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15% off Amazon Kindle Devices: Kindle Oasis $339.15, Kindle Paperwhite $169.15 Delivered @ Amazon AU


15% off Kindle devices on Amazon AU

Seems to be on Oasis, Paperwhite etc

Terms https://www.amazon.com.au/b?node=10303253051

This offer entitles a customer to save 15% on eligible Amazon Devices ("Qualifying Items") when purchased on Amazon.com.au (the “Offer”).
Qualifying Items will display the message "Save 15% with promo code DEVICES15" on the product detail page.
This Offer only applies to items sold by Amazon AU on www.amazon.com.au. The Offer does not apply to purchases made from third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, even if “fulfilled by Amazon” or sold by Amazon US.
To redeem the Offer, add one or more Qualifying Items to your cart. At Checkout, enter promo code DEVICES15. A 15% discount will automatically be applied to the purchase price of the Qualifying Items.
Delivery charges will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies.
This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.
If you cancel or return any items purchased pursuant to the offer, you will only be refunded the price paid for those items.
This Offer is not redeemable for cash. Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This Offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders.
Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.
The Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.
This Offer is valid until11:59PM AEST May 19th 2021.

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    I feel like they go on a bigger discount fairly often? (Prime Day etc)

    • +1

      Absolutely. Paperwhite often $149. 15% only makes it ~$170.

    • Yea, I bought a PaperWhite as a gift last year during Prime Day for $149

  • Any difference in discount / cashback due to this offer? (ie. Cashrewards / Shopback)

  • Does the Kindle have software bugs ? sometimes my page turn causes skipping to random pages back or front

    • +1

      Never had that problem, could try a factory reset.

    • Never had this issue with multiple Kindle devices. As the other comment suggested, do a factory reset, might help your issue. If not, Amazon is very good with warranty, especially with Kindles, even if you did not purchase it from them.

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    Kobo Libre h20 is 240, just as good. People complain of lighting be dimmer on one side, or response being slower though i think its perfect e-reader, waterproof, fast enough and lighting is more then adequate. You may notice in dark one side being the slightest bit dimmer though doesnt bother me one bit

    • That's an odd sales pitch "Kobo Libre is more expensive, not as responsive and is dim"

      So why shouldn't people buy the Kindle for $170? (which is the h20s direct competition)

      • +1

        The paperwhite isn't really a competitor to the Kobo Libra. For one thing the screen sizes are different. One has physical buttons. The form factors are different and so on.

        The Libra's direct competition is the Oasis.

  • +3

    I was wanting a Kindle Oasis but bit the bullet on a Kobo Libra H2O which I've been reading on non-stop. For the $120 I saved I feel like I'm pretty much getting the same experience with the bonus of not having ads being shown to me. It also supports epub from the get-go unlike the Kindle where you need to use Calibre to convert the files. Overdrive is a nice addition too. The gesture shortcut to turn up and down the brightness of the screen is great too, very quick to use.

    Downsides include no audiobook support (which the Oasis does) which doesn't faze me as I like to read my books. The Libra is also 4.7g heavier and is fully plastic unlike the Oasis which has an aluminium back. This might be a con though as I've heard people complain that it's cold to the touch, especially if you like reading in bed. Also if you've got a ton of books from the Kindle store the Kobo might not be right for you but you can still download them and convert them to epub for use on the Kobo.

    • +1

      I don't think any Kindles have ads in Aus

      • Yeah you’re right not in Australia, US I believe so. This person clearly has no idea.

        • +1

          Sorry my mistake. The rest of the points stand though, especially the price difference.

        • +2

          I have to say it's a bit much to dismiss the entire review for one localised mistake. There was no fanboy stuff and now people know a few things from his perspective they didn't before. I prefer My Kobo Forma for my own reasons. It seems that Kindle is like iPhones. Good quality equipment that just works without any need for dicking around. A closed system with good support. Some of us like to dick around though.

      • You are correct. No ads on all models sold through the Amazon AU site. You pay about USD20.00 less on the Amazon US site for these devices, and I believe they include the ads via the firmware and/or when they 'register' the device on the Amazon US Kindle store.

        My Kindle Oasis was sold by Amazon AU through the Amazon Global store, fulfilled by Amazon US and registered on Amazon Kindle US store prior to shipment. (All my digital content had been purchased from Amazon US & UK prior to Amazon AU starting in Oz. I cannot purchase any digital content including Kindle titles from Amazon AU Kindle store).

        • Have you tried contacting support to ask them to fix it? There was a time when you could purchase the Kindle in AU with Ads. Talking to support would get them removed. You could possible do the same with your device registration.

    • That actually looks pretty good, now we just need a deal on the Kobo :)

      Is there a list of Overdrive supported libraries?

  • Rumours are there is a new Kindle Paperwhite coming out in July. Leak suggests (if legit) that it might have USB-C, more round edges, night mode style color temperature system and be waterproof like the last new ones.

    • Yeah people have been hoping for USB C for like 5 years hah

      • There must be a warehouse in China with billions of micro USB ports and plugs being sold a truck load for a Yuan. There is no other explanation for how long it is taking manufacturers to catch up.

    • +1

      Waterproof? , or more likely water-resistant (i.e. literally splash-proof rather than immersable into liquids). A big difference. Mobile phone companies have had to be careful about these claims in recent years since they have been caught out telling porkies.

      An improved night mode would be welcome, but colour could still be some time off imho. Even on my Kindle Oasis I can drain the battery charge very quickly if I am not mindful of how I am using it.

      Micro-USB vs USB-C - I think the reason Amazon has continued to use Micro-USB is that it is more ubiquitous and therefore accessible to more people. Another reason may also be licencing costs between the two, although Amazon seem to have no problems selling the Kindle at a premium above their competitors.

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