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Opticomm 250/25Mbps Unlimited $89/M, $79 Activation Fee, Free Router, Min. 12 Months Contract (New Customers Only) @ Harbour ISP


Opticomm 250/25mbps Unlimited for $89/Pm usually $109/Pm + Free Netcomm NF18MESH Router worth $149.95 (Minimum 12 Months Contract & New Customers Only)


1. Activation fee of $79 applicable only for 12 months contract. $0 for 24 months contract
2. Coupon gets auto applied when relevant plan and contract length (12 or 24 months) are selected
3. You need to be in an Opticomm serviced area

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  • +1

    They need to make these plans 'adjustable'.

    Id take 200/75 any day over 250/25.

    It uses the same amount of pipeline…

    • Absolutely.

      But the majority of users prefer higher download speed than upload as it has minimal use case.

      • Most are just uninformed.
        STEAM and Windows Updates are two commonly used technologies that use Torrent based file sharing by default.
        Upload will greatly hit their download.

        • +1

          STEAM … use Torrent based file sharing by default.
          Upload will greatly hit their download.

          You sure about that? Not heard that myself and your mention of "by default" implies I should be able to turn it off somewhere.

          • @bargainpersona: Sorry, you're right, I was confusing it with the Battle.NET, EA, and almost every other game downloader.
            STEAM is the exception, you're right.

    • Opticomm is only limiting the upload speeds because NBN is and NBN is only limiting the upload speed to the technology type of the lowest common denominator which is HFC. It's NBN's fault.

    • Yeah it's a joke, These networks are in duplex mode meaning there is no reason to limit them in such an arbitrary way. The only exception to this is HFC as Telstra still have spectrum allocated to their Foxtel network.

  • might want to make it clear

    You need to be in an Opticomm serviced area

    • +3

      Title states the below. Does it need to be more explicit call-out in description?

      Opticomm 250/25mbps Unlimited $89/Pm

      • +2

        That's if people know what Opticomm is. I didn't know.

        • +1

          I think it's reasonable to suggest that this specific callout is made, given that Opticomm is available at only "120,000 lots across 200 broadacre estates throughout Australia," (as at 2020, from what I can find online) and because the link you've provided sells NBN connections too, so it could be confusing when awareness of the Opticomm brand is assumingly low.

  • +1

    Don't forget referral system

  • Wow that’s a good deal

  • Code doesn't work for me

    • Offer applicable only for THE 250 plan with minimum 12 months contract.

      Kindly try selecting the above to see code getting auto applied.

      • And, Opticomm connected premises only - not NBN, in case you're stuck there hunter_syd.

      • yes, I know… not getting the code nor manually able to get it to work. Just getting an offer for NBN 50

        • Offer applicable only for Opticomm THE 250 and THE 1000 plans.

        • Unfortunately you're not eligible for this offer mate, as it sounds as though you're not one of the ~120k lots in Australia that have access via Opticomm.

  • I joined during their last deal - great, reliable service and their customer service has been really helpful and nice whenever I needed something.

    Recommended :)

  • I'm in a opticomm building, been thinking this or spintle Optus 5G

  • +1

    If they had a deal on 1000/50Mbps I would jump on it. Currently paying $149 for ABB.

    • +2

      They do have. Same deal applies for 1000/50Mbps plan as well. It is $109pm :)

      • Do you mean $119pm?

        • My bad, yes!

  • tried filling in form half way and received a call in 10 minutes if i need any help. Spooky

  • I'm with Leaptel on 250/25 and paying $109 for unlimited data. This deal sounds like a great potential saving for me. However, when I checked the posts on Whirpool about Harbour ISP, I found quite a few negative reviews.

    The last update on their thread was posted about 5 months ago so I'd be interested to hear what their existing customers have to say about this company.

    • +1

      Everything works fine for me, though I find with Opticomm it's pretty stable with any provider. What kind of questions did you have?

  • I was going to sign up with Harbour ISP but then learnt they use CGNAT on all OptiComm plans
    Interestingly Fuzenet and Uniti don't use CGNAT on same OptiComm plans, they are from same group but have different price

    • Oh I'm worried now :( Trying to do research on CGNAT

    • HarbourISP said they don’t use CG-NAT.

  • How do you get the referral codes?

  • Is there a map of Opticomm serviced area?

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