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ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Laptop 15.6" Nvidia 1660Ti 144 Hz IPS Display $1,399 Delivered @ Amazon AU


ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Laptop 15.6" - G512LU-HN093T Intel i7-10750H 2.6GHz, 16G DDR4 RAM, Nvidia 1660Ti GPU, 512GB SSD -

Processor/CPU: INTEL i7-10750H Processor, 2.6GHz base processor speed, 6 cores (12M Cache, up to 5.0GHz)
Memory, Graphics & Storage: 16GB DDR4 RAM expandable to 32GB | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti Graphics | Storage: 512GB SSD
Display: 15.6 inch Full HD (1920x1080) 144 Hz IPS Display
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Weight: 2.30 KG

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  • Is this a good deal for someone wanting a business laptop? Don’t need any gaming stuff

    • +1

      Too big, get a 13 inch laptop

      • Thankyou, probably a wise decision

      • +4

        Why is 13" too big for business? I'm using a 13" and run out of real estate for word docs, web pages and pretty much everything else. If an employer gave me a 13" to use on the go I'd be pretty annoyed. 13" is fine for light use on the go and hooking up to another monitor for actual work but if it's used standalone more than occasionally, I'd say it's too small.

        I will say the thickness and weight along with likely poor battery life would be some pretty big downsides for business use on the go (as opposed to just docking it 90% of the time).

        • I would be using it on the go, but not as my primary computer as i have a desktop for most of my work.
          Just need something for train rides and if I go away for a bit

          • +4

            @Twitchh: Do you need windows? I'd recommend an M1 macbook air due to it's insane battery life/performance/price ratio but only if you actually get along with OSX and it meets your requirements.

            If you need windows and whatever you need runs on ARM windows, then it's still a good option as it can be installed on the mac.

            There's similarly sized 13" windows machines but they're all inferior spec-wise unless you go over $1700 (still likely inferior especially with regards to cooling and battery life).

            I noticed in other comments you want 16gb, from reports on reddit and elsewhere, the 8gb in the M1 is enough for most things unless you're doing heavy video/photo editing. It seems the M1 with 8gb runs as well as an Intel chip with 16gb, so keep that in mind (no personal experience on the ram, just going off reports).

            • @pizzip: Thank you, appreciate your insight, I currently have a 2014 macbook air but the screen is broken now, so OSX is fine.

              I just know my current macbook air struggled a bit with my photo editing, but i guess this M1 chip is more powerful? Maybe i’ll look at some reviews for it

        • I have a 15inch and I don't like it for on the go use, if you need to be on the go a lot, it's not worth the effort imo

    • +5

      Maybe if you conduct your business at discos.

    • +6

      This laptop is a bit overkill for general business use and you probably won't get the battery life you're hoping for

      • this, I use an rog laptop for work and it's useless for on-the-go. The battery doesn't last long. However, I do need it for graphical work like illustrator and photoshop, and it's good for portability taking it to the office or working from home (use while plugged in).

    • +4

      No webcam if you need it for video conferencing.

      • Currently don't have to, but may have to in the future. Good pick up sir, I think I will find something else based on these comments, thanks everyone

      • +1

        Wow I couldn't believe it at first but it's true! Haven't seen a webcam-less laptop in donkeys years!

  • Is it good to play GTA online?

    • +16

      It's not good to play GTA 5 online.

      But this laptop can do it.

    • +4

      no you will purchase more shark cards than the laptop is worth

      • +2

        or play FiveM

    • +2

      GTA is so yesterday. play mordhau!

      here you have a chance to fight medieval knights and freaks of nature (these crowds overlap more than common sense would suggest) with a variety of weapons ranging from swords and knives to frying pans and horse manure.

      dodge this you bastard! (c)

      • ..and so tomorrow. They are releasing it on the current generation consoles this Nov so it will be on more platforms than TESV Skyrim T_T

      • Ah, another man of (Mordhau) culture I see.

        Have my upvote sir

        • thank you most kindly

      • I got GTA for free. Will think about Mordhau when it goes for free on Epic.

  • And it'll also pay itself off in 240 days at current ETH rates if you don't game and pay under 25c a KW.

    • deal is gaming laptop

      "If you don't game"


      • +3


        It's ozbargain, plenty of folks myself included buy a third helping of stuff on sale and end up not even using it as it's intended.

  • How’s this compare to the razer blade 15 from Costco?

    • +2

      Blade is better in terms of build and thickness. This will have better cooling since it is thicker and allows more room for it to breathe

  • The red power button light is painfully bright and distractingly too close to the monitor. In a well lit room you get used to it easily enough though.

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