargain anyway since it's $51 at Dan's.

    Added both codes, didn't work, removed both codes and added ANGRYDAD again and it showed the coupon giving me $0 but there was another discount line show up with a $5.xx discount. Came down to about $29 a bottle.

    Awesome discount for my favourite whisky!

    • showed as $39.90 in SA and with the DYLAN code came down to $33.91 - not as good as you got but still a great price, thanks for linking the deal in the thread!

    • Got one too mate, thanks :)

    • Got three @ 27.23 each after 5% gift card discount, Thanks

  • Best I can get is down to $73, are these codes approved by shopback?

    • i got to 73 in one store then it told me it wasn't available.. i picked a different store and it went down to 68.43 weird.

  • The store that has some stock is far away from where I live, so those who are close to Balmain BWS (NSW), they have 5 bottles remaining.

  • The codes didn’t work but the ‘regular’ special of $57ea is good enough for me!

  • Fantastic! 5 bottles left in stock at my nearest (Camberwell, Victoria). Thanks OP.

  • Can't apply the code, CAPS or not :(, code applied successfully but discount is $0

    I'm in Melbourne

    • same

      • +1

        Update: discount showed $0 but when tap back, it was applied, down to $68.42

        Great price, thanks OP

      • +2

        And I've got a little surprise!

        I activated shopback on my phone, and was looking at the checkout page. Then switched to BWS app to add the bottle, apply the code, checked out at $68.42, then shopback just suddenly notified me that I had $6.8 back

      • +1

        The force is strong with ozbargainer. South Melbourne is cleared

  • +1

    Tried 4 different stores in VIC. Some had $80 some had $86. Tried both codes individually not both at the same time but $0 discount

  • WA always gets screwed with random deals like this. Anyone from WA can confirm any decent discounts?

    • Works for me. Must use the app, pick up from Subiaco, use ANGRYDAD only came down to $68.42

    • Worked for me fine - I'm picking up from Nedlands

  • unavailable :( more stock please :)

  • Is this better than Bundaberg?

    • +5

      Only by a lot

  • +2

    Stock showing in Rye, Niddrie, south Melbourne, toorak, Richmond, oakleigh, hawksburn on the system.

    • South Melbourne shows up as available, but can’t purchase after adding to cart

  • +1

    go thru to final check out this is where the discount shows

  • +1

    What a deal, thanks OP. Seems to be plenty of stock in Perth and surrounds.

  • Found a few at $80, definitely not lower like some lucky people.

    How do you watch clearance spirits? Individual pricing for stores at BWS is standard.

  • +1

    it does work on the website, after you click confirm the price goes down.

  • Another case of Either code on the app not working, 0$ discount

  • +1

    Still a few at Kilkenny (SA).

    • thanks! when I left store as Brighton it was out of stock and $115. when i switched to Kilkenny it showed as $80 and ANGRYDAD worked :)
      3 bottles left there now

      • I get annoyed at $80 when others have it at $56 lol

        It's on clearance, it'll keep dropping and there's stock at multiple stores. It just depends how far you want to drive.

  • Found it at Bondi Junction NSW BWS, applied the DYLAN code and it came down to $68 at checkout.

    Putting both codes didn’t work.

    Edit: added the code actually used

  • +1

    Worked for me at Mt Pleasant WA. Code shows 0 but price changes at checkout.

  • What's the DAVE code? What was the Bondi shelf price?

    • Sorry Dylan not Dave.

      It was $80.50

    • +2

      DAVE’s not here man.

  • Everything in VIC Eastern suburbs gone. Bloody alcoholics around here, only managed to snag one for myself.

  • Adding to cart using the app & still getting $115 :(

    EDIT: OK, got 2 x bottles. I had to keep changing to different stores until I got the price down.

  • I had to enter ANGRYDAD and then click the back button and it applied (after not working). Then I had to change stores about 4 times because it kept saying out of stock.

    Finally grabbed 3 from Richmond (VIC) and there are two left there.

  • +5

    This rum has complexity. A lot of flavours are competing for dominance, ranging from vanilla, cocoa to some French roast black coffee. It's a good rum for sure and I think, in general, people will like it. For example, I am thinking newbies to sipping rum. Why? Because its sweet. Sweetness is present all the way through the drinking experience with little variation. While the sweetness is what will make this rum very popular with undoubtedly the younger drinker, I do think this attribute does detract also from another wise fine rum.

    I would like this rum to have been a bit dryer. Dry and spicy it is not. It is sweet, rounded with notes of caramel, molasses and fruit cake. A well made rum for sure, but not one that I could have more than two drams at a sitting as its a bit too sweet for me. I am sure my wife's friends would enjoy this as a nice, fireside digestif following dinner to accompany and enhance discussion of that scoundrel, alpha dog, Aristotle Onassis.

    • -1

      Zacappa 23 has sugar added to it … same with Diplomatico Exclusiva and the El Dorado's
      All great places to start a sipping rum journey … and revisit every now and then…. but I agree they are sweet for sure
      At this price, definately worth picking up a bottlle, thanks OP

    • I actually enjoy rum, dry and lime. It doesn't matter too much which type of rum, I prefer darker tho.

      Drinking straight is a different story 🙂

  • Ayyyy lmao got the last 4 @ West End Village BNE at $68.43 (using ANGRYDAD)

    • Went to the shop. Still one left. Anyone near West End, all yours (:

  • Plenty at BWS Subiaco

  • There's definitely some still around in SA, if you're up for a drive lol($80)