Fraudulent Activity on My Uphold Cryptocurrency Account

Hello OzB community I have lost like $129 or something in crypto today, from my Uphold account.

Does anyone have any experiences or some information that may help me out please? It just feels so bad that someone just traded all of my crypto balance to BTC, and sent to a random BTC address. I don't know much about crypto etc.

I know BTC is decentralized etc. whatever, but like no way to recover funds? I mean I think I am lucky I only lost $129 in crypto, not real money but lost money never the less.

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    You're extremely lucky it was so little. I'm guessing no 2FA enabled? I'd take this as a lesson and move on. You won't be able to recover it

    • 2fa was enabled. yes i also do agree it was quite less. I have learned lesson never putting even $1 on crypto now onwards so much fraud

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        That's somewhat concerning.. I'd raise a ticket with them and try go figure out where your info was breached. I don't know Uphold but if they 2FA via email then maybe someone has your email password… or if it only asks for 2FA on unrecognised PCs maybe yours is compromised.

  • Looking at the xrp forums hacked Uphold accounts seem to be fairly common mostly ones with no 2fa but even recently people say they have been done over with 2fa enabled.

    Uphold just says oh well best contact the police…

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      I use Coinspot and at least if you transfer out you must confirm via email before they authorise the transfer. Seems like that would have helped a lot here.

      • Plenty of forum posts saying their email was hacked too so worth checking that.

  • Have you lost it, or just dropped in value? (everything dropped last night).

    Also, anyone using the Binance Chain Wallet? Seems to me to be one less step required when transacting on the BSC chain?

    Ie. no need to go via trust wallet/ Metamask if you want to use Pancake swap.

    Lots of bridges as well by the looks of it.

    Did some googling, found almost nothing on it. Maybe it's new or something?

    • For me I seem to have lost it all. Normally whenever i do any transaction on Uphold i will be getting an email confirmation as well. But for all of the fraudulent transactions from today, i got not even a single email from Uphold. Only found out about those fraud transactions, because i saw my balance at $0.05 from like $129 yesterday.

  • Isn’t the best part of crypto is that it’s not traceable, hence why extortionist and kidnappers demand it. Not to mention thieves since once it’s gone, you have no protection.

    • Its also where I perform illegal criminal activities such as getting paid in "coin" on spot and giving them the item. Crazy that such transactions being "as is" are same as the private sales being "as is"!

      Way easier than cash to transfer to sellers.

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        Cool story

    • but it is traceable….thats why they ask for your personal info before signing up for an account….

    • BTC is very traceable via the blockchain. Literally every transaction is recorded. It's just private and near impossible to link a wallet to someone unless they use an exchange wallet.

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    Welcome to OzHelpDesk

    Have you:

    a) turned it off and on again

    b) contacted the supplier of your goods/services

    c) contacted your local bikies chapter?

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    Not your keys - not your cheese my friend.

    You should never keep your crypto on an exchange unless you are looking to sell it in the near future. Store it on a ledger and lock it in a safe place.

    It can leave a real bitter taste when you've been hacked or scammed and the feeling of betrayal, and sometimes shame, can leave the ego a little bruised and make you lash out at the wrong thing. There are scams everyday in crypto but there are an equal amount of scams in traditional cash markets everyday. Hopefully you hadn't abandoned the fiat system because of this.

    It sucks that someone has somehow worked out your login details. But it seems like that's the only way this could have happened given the circumstances you've described.

    Collectiveshift is a great site with exhaustive resources on how to crypto safely and successfully. Crypto is a legit technology that is going to one day replace entire industries and it's commendable that you dipped your toe in. Give up on recovering the $129 bucks of btc but don't give up on your curiosity… It will make you way more than what you've lost going forward.

    • yes thank you,
      But if honestly speaking it has hurt me quite a lot at the same time making me feel happy that i did not invest any larger quantity of money in crypto.
      But yes unfortunately i wont be looking at spending a single cent on crypto/FIAT anytime in future. Will only invest in shares, stocks etc. which are not vulnerable to this kind of thing.

      Uphold is totally garbage. give no protection or whatever.
      I had 2FA enabled, and i normally get emails on each uphold transaction. But only on that day I GOT NOT A SINGLE EMAIL, OR ANY OTHER NOTIFICATION. or anything at all, Not a clue how one can even access my UPHOLD account without the authenticator app.

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