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Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote: Homekit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa $72.24 Delivered @ Meross Direct via Amazon


The deal is back for the HOMEKIT version.

Got one for myself. Price is the same last deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • how does it compare with the Chamberlain MyQ? https://www.chamberlaindiy.com.au/product/myq-connectivity-k...

    For me, i find it very slow to login to the app just to open the garage door, about 20 seconds i'd say, which is a long time watching the little spinning icon. Also the IFFT integration doesn't work in Aus. I was pretty close to returning it to Bunnings.

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      I use the new version of the Meross door opener (https://www.meross.com/Detail/68/Smart%20Wi-Fi%20Garage%20Do...) so take this with a grain of salt.

      I haven't had an issue with the app at all, it loads quickly, the settings are self explanatory and I love the timer function which automatically closes the door after a period of time. The app support is the main reason why I ended up purchasing one as I wanted something with a PIN code (set to be required when opening via google home), the option to automatically close the door if it's been open for 10 minutes and a reliable sensor that informs me when the door opens and closes.

      I've had issues in the past with cheaper WiFi door remotes which lacked the above features and kept spamming open and close notifications even though the door hasn't moved.

      Overall, I'd recommend it.

      • Have the new one as well, and despite a few teeting issues with wifi channels, its been working well!

    • I have this Meross HomeKit one and have the same problem. My door takes too long to close and it ends up thinking something is stuck under the door. I’ve tried increasing the close time setting via the app and it doesn’t seem to care. Contacted the customer service and they were useless.

      Edit: I got the msg200 so I dunno, this one might be less sh2t

      • I have this model, like you the default close time wasn't long enough so it would show up as 'obstructed' in Homekit, but I had no issues increasing the close time in the Meross app, and that solved the issue

        • Hmm noticed a new firmware, I might try it again sometime

        • Ok can now confirm my problems with obstructions have now disappeared after the latest firmware update

  • What's the difference between homekit vs non homekit? Any non homekit deal?

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      You can use it with HomeKit, google what that is

    • You can use it with smart Apple devices - HomeKit is a framework that Apple have setup for developers to integrate into.

      • Can you say siri open door to you phone?

        • I mean technically it depends how well they have integrated it into the HomeKit system, but I'm gonna take a shot and say yes? - but defs double check that lol

  • I remember someone asking if these work with the steel-line SD800 last time this deal was posted. Just wanted to confirm these do work with that model as I was able to set mine up fairly easily.

    • Do you know where the brown and blue wire is connected to on the SD800? My SD800 has photo eyes (black and red) and backup battery (black and red).

    • I m unable to connect this to my SD800 grage door,m tried connecting two wires to all terminals, where did you connect them to?

      • Sorry I only just saw these comments. So I connected the wires in the receiver connectors which are the far left red and black connectors.

        So brown wire goes into far left red connector and blue wire goes in the far left black connector (they should be next to each other).

        • All good i was able to make it work on sd800. Now my google home can close the door but when i command it to open it is asking for a pin.

  • How you check if your Garage door in compatible. I remember there was a link

      • Thanks for the link but on an IPad you simply cannot select B&D from the list.

        Hopeless web design

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          I can't select B&D on a computer. Tried different browsers still no luck. It works for AVIDSEN and Baisheng which are before and after B&D. Does this mean it does not support B&D?

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            @elecpurch: Just check the instruction manual and/or your actual door opener. If it's got a terminal for a wired button or keyswitch, it will work with this.
            e.g. Page 11 of the B&D 'Roll-a-Pro' opener instructions show 'keyswitch connection' using 0V and OSC terminals.

        • Was just trying to do this myself. Hopeless site

  • Thanks guys

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    Great product and support, but I preferred building my own using a relay and a cheap wifi plug which costed me <$20. instructions on youtube

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    Does this one able to tell if the garage is open/close.?

    • You can see in the photo above 'Operation History' - it should come with magnetic sensor to install to detect garage door position.

  • If I have no plans on using the homekit would it be better for me to get the non-homekit version?

    Is there much difference otherwise?

    • If you don't need homekit get the wofea for about $20.

  • This the old version? Some one above mention with link to the new version?

    • The new one is viewable on the meross website. I haven't seen it for sale anywhere yet though…..

    • From what I can tell this is the new version of msg100, msg100hk
      Msg200 is over kill, it has ports for three doors and has only added complications for me

  • I've literally just started researching this type of thing after having gates installed, although my gates are solar, so I'm thinking it might not be wise to wire something like this up as it might drain the gate motor batteries? I'm thinking that having a transmitter in the house hooked up to wifi to open/close the gates instead, so not hooked up to the gate motors like this type of solution. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions? Super grateful if anyone has any ideas or guidance

    • There are plenty of ways to hack together a solution. If you don't want to put any additional drain on the gate batteries, you can get some smart garage door openers that do actually have the transmitter built-in, but you'll need to find one that supports your specific gate receiver. If it's not something popular, (or one of the really popular brands that continually change their technology so third parties can't make cheaper remotes), you might find the easiest way is to buy a spare remote control, open it up, and attach two wires to the push button and hook them to whatever brand "smart-switch" in your price-range and/or existing ecosystem

      • Cool, thanks mate. In my mind I thought it would be something that I could just buy out of the box, seems simple enough. I've used replacement door openers before that were easy to program. I thought "hey, it'll be like a smart bulb. Plug, program, play". Guess not so far

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    For those a little more technically minded, you can easily get exactly the same solution for around $15AUD delivered from ebay/Ali. The only difference being it's not in a box and you have to add your own wires and one end and a MicroUSB power source at the other.

    Search "inching relay tuya" or "smart inching relay".


    You can also get a version that adds additional remotes to your garage door in addition to the smart feature. So wifi and RF.




    • But there's a good chance that RF version won't work. There's no mention of rolling/hopping code support, which most modern doors (should) have.

      • The dual rf / wifi version introduces a new RF transmitter and receiver. Totally seperate to the existing RF system.

    • Can I ask, did you power them by a micro USB cable from wall power outlet?

      It looks like this have a 7-32v input terminal on the board, which suggests they can be hardwired in directly. My garage seems to have a 24v output terminal which would be better than running a long USB cable.

      • Can I ask, did you power them by a micro USB cable from wall power outlet?

        I have used micro USB, but I'd always try to find a power source directly from the board (such as your 24v DC supply) and wire it directly to the input terminals. Makes the installation much neater, and allows you to tuck the tiny board inside the existing housing (of course keeping it insulated from other components). I've also used these housings for a couple of dollars.

        • Hey thanks for that, I'm going to give this a go. Sounds like fun and useful.

          • @bs0: No worries….And easy and cheap!

  • im looking for something to make my Roller garage door smarter, anyone has any experience? it's a Roller, not sectional

    • Any electric remote garage door can be made "smart", irrespective of form.

      • are you sure? Mine is something like this https://www.bunnings.com.au/chamberlain-rollerlift-roller-ga...

        I've tried youtube, cant find anything yet

        • Almost certainly. Although I'd need to know what model to check to be sure.

          A "smart garage door adapter" is infact not very smart at all. It simply presses two wires together to emulate what the button on your garage door motor box does.

          All garage motors have a control panel with various connectors. By shorting/bridging those connectors with say screwdriver simulates a button push. The smart controller does that "bridging" for you.

          Some controllers will have pins , others will have screw connectors.


          Check late in video for connectors.

        • Just buy the wofea one from aliexpress, it was posted not long ago here for only around $20. Worked with tuya and home assistant. I had it installed on the same chamberlain one and had no issues with it.

  • The need to wire a magnet to confirm if the door is open or close is a hassle. This one does not require wiring but you can combine it with a camera in the garage to check if it is indeed close. https://opengarage.io/

    • Most of the brand name smart openers won't even operate unless you've also got a light-beam obstacle sensor installed. installing a magnet isn't so bad.

  • I got the non HomeKit version last week

    Very impressive and easy to install. The sensor is great as if you leave it open you get a notification on your phone to say so

    Highly recommend. Software is good and comes with a USB charger too

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