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Apple TV 4K 32GB (1st Gen) $179 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi ($170.05 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Price reduced to clearance today, just purchased from Officeworks who haven’t yet lowered price. Seems to be in stock in most stores and online.

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  • Should I buy one of these?

    I’m struggling for use cases. My B7 does most of what I might want. Only thing I’m wondering how to do is get AppleTV+ on my TV because I heard for all mankind was good.

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      I know - want one since YouTube become discontinued on my old Apple TV. But I can still use my iPhone/iPad to stream what I want.

      If you have any iOS device you can try Apple TV+ subscription. It's not that great IMO and when my free subscription runs out, I'll leave.

      There are other ways to watch Apple TV+

      • -1

        Using iPhone as a screen mirror will drain your battery.

        • +2

          I don't screen mirror, I airplay.

          But I bought this Apple TV today always - and I love it now I experienced using it

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      For All Mankind is great but not worth buying a new media box.
      Having said that, the ATV4 is the best media box you can own.

      • +1

        Why is it the best box? Genuinely curious

        • +17

          Bring on the negs. I love fanbois/haters.

          It just plays well with all apps. My nvidea shield simply doesn't compare. No point mentioning my VTV or inbuilt TV apps… They're not even in the same ballpark.

          No other off the shelf media box will give such a simple, easy to use way to access all the major streaming apps. Particularly resource hungry ones like Kayo Sports.

          Also the UI is clean & pleasant and once you setup the Elmedia app properly, it's a wonderful NAS/PC streaming app. It all just works.

          • -10

            @sinners007: Your spelling of Nvidia, not to mention your ill-informed comments, lead me to believe you don't have one at all and are simply yet another fanboi/hater. A decent price for an excellent box though.

            • +6

              @sepa: My poor spelling doesn’t make my opinion any less valid. The Nvidia Shield might be great at other tasks, but for simplicity of use when using streaming apps, the ATV is better. Then again, most apps on Apple devices run better than Android, a bugbear of mine as an Android phone/tablet user.

              Rather than attack my comments, perhaps you can enlighten us on your opinions about the ATV.

          • @sinners007: Just went and got one. One feature I already miss compared to a Shield or VTV is the fact I have to be in the YouTube app in the ATV for it to appear as a non-airplay endpoint… I loved the Android TV's ability to turn on and start playing with my queue :(

          • +2

            @sinners007: Well said sir. There is simply nothing better on the market. I have a great smart tv and would still always use an apple tv with it. Until you have used one, you won't get it

        • +10

          No dot points I mention have ever convinced anyone of why I think an Apple product is better than a competitor. They basically all hit the major points.

          For me, it’s the thousands of little features that Apple pack in, that I’m surprised anyone one would have EVER thought of, that make this the “best media box” I could own.

          For example, saying, “What did she say” into the Siri remote and AppleTV replays the last few moments with the subtitles on.

          Or, pulling my AirPod out of my ear and AppleTV automatically pauses what I’m watching; then resumes once I put it back in.

          If you’re able to try it out for a bit, I think you’ll have a better idea of what I’m trying to explain.

          One thing, however, this version of the remote does get a lot of hate (though, I don’t mind it), so I’m glad they’ve redesigned it in the new model.

        • +1

          I struggled to explain it to a mate but it’s just waaay smoother than any other box I’ve had and has all the apps and they’re all supported better than apps on other devices.

          My brand new google TV chromecast, or whatever stupid name they gave it, just seems so much slower when navigating. It regularly freezes on loading screens. The apps are sub par.

          My xiaomi mi box is rubbish. Not sure why people used to recommend it on here. Too slow.

          App example, Kayo, only the version on the Apple TV can do 4 screens at once.

          Basically it just works way better and I’m not even an Apple fan.

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        Fo sho, ecosystem ftw

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        the ATV4 is the best media box you can own.

        Strong disagree, if you are using Plex or other apps attached to a high quality amp then ATV4 is not good.

        Natively from Apple TV: Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital Plus will passthrough but DTS / DTS-HD needs to be transcoded, this box can't passthrough DTS.

        The AppleTV 4K does not support TrueHD, TrueHD + Atmos, or dts/dts-HD MA. It is an Apple limitation.

        If you want to passthrough 7.1 audio, either dts-HD MA or TrueHD, you will need to use a Nvidia Shield.

        • +1

          This. Lol best media box you can own but can’t pass through audio codecs

        • +2

          Many media apps can losslessly decode TrueHD and DTS HD to LPCM so basically implying you can’t use it is a bit misleading.

          It also can decode those formats and passthrough 7.1 lossless audio.

          What it can’t do is bitstream those formats which means you lose the Atmos data from TrueHD streams. It’s also limited to 24-bit 48kHz (for now, hopefully that changes with the new Hi-Res Apple Music).

          Also worth noting it doesn’t pass through Dolby Digital Plus either. All audio on the Apple TV is decoded to LPCM by default. If your devices don’t support multichannel LPCM you can choose to encode the output from the Apple TV in Dolby Digital.

        • If only they would fix the Android app for Plex, thing is completely broken at the moment.

        • This is the reason why i never went to an AppleTV, Thats a major issue for most of my content. No point spending alot of money on Audio equipment and then not being able to use it.

    • If you don't have any of the other ways for AppleTV+ posted by Intake, this deal is kind of timely: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624121

      Still gotta pony for a new device but it's half the price or $53 if you don't mind 1080p on the Lite.

    • You can install Apple TV app in Fire Tv stick.

    • +3

      Well after a couple of years LG will stop upgrading the software on your TV. An ATV will be supported for much longer, extending the useful life of your TV. This is even more the case for some other TV brands..

      Really, if you need a streamer box and your TV isn’t brand new anymore, it is really a choice between a Google TV+, an nvidia Shield, or an ATV. If just basic streaming Google, if you are in the Apple ecosystem ATV, and you can ideologically fight over a shield or an ATV. Each has their fans.

      I have this particular ATV4K on our main TV (hisense) and TBH it is the main way we interface with the TV. It is dead set easy to use and update OS and apps.

      I will buy a new ATV4K which is about $80 more than this and has a bit more capable chip and a new remote, if for no other reason than likely longevity of use. I will retire my old ATV3 on the upstairs TV, I bought the ATV3 in about 2014, but then only replacing it because it is limited to 1080p, and Google is no longer updating the YouTube app for that old a box so must be airplay cast from your phone.

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    If you're running Plex on ATV with Synology set up as Plex Server, this is how I roll.

    • +2

      you're better off with INFUSE if running from NAS. Better interface and use H/W decoding on ATV..

      • +2

        Why is infuse so expensive though. Between plex and vlc (and i have purchased nplayer in past which beats them both) i cant see why i would need to pay that amount.

        • Is $15 a year expensive? I don’t think so but I can understand those who do.

        • Use MrMC

      • I got that as well, but I tend to run on Plex most of the time and prefer the in-app Metadata retrieval. Got the Plex Pass lifetime anyways.

      • That would actually use more power though. The synology doesn’t use much, but it would be multiples of an ATV.

  • +4

    Just beware that they don't come with an HDMI cable. My partner bought one for their relatives. We were going to set it up for them so they can use it straight away. We then realised it didn't come with the cable. Had to make a dash to Officeworks before it closed.

  • This or spend a bit more and get the new ATV? I heard the new remote is a lot better?

    • +1

      New remote don't have gyroscope built-in though.


    • The remote on this type of apple TV is wonderful. The new ones look terrible, so much so I wont buy one.

      I have bought five of the standard apple TV 4's just because I love the remotes so much.

      • I totally agree! Why do people hate this remote so much.

        I think the new remote is dumbed down for dumb people.

        • I hate it because it's all gestures for navigation. I've got one and I put up with it, but damn the remote is terrible. The only thing it's good for is quickly swiping to fast forward/rewind to certain parts of what you're watching. I'm hoping the new remote is backwards compatible with this ATV so I can just buy the remote.

          • @MrFunSocks: It’s not “all gestures”. You can simply tap on the edges of the touch pad to navigate directionally.

            All the convenience of a D-pad without actually having to click buttons.

            • @tp0:

              All the convenience of a D-pad without actually having to click buttons.

              All the inconvenience of touch controls. It's like saying that fortnite controls on mobile are as good as on a control pad. They're just not. They're less responsive and less precise. The trackpad remote is less responsive and less precise than a remote with buttons, which is why it's not surprising that the new remote isn't a track pad anymore and is instead physical buttons. They tried it, it sucked, now they've accepted that.

          • +1

            @MrFunSocks: The new remote is backwards compatible 😊

          • @MrFunSocks: So is it better to spend the extra and get the 2021 model with the new remote?

            • @vash12: Depends on price difference I guess. If the new remote is cheap and all you'll be doing is using it for streaming media, buy the old one and the new remote IMO.

            • @vash12: At $179 I think thats what I'd do. The newer model also does have some HDMI 2.1 features that could be handy in the future if we start to see sports streamed at 4k and if your air playing videos from your phone.

    • I don’t understand the hate for this model’s remote. Quite easy to use, especially compared with an ATV3 remote. It is glass though so more prone to damage. It is the main way we interface with our main TV, and the bottom is taped up where it cracked after being accidentally flicked 15ft across the room and hitting the tiles.

      I suspect the new model’s remote is better in use though, but of course I haven’t tried it to compare. Give me a few weeks as I intend to get the new model ( for longevity and to replace an ancient ATV3).

      A late model ATV4K is more than fine if heavily discounted, there would not be many other streamer box options with its power, beaten only by the new model (marginally, TBH, the A10x is not much different to an A12). It is up each potential purchaser if the $80 discount on the new model is worth it or not.

      • +1

        Lack of up/down/left/right/select buttons is where the hate comes from, and it's a legitimate problem. I have one and I would much prefer if it had physical buttons instead of a trackpad. Who thought a trackpad for navigation on a remote was a good idea?

        • It has directional buttons. Just tap on the touchpad edges to go up/down/left/right.

          • +1

            @tp0: It doesn't have directional buttons. If you lightly tap on the sides of it it is supposed to go up/down/left/right. There are no physical up/down/left/right buttons under the track pad or anything like that.

            • +1

              @MrFunSocks: Tend to agree, I have trouble getting same precision with this system than keys, often miss selection. Think it all stems from Steve Jobs stubborn view that iPads etc don’t need arrow keys.

  • +3

    Just because it isn’t explicitly mentioned in the post, this is a superseded product. There’s a new Apple TV available for purchase. Whether it’s worth an extra $80 is another matter.

    • Great point, the new remote looks fairly good, what do y'all reckon the remote is like on this one?

      • +1

        I know a lot of people complain about this remote, but I don’t mind it. It can be a little annoying at times, but it’s 100% usable.

        If it makes any difference, I am actually thinking about buying the new remote for my AppleTV 4K.

        • Annoying at first, but you get used to it

      • We have it and does the job.

      • it's a remote.

    • I bought this Apple TV today. Remote is fine.

    • +1

      not the 4k version tho

  • If you are sensitive to uneven or low framerates, the new Apple TV should be better. To me, it feels like the interface on a 4K TV is 30fps and hurts my eyes.

  • Can this do everything my mi-box can, like can I just plug it in and get all the same apps?

    • Pretty much. This has every streaming app under the sun available and performs much better. I've got a mi box and moved from it to this.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought one

  • i Mean can you Reflash this ?

  • How is NVIDIA shield when compared to ATV?
    Appreciate fellow ozbargainers input

    • Let’s just say, if you are into apple eco system, no brainer not to get Apple TV.

      • It depends on your usage. I am an apple fan but I use google TV as it is much cheaper and enough for what I need.

    • What do you want it for? Just streaming media? Apple TV is better IMO.

      I bought and returned a Shield TV Pro recently btw. Bought it to act as a plex server and as an emulator and streaming box, but the plex server is just terrible on it. Kept stopping and obviously can't handle large libraries. Also you need to plug in a external HDD for extra storage on the Shield TV, as you only get about 8GB of usable storage before it just keeps whinging about running out of room.

      • Connect it to a nas as the plex server.

        • That's what I did and it's useless. The Plex server on the Shield just doesn't seem to be able to cope with big libraries and/or network shares. I had a brand new WD SSD plugged in to the shield TV pro with plex's data stored on it, pointing to my Synology NAS, and it would just randomly stop and lose connection even while I was just on the plex server via browser on my PC. I'd have to go to the shield and start the server again. Then it would stop itself maybe 2 mins later, maybe 20, maybe 2 hours later. Factory reset it and set it all up again 2 more times and it was still garbage.

          Unless you mean run the plex server on the NAS? That's what I'm doing now, and using an Apple TV 4K and a Chromecast with Google TV on diff TVs. Don't need a $250 Shield TV for streaming media.

          • @MrFunSocks: Yeah i meant the nas as the plex server. Never had an issue directplaying 4k atmos rips.

            • @ruddiger7: Yeah direct play is fine. Using the advertised plex server functionality isn't though unfortunately.

  • +3

    I think you can go back to EVERY SINGLE Apple TV a bargain post on the site and the comments are more or less identical on every one.

    • That’s the case for every product, not just Apple TV 😄

  • +4

    I had no idea people had such strong opinions when posting this 😂

    • +3

      Anything to do with Apple always brings out the haters for some reason. I've never known one brand to garner such fervent hatred from those who don't use said brand's products. It's bizarre.

  • +1

    I dont think OW will price match this cause JB have marked it as clearance and the OW Price Beat Guarantee states that stock liquidations are excluded

    • +2

      They did for me 🤷‍♂️
      But that’s a good point. Hopefully they do it for others.

      • +1

        I gave it a try aswell and they let it through. Happy days!

    • OW price matched over the phone no issues. Thanks OP

      • Same here but i did it for the non 4K model to $141

  • so whats the main differences btw this and the latest version?

    • +1

      $70, a new remote and the ability to decode native 60Hz 4K HDR video (which is scarce as hens teeth). (There’s also a minor upgrade to the processor, and wifi and HDMI standards).

  • Cannot decide whether I should buy this or the newer gen Apple TV 4K…

    • Same here…

    • I prefer the discount.

      New remote looks good but not worth the extra money.

      I use a LAN cable, I don't use wifi

      Video decoder, hdmi update and faster processor aren't enough for me to spend more.

  • -2
    • +3

      The Bing Lee one is the standard Apple TV 4th Gen (only Full HD)
      The one in this post is the 4K version.

      • Well spotted, ignore my post.

        • Jb hifi is selling the non 4K for 149, I got OW to price beat to $141

  • can it play back local 4k video?

  • +3

    Picked one up. Wow! I didn't realise how much I wanted it until I bought it and tried it out :-)

  • Got one from OW for $170.

    Never use Apple remote so no brainer to buy older version and stream from iPhone