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Boost Mobile $200 150GB 12-Month Prepaid SIM Starter Pack for $156 Delivered @ Auditech via eBay App


Similar to this deal, but for the smaller plan.

The SIM card must be activated by July 5 2021, otherwise, it will only give you 30GB.

No expiry date is given for these ones, although other options also exist for a similar price (not top-rated sellers):

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ABN 98 621 203 316

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  • For excising boost customers, do we need to change providers and come back as new customer to get a deal like this? other than recharge from the boost website?

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      Buy the new starter sim. Then when you get it speak to boost customer service to activate it and then ask them to transfer your old number onto the new sim.

      • Does this actually work? My understanding was that one must port out then port back in.

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          Worked for me with no issues. My existing service did not expire for at least half a year when I did it.
          Might be helpful to chat to them before you buy so that they make notes on your service and you have no issues doing it.

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        This works, but i had to chat with them again as my plan expired & the new plan didn't activate. Then the dude tried to tell me the $200 plan was for 6mths. I simply told him he makes it 12mths or they will hear from TIO. Fixed within 5mins. Unused data didn't rollover but 150GB is more than enough for me.

    • Yep. I ported to Kogan for 3 months $14.90 with 60gb data, then will port back to boost.

  • Nice post 👍

  • My JB Hi-Fi telstra plan expires in June. The description in eBay says Telstra users need a separate blank SIM (Boost will send you for free) to finish the process. Do I need to then contact Boost when I receive the pack and ask for blank sims? How long does it take to receive them? Also should I port on the last day when my contract expires or earlier?

    • No issues. I swapped from telstra. Put boost sim in and rang up (cos I couldn't get it to keep my number online).
      They logged into my telstra account and sorted it out. Activated in about 10 minutes.

      • So you just used the sim from the kit and not asked for a blank sim?

        • Yep

          • @B-Man02: Apparently the blank SIM process is no longer required as Boost system has been upgraded to deal with Telstra accounts directly without jumping hoops. I was told the changeover is less than 24 hours. I was hoping it would be less.

            • @plapic: It took about 5 minutes after I hung up from the call to be activated

  • Looks like expired? It's now listed as $195 and the the code be brings it down to $185

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