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Ozito Power X Charge 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill $99 (Normally $179) + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Been keeping an eye on Ozito prices since the new Aldi catalogue came out with the 20V Ferrex Tool sale.

The biggest deal I found is of course the Brushless Hammer Drill taking a full $80 off, some of the other deals include;

Rotary Hammer Drill $89 normally $99

Reciprocating Saw $49.98 normally $55

Brushless Impact Wrench $94.98 normally $99

Compact Multi Function Tool $39 normally $49

2.5Ah Battery And Charger Pack $39 normally $59.99

This is my first post hopefully it covers everything needed. Thanks.

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    • The lowest price ($49) hammer drill has a standard chuck that takes standard bits. All the rest have SDS. IMO If you are just drilling the odd hole here and there, just get the basic one, but even better get the basic corded one if standard masonary bits are your thing

  • These cut out on torque very quickly. Makes it pretty horrible for tasks like mixing concrete with a mixing bit, or digging a hole with an auger bit.

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    Thanks OP. got one.

    was waiting for 12 month now :)

  • Can the hammer drill be used as a regular drill to put together IKEA furniture? Or is it too overkill?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a drill?

  • Hopefully my local sells out quickly so I don't think about buying it :P.
    Just like last time lol.

    I've only drilled 4 holes into bricks in the last 12 months, so realistically …

  • Does anyone know if the corded ones are also discounted now?

    Also, is the 900W 3J one more than enough for most uses? I don't see myself doing anything more than drilling some brick holes or may be some tiles once in a year.

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      They are at normal price.

      The 900W is more then enough for most uses, I find that with mine its almost too powerful on my bricks, it chips them a bit but it's been amazing for dynabolting too concrete.

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    I hope they drop the price of the 4ah battery to match Aldi.
    On a related note, still pathetic that Ryobi don’t offer a brushless rotary hammer in Australia, they way they do in the US. A rotary hammer is one of the first tools that would utilise brushless

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    It would be nice if the 2x 18v chainsaw was also $149.
    BTW I just bought the cordless LED spotlight and its awesome on par with the Ryobi version.
    I think its a relatively new product in the ozito PXC range.

  • I'm on the Ozito eco-system and I love these Aldi deals as it encourages Bunnings to match.

    The benefit being for me, Bunnings are plentiful, have an easy and long warranty.

    For a DIYer, I've been really impressed with the Ozito stuff.

    • Yes they're not bad at all! Only downside is the slow charge time on batteries, thankfully I have 2x 3mAh and 2x 1.5mAh. Heavy use on grinder or circular saw eats through the batteries!

      Makita MX range for corded is decent value too.

      • I think you mean Ah, mAh is 1/1000th. What are these-power tools for ants?! :-)

        • You're right, they need to be at least 3x bigger!

  • Good deal on the rotary hammer drill, might pick one up.

    Hopefully Bunnings come to the table and price the impact wrench @79 and 4Ah battery @49

    • Seems like they have matched the wrench, but not the battery

      • They did an odd 'match' on the wrench… dropped it $5 to $95 instead of bringing it down to Aldi's $79

        • Seems to have gone back up, I could have sworn it was cheaper when I checked the price at the time I wrote that comment. Maybe someone else can confirm I am not crazy?

          On a side note, I have been using it more lately and it's actually not too bad a wrench. I am now looking for a straight handle one like you see many youtubers using, it's usually a Milwaukee one but I ain't paying for one of those

  • I reckon the big knobs at Bunnings must curse every time Aldi has a sale of tools!

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    Just want to take a moment here to remind people to be asbestos-safe.
    Tiling, especially wet areas pre 1980s can easily have asbestos behind it as well as being use in all sorts of surprising places: for example lino and lino glues regularly contained asbestos along with many other areas that you might want to hit with a rotary drill.
    Be safe!

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      And don't worry too much about whether or not a particular place has asbestos. Sending samples to labs on small jobs is a waste of time.
      If there is dust, just assume so, minimise it and wear a P2 mask.

      It is not plutonium. Well, unless it is loose-fibre "Mr Fluffy" type asbestos, then it is plutonium, and you call a professional.

    • +3

      Can't stress this enough, your life and your ability to be there for loved ones is at stake. For reference you can pick a sample out of something and post it to get test for about 65 bucks. You might need to do this at a few places/depths, but it's the best money you will ever spend if you can't be sure there's no asbestos somewhere.

      I see I've almost completely contradicted manic, who usually gives good advice! :-) I was thinking more from a perspective of bathroom demo, you can be in a cloud of the stuff if you aren't careful, or you could be doing it at home while your kids are in the next room

      • Sorry Manic - but to say "don't worry too much" about asbestos is a bit too casual.

  • Does anyone recommend Ozito blowers? I'm looking to pick up one to dry my car with, and do the occasional leaf/grass clippings blow.

    • I have a corded blower and vacuum mulcher. I'd say okish, does it what it supposed to work. The mulching gear inside is made by plastic, so if you have any brunch piece, it will stuck the gear easily. The blowing function is not very powerful. But I don't like the cord and I've changed to a 18v makita blower now, a lot better and no complaint at all.

    • +1

      Have two ozito ones :- one is an electric blower/vac, use it as a vac occasionally, its corded so PIA. The other one is PXC 2 x 18v blower which is really powerful but a bit heavy and need two batteries.
      I think their smaller 18V version would be more then ample for your application and its got good reviews.

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        I have the 2 x 18v one too and its a beast for cleaning up the yard - it does have a variable power dial, so if he wanted, he could dial it down for his needs and also use it in the yard

    • Setting aside the lack of filter on these blowers that makes them less desirable for car drying (this means if a small stone goes through the suction side if will come out blowing side at high speeds), I can recommend the tiny desk blower for car drying.
      It's small and light weight, and most importantly has a rubber tip so if you accidentally hit your car the paint work is reasonably safe. This will not be super fast as this blower is not that powerful.

  • I have the 1800w Ozito Electric Blower, no complaints. Also managed to score it on Marketplace for $15 :)

  • any SDS drill bit recommendations for drilling in to sydney sandstone?

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      Dont buy cheap drill bits.
      I was using cheap ones just to go into brick to put garage shelves up and it took for ever drilling with an AEG brushless SDS drill. Swapped to a good drill bit that i forgot i had in that size and it was like going through butter. Just get a good brand name one and you should be fine.

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      Sandstone is soft and will drill easy though.

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    Cheers OP.

    Almost a must have if you're a weekend warrior living in WA.

    Double bricked walls for days.

  • Is it possible to get one ozito product to
    A. Put together ikea stuff
    B. Do home jobs like picture hooks
    C. Drill into brick to install some hooks in the garage.


    • +1

      A regular drill driver (with hammer function) will do all of those jobs but not be ideal at A and C.

      A - adjust it to a low torque and speed setting for IKEA furniture, but even then it will likely be frustrating to use and will strip screws. A cordless screwdriver is a better tool.
      B - does the job of drilling a hole.
      C - will drill into mortar fine but will take ages (minutes) to drill into brick. Ok if you only need to do a handful of holes and that's it, otherwise a rotary hammer drill (from this deal) is a better tool.

  • Thanks OP just picked up the hammer drill at keysborough. None on the shelf but two out the back. Could not help but try it out, cut through a brick like butter, amazing for a battery drill

    • Did you already have some drill bits or did you buy new ones? Any recommendation?

      • I had a set of ozito bits already which a rarely used with a corded drill. Find they are great for the little use i have for them

  • Thanks OP. Picked up the SDS at Erina. Does anyone know of any decently priced sets of SDS bits? I couldn't see much on bunnings website.

    And with regards to the Impact Wrench, I was originally going to wait until Aldi's one came out and hope for an Ozito price match, but given I don't believe I'll need to use it a whole lot, am I better off just buying one of these packs of sets for my impact driver? What's the big difference in using these compared to the impact wrench?


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      I got the Frost SDS set from Bunnings about 6 months ago, it's been perfect so far although I've only used a few of the bits and for what you get for the price I think it's a good deal consider the price of some bits are quite expensive by themselves.


      The difference between the Ozito Brushless Impact Driver and Ozito Impact Wrench is the Driver has 180nm of Torque and the Wrench has 215nm of Torque. The Aldi catalogue states that their Impact Wrench is 350nm of Torque.

      I use the Kango set with my Brushless Impact Driver and it works fine for what I've used it for.

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    Thanks OP been waiting for this SDS drill to come on special again.

  • +1

    Nothing wrong with Ozito tools, their warranty is awesome

  • Is anyone else having issues ordering online for delivery? I get the same message at the cart on every device and browser when I try to process "Something went wrong, please try again."

    • DOH! Turns out the saved address I have been using for deliveries for a year was rejected by the new website. There was a postcode error. Typos are so embarrassing for us pedants!

  • +1

    Grabbed the brushless drill and the $15 chisel set as recommended, and just smashed through my bathroom renovations. Removed floor tiles in a 5x5 bathroom without a breeze.

    Best $100 spent.


    • Hope your missus is away for a few days

    • Which drill did you get?

  • The 2x18v chainsaw skin is also discounted to $149 - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-chainsaw...

    Just picked one up. I am not in the PXC ecosystem so hoping there will be some specials on the batteries. Else might try and get the Aldi one (already have some Aldi batteries).

    Anyone with the above chainsaw? What is the minimum battery capacity that you would recommend? Also, any cons to use two batteries of differing capacities?

    • Yes, I have it - it is really excellent you will love it.
      As for batteries, mine came with 2 x 3.0 amp hours and I would say that is the minimum you would want. Probably 4ah would be better as more than once I have had to take a recharge break

      • If Bunnings price match the 4Ah battery, then it will still be an outlay of atleast $117 (2 x 4Ah + 1 x standard charger). Will have to make up my mind on whether I want to buy into the PXC system now.

        All my current stuff is Xfinity so with the Aldi chainsaw that's just another $49 for 1x4Ah battery. Ah, decisions!

        • +1

          I think the best way to acquire batteries is included in kits, as you make a collection but you probably want to use it right now and cant wait for them to come up.
          Really though, no worries at all with the chainsaw, I think there are a couple of Youtube vids if you want to see it in action

          • @King Tightarse: I can wait for the kits but most kits only include a 2Ah battery. Haven't seen anything with a 4Ah battery.

            edit: the hammer drill kit and the 1x18v chainsaw kits come with a 4Ah battery. I don't have a use for either. :-)

    • How much is the chainsaw normally?

      • $199

        • Thanks! Just saw the link.