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20% off Pink or Brown Bath Caddy $51.95 Delivered @ LyfeFx via Amazon AU


Use code 20OffCaddy to get 20% off a pink or brown bath caddy. While stocks last.

The pink bath caddy is a perfect gift for a teen girl. It is a beautiful cherry pink that brightens up any bathroom.

The new model Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray is so packed with features, that you will find yourself making any excuse to have a bath! It is the perfect way to bring the luxury spa experience into your home. Grab your favourite BOOK and a glass of WINE and take some time out for a bit of self-care to relax in a hot bath tub, to relieve the stresses of the day/week/year!

The latest model bathtub caddy boasts a range of new features, that you are going to find it hard to get out of the hot tub!

-🍓Two removable side trays, to create extra storage space on the Bathtub tray. These can be used for holding snacks or face towels, so everything you need is within easy reach.
-📏Expandable from 75cm to 110cm, so it fits pretty much any style of bath tub from the standard to the wide.
-🛀 Silicone grips under each end of the bath tray, so the bath rack doesn’t slip around and move.
-📖 Waterproof tablet/iPad/book holder, to prevent splashes on your electronic devices or precious reading books.
🍷 A wine glass slot, because it wouldn’t be the ultimate relaxing therapy without your favourite vino.
-📱 Smart phone slot, in case you need to call for a wine top up.
-🕯 Candle or mug/cup holder, to make it a romantic experience or to take your coffee with you into the bath.

On top of LyfeFx’s list of amazing bath caddy features, as a bonus to you, for supporting our little Aussie business, we have also included:

-✅ A coordinating SOAP DISH holder, so that your soap is contained and at hand when needed.
-✅ The new modern silicone exfoliating SCRUBBING MIT. Ensuring you bath time is complete with a deep exfoliation of your dry skin.

Use code 20OffCaddy to get 20% off a pink or brown bath caddy

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  • +1 vote

    Wow, so many features:
    - Pink, to appeal to teenage girls (really??)
    - Wine glass holder (perfect for that teenage girl??)
    - "going to find it hard to get out of the hot tub" (so, not really very convenient??)


      18 and 19 year olds are old enough to drink in Australia are they not? They are still considered teens, given they are eighTEEN and nineTEEN!
      And who says the wine glass needs to have wine in it? Fill it with oj, sparkling water, whatever floats your boat. It is a name, not a directive.


        "because it wouldn’t be the ultimate relaxing therapy without your favourite vino"

        • -1 vote

          eye roll
          Again, no one forcing you to drink wine. It's just a description.


            @TheRedRocker: Nothing like a healthy dose of mocking condescension to seal the deal!


        In Australia, 18y.o. and 19y.o. are considered to be adults.

  • +2 votes

    price inflation

    $54 for almost the same thing - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Premium-Bamboo-Bath-Caddy-Tray-E...


      oh man that's a bad look


      It's not a bad look at all. This is also our product on eBay. So it's not "almost the same" it is the same!

      The price has been $64.95 for a while, but we decided to reduce the price temporarily to move some stock.
      Last time we did a sale on OzBargain, people paid full price for the one on eBay, because they didn't want to purchase from Amazon.
      We didn't think that was fair, so this time we reduced the price on eBay as well. Too hard to do a discount code for eBay though!


        This is Ozbargain. No one paid full price here, ever.


      Or $47 for all the same features minus the scrubbing mit. Bonus points for a lack of terrible photoshopping.


    Isn't this a, y'know, electrocution hazard maybe?

  • +2 votes
  • +1 vote

    Rep is rude and argumentative in their responses. Not someone I would like to conduct business with, or worse yet - deal with if an issue arose.