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Wipertech Aeroflex Wiper Blades for Volkswagen Cars (Front Pair) $25 Delivered @ Wipertech


Wipertech AeroFlex Wiper Blades for Volkswagen Cars (front pair) $25 Delivered

High performance, premium-quality wiper blades that are durable and deliver superior performance, safety and comfort.

Wipertech wiper blades are specifically designed for your particular vehicle and are easy to fit. They simply fit right out of the box, and no tools are required.

They are backed by Australia's most comprehensive wiper blade warranty which not only covers structural damage but also wear and tear.

Upgrade your wiper blades today and enjoy perfect, streak-free vision and a quieter drive. No more annoying squeaks and smears.


  • Durable: High quality, precision-cut, single-piece, frameless construction with no moving parts or exposed metal components.
  • Clear vision: 100% Natural rubber blade with specially formulated graphite and Teflon coating ensures a clean, consistent wipe.
  • Lower noise: Aerodynamic shape designed to reduce wind noise and blade lift-off at high driving speeds.
  • Better visibility: Sleek and smooth design that delivers less obstruction to the driverโ€™s field of vision.
  • Designed for your car: No messy or bulky multi-fit adapters, simply fits right out of the box and no tools are required.
  • 1 Year warranty: Real, full-blown warranty that covers wear and tear.

Need rear wipers?

This coupon will also apply a discount to:

  • Front pair and rear wiper blade kit, for Volkswagen Cars: $35 Delivered
  • Rear wiper blade only, for Volkswagen Cars: $19 Delivered


  • To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "volkswagenwipers" at the cart page, before going through checkout.
  • Max 1 set of front wipers per customer. You can purchase more than 1 set, but the discount will only apply to 1.
  • Coupon includes FREE express shipping.
  • Offer valid while stock lasts.

High-performance wiper blades that fit your car perfectly, Guaranteed.

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  • Any deal for LDV G10?

    • Hi! - LDV is added to the list of future promos! Unfortunately - this promo is specific to VW.

  • +5

    Any deals for hyundai i30s ;-)

    • Sorry! No current deals for Hyundai's atm.

  • Do we add the express shipping? My final price for front and back comes out to 49..

    • Hi! Jing - good question! No need to add express shipping in the shopping cart - we will automatically add express shipping for all OzBargain customers. Please remove this option from your shopping cart and try again.๐Ÿ‘

  • +15

    Hey rep
    Itโ€™s been 4 years since a Honda deal.
    Can you throw us a bone?๐Ÿ˜

    • +2

      Sure, can! we should have a Honda deal in the pipeline coming soon. Unfortunately, this deal is specific for VW.

      • I second this

      • +1

        Honda Jazz!

        • +1

          another one for Honda Jazz!

      • Honda CRV please!

      • I'll definitely make a purchase with a Honda deal

      • Same Honda deal please !

      • Hey rep,

        Any ETA for this? Would be great to get a new pair for winter this year.

    • +1

      It may work to find if any VW car has the same blades size and mount :)

  • For a split second I thought this was a Volkswagen Golf for $25 ๐Ÿ˜ณ

        • +12

          They often stop driving and end up going putt putt.

          • +1

            @JIMB0: Just buy like 100 $25 cars and throw out the whole car when it breaks down
            (and yes I get the joke, not a whoosh moment)

  • Hi Rep - any deal coming for Toyota Camry '08 and Toyota Tarago '03? Thanks

    • +1

      So Sorry! No current promos for these cars, ATM. However, our standard pricing is still very competitive.


      • Thanks!

    • I picked up a pair of Bosch refills for my 08 Camry on eBay last night for $32 delivered. They aren't the full wiper arm but replacement blades instead.
      Still beats paying $65 for "SCA" branded ones at Supercheap.

      • Where'd you find refills for Bosch?

        My old set were wipertechs but just bought Bosch ones to try them out. But hate throwing out the whole arm when in reality only the rubber needs replacing and didn't see any options on wipertech website to replace just the rubber.

        • This one

          I actually could have done with a full set including the whole arm, mine is looking pretty shabby (original from the factory still, even after all these years) but I just decided to get refills.

          Selling the car later this year anyway so don't really mind either way.

      • I second using Bosch, currently on my car is the Bosch Aerotwin and love it.

        Didnt have a good experience with Wipertech - I got rid of them before even 2 years, in the last year they just didnt perform as well as new and became noisy.
        In saying that, this is still a good deal, half the price of set of wipers so even if it doesn't last no real loss.

        Note: this is for a car parked mostly inside during the day and outside during the night, washed weekly. My original wipers were replaced after 4 years.

  • +1

    Deals for a mercedes please! Loved the wipertech pair that I have

    • Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear the current set works great on your Mercedes.

      Sorry, but this promo is just for VW.

  • Any deal for Toyota corolla 2010 models? thank you.

  • +1

    Perfect timing, nearly got blades from Repco for over double the price. Ordered - Thanks OP

  • +1

    Has anyone used these before? How good are they? Iโ€™ve had terrible experiences with wiper blades. Just got a brand new car and itโ€™s wipers are already smearing.

    • +2

      I've got them, very happy with them so far

    • +4

      Over the last 10+, we have sold over 1.5+ Million wipers in the Australian market; we offer free standard delivery with video instructions and, most importantly, a 12- month warranty. As the store rep, I am certainly biased, but we have very high ratings on all independent review sites.

      At this price, It's the best opportunity to give us a go!

      • +1

        Done. Just ordered one.

        • +1

          my golf was so noisy i was goig nuts, this mad eit wisper quiet

    • +2

      Have just replaced my wiper blades (front and rear) on my 3 year old hatch. They've exceeded expectations so far with excellent precision, no noise and streak free.

    • +6

      They seem to be pretty well received on OzB but that wasn't my experience. They chattered and skipped over the windscreen. I can't fault their customer service though who immediately got back to me after I emailed and they got a replacement set out to me very quickly, but they were the same so I moved on to another brand.
      As the rep said, they are a good price and I wouldn't let my experience put you off as I definitely seem to be in the minority.

      • +3

        Iโ€™m gonna try it, a great customer service is always appreciated.

      • +2

        So sorry to hear that things did not go as expected! our 12-month warranty will cover replacements. If you contact us directly with your order number we can offer you a full refund.


  • Toyota

  • +1

    Thanks placed my order $25 delivered really happy with that price.

  • Any deals for Hyundai Getz?

    • Sorry, not at the moment but we do hope to bring more deals to OzB in the coming months.

  • I guess Tiguan and Kodiaq should be using the same partno for wipers.

    • according to my internet research
      2016-2019 VW Tiguan
      2016-2019 Skoda Kodiaq

      use the same wipers

      • Looks like the Tiguan and Kodiaq wipers are slightly different sizes, so may not work well interchangeably.

  • Wow, I literally paid $110 in VW dealer 3 months ago.

    • +19

      your ozbargain account should be automatically removed

  • Thanks, just picked up a set for my Polo for $35

    This will be my third set of Wipertech, to be honest I haven't been as happy with the fitment of the current ones as the profile doesn't match the windscreen, but the first set was great.

    Hopefully the ones being replaced were just a bad batch

  • +1

    Highly recommend these wipers, bargain at this price if they're suitable.

  • +1

    trying to find blades for my Tiguan Allspace, but there's only an option for the standard tiguan

    Will the wipers fit?

    trying to find the factory wiper dimensions for the allspace to no avail

    • I've got the same car, and they look OK from the fitting side, but unsure on lengths of each blade.

      • yeah the connectors should be the same, just want to make sure I get enough coverage from the blade

    • +1

      Hi! We should be able to supply these blades. But to be sure - I dm'd you some questions.๐Ÿ‘

      • yeah the only thing I'm unsure about is most kits online are 26", 21" and 15" for the front driver, front passenger, and rear respectively
        wiper tech kit is 26", 22" and 14"

        sorry I had private messages off, not sure if you have sent anything yet but its on now

        • Not a problem, can you send me a link to these other sites? we get our information directly from the manufacture.

          In this case, we can supply you with a set of our blades in the sizes we know to be true. If they are different to what you have on your car currently - just contact us via our contact form and we will send you replacements - no extra charge.

          • +1

            @wipertech: Thanks Rep,

            I have ordered

            Should be fine, but will let you know if any issues

            appreciate the time

      • I'm in the same boat as well. Would you mind posting the details here. It's a MY21 VW Tiguan Allspace

      • Interested in this as well. MY21 Tiguan Allspace. The factory blade is really squeaky. Could you please let me know if you have one that suits? Thanks.

    • +1

      Isn't the allspace just longer? To fit 3rd row of seats?

      • +1

        yeah, technically that's all it should be

        I went ahead and purchased anyway… an inch shorter wiper in the rear isn't a deal breaker I don't think

        • +3

          …..not for a wiper anyway ๐Ÿ˜†

      • +1

        Yes. Same wipers

    • Tiguan ay? Must be nice..

  • +1

    Put a set of Wipertech wipers on my girlfriend's Kia, she loves them. 10/10 do recommend.

  • +1

    How far down the list is Mazda for a deal? Definitely keen on the reviews, but they are pricey meatballs at full price!

    • +1

      Consider the customer service, warranty and ease of replacement part of the price of purchase. That may or not be important to you.

      • Absolutely. How would this be different to buying blades at Supercheap or Autobarn? I am genuinely curious! When I got wipers for my mum's car at Autobarn recently one of their staff came out and fitted them for us, which was lovely.

        • Nobody can answer that question for you. It's up to you as a consumer to justify if it's worth it or not.

    • waiting for mazda deals too

  • +1

    Purchased a set for my Amarok, thanks!

  • +1

    I dont need to replace mine now but how long will it last in storage for when I need one? My Tiguan is over 4 years old and wiper blades still work perfectly.

    • Good Question, they are manufactured using Teflon coated rubber if kept away from direct sunlight they can last for several years. Plus, we offer 12- months warranty on all wipers from the date of purchase.๐Ÿ‘

      • Asking for your personal opinion. Would it make sense for me to buy it and keep it in storage (i.e. away from direct sunlight)? Also, if I dont need it for another year, I would have lost any warranty.

        • +3

          Just do it….perhaps check the condition of them when they arrive to confirm no damage then keep them sealed in the box until you need them. At worst, even with some degradation, you'll be in a better position then having to pay full price/dealer price when it is time to replace your current set.

          FYI my previous experience with wipertech blades was good….but that was on a different car.

        • Personally speaking, I would buy a set and keep them in storage. We can always extend the warranty. We over-engineer all our wipers they use a very strong rubber compound. So I personally say - go for it ๐Ÿ‘you will not be disappointed.

          • @wipertech: Thanks. Bought a pair. Can I ask you how you can extend the warranty? Any steps you would suggest I do prior to keeping in storage?

          • @wipertech: how do we go about extending the warranty, rep?

        • +1

          I bought some Mitsubishi wipers 2 years ago and only recently fitted them. No complaints thus far!

  • Hi Rep
    Any deal for Mitsubishi Lancer & Subaru Tribeca?

  • +2

    Orders a set for my UP! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Got front pair and rear, thank you.

  • Any deals for 2011 Mazda 3 or 2011 Honda Civic?

    • I do apologise - no current promos for those cars at the moment.

    • Unless you want the aesthetics of this thin wiper, the usual practice is to change the rubber component only. I changed some on a Mazda 3 recently cost $20. The arms were fine and didn't need replacing. Wipe perfectly and silently.

      The majority of problems with wipers apart from old rubber is that people haven't properly cleaned the windscreen (car wash doesn't cut it) and/or the wiper arms need bending to adjust at perfect right angles to the screen.

  • +1

    Do they use the same for Audi?

    • And also are they the same with Skoda?

    • +3

      Good question - To be completly frank with you - it really depends on which Audi / Skoda / VW related product

      If you contact me directly with the details of your Audi - I can look into this further.

      https://help.wipertech.com.au/hc/en-us/requests/new -

      Just mention you are from OZb and we will take care of you ๐Ÿ‘

  • +1

    Awesome timing! Picked up a pair

  • +1

    Thanks! Ordered for my mk6 golf r!

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