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R.M. Williams Sydney Boot $415 (RRP $595), Yard Boot $220 (RRP$445) at David Jones


David Jones have discounted a few R.M. Williams boots including the Sydney Boot and the Yard Boot.

Sydney Boot
Yard Boot

Multiple colours and sizes available. There are also a few $99 boots available but with very limited sizes.

$99 Adelaide Boot
$99 Rickaby Boot

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • +2

    Sydney price changes to 415 once you select a size (all sizes)

  • It does too - I managed to check out at $250. I'll update the title, thank you.

    • The tan colour is still $250.

  • Sydney Tan are $250.

    • -1

      Leather soles.

  • +2

    Thought I'd scored a bargain with the Adelaide boot. Only size 11 left, just what I needed! Go to add to cart; "Sorry, this colour / size combination is not currently available."

    Damn. Wasn't meant to be.

    • +4

      Thought the same until realised it's ladies boots

      • Hahaha, I totally missed that important piece of info.

      • "may I have one of those, madam?"

  • these are my favorites for when im mustering on the station!

  • +1

    You don't see heels like those much nowadays.

    • you get excellent horse response from those. giddyup!

  • Depends on your order or who knows what. They have a lot of sales items now. Made couple of different orders and everything will be refunded. Oh well

  • -1

    Managed to get a pair of Sydney boots, what's the difference between Sydney and Comfort craftsman by the way?

    • lower cut upper

    • Lower around the ankle. No front tug. Leather soles (not rubber)

      • Thanks guys, just got order cancellation email :(

  • +1

    Must be trying to clear all their yard boots. They are a bit odd.

    • +2

      They look ghastly

      • Indeed they do. I think a couple of weeks ago I received the RM email discounting them by $100. I happened to be in a RM William store getting fitted and someone actually bought them whilst I was there.

        So for the right price they can sell.

  • +1

    So I had my order cancelled by dj and refund processed already.

    Any great reasonably priced Australian made alternatives?

  • One of the not many left made in Australia icon

  • which ones the best - I know some of these are super comfy which probably look a bit relaxed
    what about for corporate white collar office environment

    • +1

      For the office you're best to go with the comfort craftsman

      • +1

        thanks mate. That seems to be really popular on ozbargain too. Will keep an eye out

  • +5

    For anyone who hasn't fitted these before, I'd strongly recommend trying them on in-store first. I'm a pretty reliable 11.5 US shoes size, but a "10G" in a Comfort Craftsmen.

    • ^ this. I am the same.

    • -1

      My partner is the same. Usually Size 9 AU for all other shoes, size 8 AU in Craftsmen

    • Be mindful as well that RM williams are Australian sizing and not US - Aus sizes are usually about 1 lower

  • +1

    Ordered, and now have had it cancelled and money refunded

  • All gone now or is my browser stuffed…..?

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