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[VIC] LADDA Rechargeable 4x AA (2450mAh) $11.99 in-Store Only (Online $14.99) @ IKEA Richmond


Not the cheapest it's ever been based on what I could research.

Seems only to be an in-store price as online still has $14.99

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    i brought 2x4pk AA and 2x4pk AAA,paid $35.96 ($8.99/pk) at Logan today. no idea what was going on. happy with the result. lol i remember the ticket price was 14.99 for AA and 11.49 (on special from 12.99) for AAA

    • It's 8.99/4pk

  • Wait that one packet is twelve bucks?

  • is it the same price at other ikeas?

  • Great batteries. Would prefer over Eneloops for the price n quality. Works great in my camera flash.

  • Good price for great batteries. I’ve got heaps of these. Made in Japan.

    But you have to find parking, find your way to IKEA then navigate through all the people wandering around IKEA to find the batteries.

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      I'm not sure why you included that second paragraph. That's part of normal everyday life that normal functioning humans make, if you want to do something then you have to do actions in order to achieve it, if you don't like those actions, don't do it and stay in mums basement?

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        Because IKEA is the only store that forces you to walk about a kilometre through a narrow winding path, when you might only want to buy one item.

        If you want to buy a single item at any other store, you can usually be in and out in five minutes. No real chance of being that quick at IKEA, and many people are put off by the long shopping trip when only buying one item.

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          Normally there are heaps of them next to the checkout, so I just walk into the store from the checkout instead of using the normal entrance.
          Grab the battery, pay and leave. Done this all the time.

        • Does it eat you up that supermarkets put the milk at the back of the store?

        • Dude use the non-obvious short cuts. The one near me is two levels, just go past the toilets downstairs, cut through the shortcuts and you can be in and out in 5 minutes. You need to up your IKEA game! :)

          • @digitalterrorist: That 1km does take in the shortcuts. My "local" is Ikea Logan. I skip the upstairs section and go straight into kitchenware on the lower level. Unfortunately the downstairs level has only one shortcut, which bypasses the area where the LADDA batteries are!

            If I didn't take shortcuts, I reckon it would be closer to 2km.

            That's why I only go to Ikea when I have 3 or more items to buy. I keep an unsent email titled "things to purchase" in Gmail, and add the items to the list. When I get to three or more items, then I go to Ikea.

  • Does the $10 new family member trick voucher still work?

  • How do they compare with the 2400Mah 4 pack at Aldi for $5.99.?

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      Aldi stopped selling rechargeable batteries several months ago, although I recall they came back for one week as a special buy.

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      The Aldi rechargeable batteries are rubbish.
      I've run tests on them a couple years ago, need to find my notes. But recall 2 standout negatives.
      1. They did not store the advertised capacity, appro 10-15% overrated.
      2. They were not LSD, Low Shelf Discharge. Loosing the majority of their stored capacity within a few weeks to a couple months.
      i.e. no good unless you were prepared to recharge the cells a few days prior to use.

  • Original Prices in WA…. DOH !!!

  • Does anyone know if these are still available at Ikea Richmond? Still discounted?