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Extra 30% off: adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA, New Balance Made in England/Nike Air Max 2090 $76.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Hype DC




Nike Air Max 2090 Women's $76.99

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    Ordered the Adidas Ultraboost 5.0, thanks for sharing! 😊

  • thanks op picked up a few

  • +2

    bought two to avoid $10 shipping 🤭

    • +8

      true ozbargainer.

      • Lol

  • +13

    Stacks w Amex. Spend $100/$15 credit.

  • No 10.5

    • cant just go UK9.5? im US9.5 as was thinking of going with UK8.5 which is meant to be US9.5 but wasnt sure why it wasnt listed under any other size variant, but then realised i hate the logo on the tounge

  • +1

    Got error while paying. Still deducted money

  • +1

    Got one thank you!

  • Thanks OP. Got 2x UltraBoost and stacked with Amex $15 cashback.

  • Great price for ultraboost that aren't hideous colours

  • +1

    best way to blackout the mid sole?

    • Angelus dye and paint. YouTube it.

      • I did Youtube it, then googled Angelus dye and paint and seems there is next to no stores in Australia that sell it, hence why I asked the question here.

    • +1

      i once used a Sneakers ER midsole paint pen to do my Kayanos. i did it back in July last year. surprisingly, most of it is still on the shoes although the parts adjacent to the sole are predictably more scuffed. i got it from End clothing a few years back.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. paid via after pay and received $30 off. It come to $46.99 all together via pick up on George Street CBD Good bargain haha.

    • +2

      How did you get $30 off through afterpay?

  • Do people normally get a size down for the UB ? I'm usually a 10 us for Nike's.

    • I'd say size up if you have wide feet

    • +1

      I go for 9.5 UB (10 for Nike and NB)

      • Ty. No 9.5 option though :(

        • I'm the exact same. Bought the US10's. Hopefully will be ok, my other UB's in US9.5 are perfect.

  • Size up .5 to 1

  • size 13 out of stock now and the AMEX offer expires today.

    • Buy a different size and exchange in store?

      • good idea but I have enough pairs of shoes right now lol

  • +6

    Everyone talking about the Ultraboosts. The 1500 is a true classic!

  • +1
  • Damn OOS now.

    • +1

      Size 9 just come back

      • Sold-out again

      • I bought 1

    • +1

      Size 11 and 12 just come back

      • i need size 13 :(

  • No .5 for shoes in US sizes :/

    • you had to use FRENZY30

      • yeah i just realised that, ohh well not much i can do

  • Got an error and pending payment after ordering

  • Has UB triple black ever been discounted?

    • Yep, got mine direct from Adidas online.

      • How much? Which ub version?

  • NB OOS. Hope it s honoured!

    • fingers crossed

  • damn, how did I miss this ? ultraboost is the most comfortable shoe I ever owned, this colour looks great and cheap too….guess another day goes by again

    • The blue design on the tongue of the shoe kind of kills it though

      • -3

        agreed, it was available when i looked at it, but after spinning the shoe around, no thank you.

  • Perfect timing for a random gift.
    Hopefully the Nike Air Max 2090 Women is good.

    • good for casual wear, yes.
      running, no.

  • First two are sold out.

  • Never have I wanted to have size 7 feet more lmao

  • Why is 'made in England' in bold on the tongue? May aswell put the flag 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 too.

  • Damn it, been lookin for those NB 1500's for so long

  • Where are the 1/2 sizes in the US listing???

    • A lot of the Australia stores don't do 1/2 size, I really hate it :(

  • Went to pick up my size 10s today, and they are too small! :(
    Now everything appears OoS!

    Any chance these are coming back in stock before the sale ends? I just want to exchange mine for a larger size!

    • NB or UB? my UB was a little tight but still acceptable. NMD have much looser of a fit for the same size

  • Has anyone’s order been shipped yet? My order is showing Processing since last Monday.