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Alienware R10 Desktop Ryzen 7 5800, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD, RTX 3070 $2,417 | RTX 3060ti $2175.60 Delivered @ Dell


Not the most up to date system but a very good price for these desktops. Apply both promo codes to get the following price.

RTX 3070 + 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD - $2,417.39

RTX 3060 Ti + 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD - $2175.60

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  • +11

    I'm not sure why they even sell it with single channel ram.

    • +20

      so youtubers can make video about it

    • +9

      When you're selling thousands upon thousands of these, every cent counts and most people won't know the difference.

      • +2

        And I guess the people who do know will buy another module to make it dual channel

      • +1

        In case anyone comes back to look at this, almost no one knows or notices the difference. Memory channelling is a function of the motherboard, not RAM. Dual channel RAM is single channel RAM in matched pairs in a motherboard with dedicated read & write channels in the memory controller.

        The theoretical slash benchmarked difference between the two is ~17%. The actual performance difference is a lot lower & sometimes favours single channel, depending on the program.
        Capacity & clock speeds are way more important than channels.

        That said, Dell is likely using the slowest stanky RAM modules they can get to reduce the price.

    • +5

      It's Dell/Intel collusion to make AMD machines result in poorer performance. Notice how AMD Alienware systems have been updated to latest 5000 series CPUs but the model number stayed as R10? Intel systems went from R11 to R12 for Rocket Lake even though CPU IPC improvements has been minimal, model number increase gives the impression to end users that it is a lot better. Intel also gets the higher model numbers whilst AMD has the lower numbers.

      Also AMD systems do not have options to upgrade GPU to higher than a 3070 whereas Intel systems can be specced up to 3090.

      Single channel memory is also one of these where all AMD systems are default specced with single channel whereas all Intel systems are default specced with dual channel.

      End of day, Dell/Alienware/Intel should be sued for tactics like this for anti-competitive behaviour. Nothing will happen though because it is impossible to prove collusion here….

      • +1

        can i add in another 16g ram from other brand or it has to be dell-branded ram? thanks

        • Yeah OEM 3200mhz 16gb will work fine

        • Unfortunately can't add another module to 'double up' - Dell support chat indicates that the motherboard provides a single RAM slot only.

          • +1

            @CookedMaGoose: Scratch that - support representative got it wrong in the chat yesterday (it sounded really odd). 4 slots total, one occupied.

        • 1.2V @3200…. not 1.35v

  • Would this be able to to play Cyberpunk in 1440p? Would the G5 or R12 be a better option?

      • +7


        Had to lower my settings to medium-high settings on 1080p to play Cyberpunk at around 60fps.

        Unless new patch significantly improved performance outside of DLSS too?

        • +4

          Yup that's fake guaranteed. Mate had 1440p monitor with 1080 and it was running so bad that he stopped playing until he got his 3080.

          • +2

            @Letrico: I have a 3090 and it can't run this game on max everything at 1440p (and it's even worse at 4k D: )

        • GTX 1080 has no DLSS, he's just full of crap.

          • @Agret: I know it doesn't, I said OUTSIDE of DLSS. He sounds full of crap to me :)

    • 1080ti yes, I played it at 1440p on that, was decent with few tweeks to settings

    • No. My 3080 cannot sustain 60 fps on 1440p at dlss quality.

  • +4

    5800 probably around 500 bucks (not a overlocked version). 3070 1.5-2k (2k are the only ones in stock), so not a bad deal. WIll be one of those wonk dell GPUS though.

    • +1

      so this means, you pay for the CPU and GPU, and receive motherboard, SSD, HDD, PSU, and the case for FREE!!!

      • +8

        Somewhat true yes, they're a good price however, there are some cons like in the above the dell gpus aren't normally as good as other vendors, ram is usually single channel even if you order dual channel (dual channel is better) and sometimes the sneak additional charges on like additional warranty without content. The deal is good but be careful. Of note there are other vendors that offer great prebuilt deals too of course similar caveats apply there too.

        • +4

          Is it just a matter of adding another 16gb stick of ram to make it a dual channel configuration or is there more to it?

          • +1

            @findingbargains: You want matching pair, so pretty much sell/throw the stick in here out and just buy a pair from amazon

          • @findingbargains: Unfortunately can't add another module to 'double up' - Dell support chat indicates that the motherboard provides a single RAM slot only.

        • -3

          Dual channels are overrated

          • +1

            @Sopzo: Quad channels are overrated. If you can get dual for no additional cost then why not?

    • +4

      https://youtu.be/hoHNeD_ypLs @12:15

      The GPU looks pretty clean in my opinion!

  • +1

    Typo in title, says RTX 2060

  • +1

    Hi OP the title says 2060 but I think this is for 3060 Ti?

    • Yeah I think it's a ti

      • +2

        It says 2060 in the title, 3060 in the description but it is indeed a 3060 Ti.

  • +1

    3060 Ti not 3060.

    "RTX 3060 + 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD(dell.com) - $2175.60"

  • +8

    Alternative title: buy an RTX 3070 and get the rest of the PC free

  • What about rtx3080

    • +1

      Looks like none of the 3080 configs are covered by the DAISY discount code

  • Is this 3060ti locked from mining ?

    • +1

      Not sure what brand Dell use , Galax already release 3060ti and 3070 with lower mining hashrate

    • All new RTX 30 series GPUs will soon have the ETH limiter.

    • +2

      Dell sales rep confirmed it will be hash limited.
      I do have this arriving today so I can confirm.
      If it is hash limited, it will be going back to Dell under the "not fit for purpose" reason.
      I'm fine with them hash limiting but if they are going to do that, they should disclose it.
      When they advertise it as rtx 3060 ti, people expect it to do everything that other rtx 3060 ti can do.

      • +1

        Please report back if the 3060Ti is hash limited . Will they charge 15% restocking fee if we return under "not fit for purpose" reason

        • I'm sure they will try but I'll fight it tooth and nail. Worst case scenario, I'll raise a credit card dispute

          • @dji1111111: My order 3060ti will be delivery tomorrow 19th May so we see

        • +5

          Pleased to report mine is not hash limited.

          Getting 60MH/s on NiceHash straight out of the box

          • @dji1111111: Nice , must be old 3060ti stock . Rep must be confuse with normal 3060 being nerf long ago

  • +3


    better deal imo, 10700 is plenty good comparing with 5800 when pair with a 3070, this one also come with dual channel so you can plug and play

    • +2

      Chassis not as cool though. Alienware also typically has a reasonable resale value down the track

      • +1

        you're gonna have a much bigger problem with the 5800 and that stock cooler, dell amd alienware cuts corner so it's not the same standard as the intel equivalent

      • The old school chassis is wayyyy cooler.

        • Yes in terms of cooling but no in terms of aesthetics

          • @cheaptech20: Depends if you are into GaMeR themed gear I suppose.

    • Isn't this the one that everyone says has cooling problems and a non-standard mobo that can cause issues?

  • Regrettably I've picked up one of Mwave's 3070 deals. How does 5800 compare against 5800x?

    • +1

      They're almost the same CPU. The non-X is a lower wattage version only for OEMs. You can "unlock" it to be the same as a 5800X from what I've read.

      • +1

        that means a better CPU because, well, I don't need it to use so much power when browsing the web

        • -2

          Then get a Ryzen 1600 or 3600 if you're just browsing the web…?

  • Is this cpu got on board graphics? I know nothing about cpus these days.. so can I buy.. still the gfx and still have a 1080p gaming machine?

    • +6

      No, only AMD CPU’s with a G at the end have integrated graphics, e.g. 3400G.

  • +1

    Looks like V…

  • +1

    Don’t buy this it will thermal throttle pay an extra few hundred and get a proper system!

  • +2

    the previous R12 with 3080 + water cooling + dual-channel + monitor + fullest of gaming accessories was much better value

  • Not bad especially with the difficulty getting GPUs - although delays should be expected. I'm still waiting for my R12 to enter Production from the sale a few weeks back.

    • +1

      In Stock for Fast Delivery
      Ship Date 18/05/2021

  • +2


    $1880 - XPS desktop, i7-11700 processor, 2x8gb dual ram, 3060 ti. graphic card pay off the whole system.

      • 5% cashback(XPS model) from cashreward
      • +1

        Will you get cashback if you use LOVEKEANU though? (DAISY doesn't work)

        • +2

          what I've found as below

          Effective 22/02/21, purchases utilising code LOVEKEANU are eligible for cashback, provided it's not used in conjunction with other unlisted codes.

    • along lead time compared to the ready to ship R10.

    • long delivery lead time with xps. r10 is in stock.

      • Yes it is quite long. I pulled the trigger anyway but like others am a bit worried about the hash limited gpu. It'll be going back 'not as described' if they pull that one. Fair enough if it is crippled for mining but you need to be transparent about it with consumers surely?

        • I'm making at least 8-9 bucks per day right now. That is roughly 63 bucks you are losing out on each week the delivery is delayed by.

          • @dji1111111: Wow, yeah that's good return. The xps is quite a bit cheaper with more room for expansion but would I really expand?

            Wonder what dells realistic turnaround time is right now ?

            Edit: estimated ship date 15 June.

            • @Pug: If it were easier to cancel I reckon I'd grab this r10 instead. I've read horror stories about trying to cancel with Dell and there's no button to do so in their online system like with Amazon, aliexpress etc. Guess I'll just have to live with the wait.

              • +2

                @Pug: I recently cancelled an order that hadn’t hit production yet. Took a few days for them to actually cancel it and another few days for the refund, but there were no issues.

                (I repurchased for the same item that was In Stock. Why they didn’t just fulfil my order as it came into stock I will never know.)

                • @AaronR: Did you just chat with them online? I'd heard they often don't actually cancel it and you end up with the item lol

                  • @Pug: No I called 1800 812 392.

        • They don't need to be transparent about what you can use it for or what its hash rate is. You're buying a computer with a 3060/3070/3080, you're getting a 3060/3070/3080.

  • +1

    Holding off for click frenzy tomorrow

  • Anyone know what GPU Brand Dell use in those pre-built ?

    • +2

      It's an OEM dual-fan model, most likely built by PNY or MSI.

      • Thanks for info , worry that it come with new Galax or Zotac that limit the mining hashrate

        • Have heard rumours they're limited but I imagine they're just not as good in comparison. Seen a lot of people open them and repaste/rethermal pad for increased performance.

        • There will be more cards that ship with the limited dies, its only because you have heard about Galax and Zotac so far that worries you… but I assure you Nvidia are going to incentivise other manufacturers to use the limited chips and they'll do it quietly unlike Galax and their LHR labeling. My assumption is as Dell already have these in stock they might have snuck in before the new dies hit the market, but that's a big assumption and I could be wrong, these could be the first batch of limited cards… won't know till it turns up.

  • +1

    wow normally Alienware looked really expensive but now it looks cheap.

  • Can't figure out which is better value, 3060 ti or 3070, since the GPU prices are so skewed and can't get both cards at normal price.

    What do people think is a better deal? Is 3070 worth the extra here?

    • +8

      The 3070 is about 12.50 % better than the 3060 Ti in 1440p, 14.48% faster in 4k resolution based on a test involving 13 recent games. Although you'll see that the 3060 Ti is not really geared towards 4k gaming as it struggles to maintain 60fps in quite a few titles.


      Is it worth the extra? Depending on your perception:

      $2,417.39 is 10.5% more than $2175.60. So by paying 10.5 % extra you get roughly 12% performance increase when gaming at 1440p. Which doesn't sound too bad.

      or you can pocket the $251.79 by sacrificing 12% of the performance (and depending on your income, $250 is maybe a week, or two, or three, worth of your savings)

      • +4

        You can’t use the whole system’s price as baseline to calculate the price difference, $251.79 is roughly 20% more than a 3060ti’s value in current market, so the more accurate saying is you spend 20% more on gpu and get 12% increase in gaming performance

  • +1

    Thanks heaps, OP. Just bought the 3070.

  • damn I paid $2197 for 2070s+10850k+1tb nvme+32g ram Nov, regrettt

    • +4

      That's a lot for November pricing

  • Says RAM can be upgraded but can't find any option to

    • +8

      step 1, open the case.
      step 2, add your ram.
      step 3, thank me later.

      • +1

        Step 1.1 - throw out the included RAM so it doesn't conflict with included RAM?
        Is that still the case? Built a PC 10 years ago and back then had issues having diff brands of RAM (same spec tho)

        • +1

          Computers have become much more tolerant of mixing RAM of different brands and even different speeds.
          Still a chance the modules won't like each other but that's much less likely than 10 years ago

          • @FireRunner: From the image I can see it has 4 slots with 1 Hyperx.
            Can I put like 32G in the other 3 slots, to have 2x32+(1x16—1x32) config?
            If not can it have 2x16 + 2x32?
            Or it can only be 2x2x16 - in which case I will consider throwing the 16G included as I do need ~ 75G

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