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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4C (Black) $17.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ PCByte via Amazon AU


Decent price for a Xiaomi band.

Bought two earlier for my kids's first watch at Kogan for $19 with free delivery on Kogan First Members.
URL: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-mi-band-4c-black-xiaomi

1.Design & display 1.08”TFT color display 128 x 220 RGB pixels Screen brightness up to 200 nits
2. Battery & charging 130mAh battery capacity Up to 14 days battery life Recharge time ~2 hours Built-in USB charging port
3.Activity tracking Steps counting, distance, calories burned 5 sports modes: outdoor running, exercise, cycling, treadmill, fast walking
4.Health monitoring 24/7 heart rate monitoring with heart rate alerts Idle alerts Sleep monitoring Message assistant APPs notification Incoming call display Music control
5.Water resistance Up to 50m water resistanceConnective Bluetooth 5.0 (low energy)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    How is this compared to a mi band 5 or 6?

    • Don't get this if you can afford a 5 or 6. I got this in the hopes of using 3rd party app and firmware but the 4c had limited functionality.
      It works fine if you want to use Xiaomi Wear app.

  • +2

    Bought one $5 on ebay last Tuesday.

    • Where? Links please!!

      • It’s already finished. I also bought one for $5 but it sucks.

    • Same, plan to give to my child

      • does the band go small enough for a 6 year old? (do you know?)

        • +1

          I cannot be 100% sure, but I don't think so. Your kid will have a hard time putting it on anyway.

  • +1

    I got it for $5, and I still regret it. It's too thick, I don't want to wear it all day.

  • This watch is terrible. I struggle just to put it on because it is very difficult to slot the crappy button into the slot to secure it on my wrist. The watch only works with Xiaomi Wear.

    Luckily I only got it for ~$4 since I had ebay gift cards left over on my ebay account.

    • Cannot agree more. Other than those things, the app is also dodgy. I don't know for what reason it require an account just to use it, most other apps allow you to use them without an account. Make it even worse, the app asks access to the contacts, why would a fitness App want to access my contacts?

      • +1

        why would a fitness App want to access my contacts?

        If you want notifications of sms/calls?

      • Don't you have to log in for Fitbit? The biggest fitness brand around, or is there a skip button I don't see?

  • Got it from Ebay for $5. Still can't pair it with any phone, terrible product.

  • +1

    This is a terrible product. The charging is a joke - have to pull off one of the straps to plug it directly into a USB port. It's so hard to pull out without worrying about breaking it.

  • +1

    It's a very basic watch, requiring Xiaomi account (I reused the one from my vacuum cleaner/DC fan).
    You think you're breaking it the first time, trying to pull the band of to recharge.
    Charging is in an awkward angle, you will block adjacent USB port.
    It feels impossible to plug the button through the hole when putting it around your wrist.

    On the upside:
    Battery life is good.

    Personally it's worth $5 to play with, but I wouldn't be too happy if I had paid more.

    • did you try it with PC? I charged it with front usb ports on PC and it didn't block the port next to it. It was hanging downwards.

      • No, with a Jinvoo outlet.
        I had other devices plugged and needed to unplug and move the first one, to be able to charge my watch in the first slot. (any of the other plugs would block the adjacent one)

  • Got this for $5 from the eBay deal and good one to get notifications and other useful stuff. Little bit larger and weird rectangular shaped than missus's Miband 3 though. I used her account to configure it lol.

  • Well to echo others, like them I got the 4C as part of the $5 deal.

    Somewhat disappointed that it only connects to the Xiaomi Wear App and nothing else. Was hoping that it would at least be able to sync to Google Fit but…nope. And connecting it the first time was a bit of a pain and required a factory reset which someone else here suggested.

    Otherwise, I haven't had much issue with the taking one of the straps off to charge, or putting the band on with the infamous 'button is bigger than the hole' problem. Annoying the first time, but once you figure out how it seems to work fine. To each their own, though I will admit it does take some dexterity.

    Bit chunky, but everything looks chunky in my tiny wrists. For the price I paid, I don't mind its shortcomings, but wouldn't pay much more for it.

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