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LEGO 10269 Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, $79 Delivered @ Kmart


Saw the price drop from Brickhawk today, to a historic low of $79 delivered (51% off RRP).

Product page - https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/harley-davidson-fat-boy-1...

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    waiting for amazon now.

    $179 now price matching kmart.

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      Is $179 target's new everyday price? No indication that it is on sale (I realise it was previously 199).

      • kmart every day price and online exclusive.

    • ..edit. incorrect comment…

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    What can I say, bikies just don't buy Lego…

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      And lego creators just don't like fat boys

  • Is the image the back of the box? or Front?

  • Thanks, got one

  • why this one is16+. Looks not difficult.

    • cos of choking pieces!

    • appeal to AFOL.

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      Average cognitive age of Harley rider…

  • Awesome! Been watching this one. Bought one. Thanks!

  • OOS ACT/Canberra

  • out of stock online in ACT :(

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    I don't get why this set is so expensive at RRP of $159.99 and 1023 pieces, look at 21319 central perk, rrp of 89.99 (currently selling for $69.99) with 1070 pieces.. they must be paying a huge royalty to Harley! Kinda seems like a flop imo

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      I'd expect it to flop. While I love the LEGO Mustang it's a shame LEGO don't print chrome pieces for the chrome bits - but the Mustang still looks good because there's not a lot of trim vs car. Here, half the model is covered in grey where it should be chrome.

      I mean, I have this set, but the grey kinda kills the look imho.

  • Bought one in VIC, good price

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    Bought in QLD, damn you! Good price, glad to have it in the collection.

  • Bought one - free delivery to VIC. Thanks

  • Well, that's Father's Day sorted this year. Thanks!

  • Blew too much dough on Ebay 10% off cards last week have to sit out on some deals unless at Ebay .

  • Thanks, been looking at this kit and the mustang for a while!

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      The Mustang is really nice imho.

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        I bought one for myself a few months back for like $200~.. Absolutely love it, especially the light kit I got for it.
        The misses is jealous and wants one too now XD

  • Amazon now priced match.

  • Just grab one for Fathers Day my son has enough Lego but my husband will love this.

  • Grabbed one also for my 10 year old to build for me haha. Cheers OP

  • received mine today
    not a dent in the box
    packed just like Amazon does- with air pockets
    very happy with Kmart

    • Amazon for me up to $50 a lot of the time is sent in bubble packs and most of the time they are damaged . 18 mths ago they were 95% in boxes .

      • what have you done to upset them :)

  • Sadness. OOS, and online special only.
    Any idea how likely a re-stock may be?