What Is The Shipping Status of Your New iPad Pro?


Guessing a few of us here have bought the new Ipad Pro. I still have an arrival date of 21/05- 27/05 and my order is still 'processing'.

Just wondered if anyone else has same arrival times and if they have seen any progress?


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    Pfft- waste of money you should have bought.....


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    Ordered three items on 1/5. One delivered on the 5th, one was shipped yesterday but still showing that it is in China and one estimated to be delivered in the last week of May.

    Used to be that orders were delivered in a few days so this is pretty poor in my opinion.


    Sorry to hijack the post but just wondering if anyone knows the cheapest way to get the new iPad?


      Don’t think there’s any meaningful saving right now. Not for the iPads pros anyway.