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[eBay Plus] LG OLED55BXPTA 55" BX $1795.50 C&C/+ $35 Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


LG OLED55BXPTA 55" BX $1795.50 C&C/+ $35 Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay

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    Wow cheap $1,704.30 - discounts 5% easy shopback

    • how do you get the shopback?

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        5 easy steps:

        1. Login
        2. Follow instructions diligently
        3. Click eBay link
        4. Wait aaaages
        5. Cash back declined… wtf?!
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          Can vouch for step 5 haha

        • Step 5 so true! Stay away if the money is small, just a unnecessary psychological burden on you for three months before they decline your cashback you with some stupid terms, crushing you mentally. (A bit exaggeration, but you get the gist :)

      • Swap gift cards are 5% cashback (only 4% for some values). Swap them for eBay after buying.

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      Don't forget eBay limits to $1500 in gift cards per transaction

  • So tempting >< but a 55inch as a monitor would be insane right?

    I currently sit about 60cm away from my 43inch 4k monitor.

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      I wouldn't want to have an OLED monitor for PC it will get major burn in.

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        This isn't necessarily true. You can take measures to mitigate the risk. I have the 48" as a monitor and have 0 burn-in after about 8 months. I played wow for about 4 of those months and that game has some static ui elements I couldn't avoid.
        Lg have apparently gotten quite good at reducing the burn in risk with the newer sets. For example if the image stays static for too long, it will significantly dim the screen. I've only noticed it while reading Web pages for an extended time. It's a little annoying, but better than damaging the screen.
        Also, make sure u take the obvious precautions such as auto hiding the task bar, setting the screen to go black after a few minutes of inactivity and turning the oled brightness right down.
        All this may sound inconvenient, but nothing can touch the image quality of one of these as a monitor. It's actually a bargain when compared to the pricing of top end gaming monitors.
        The only thing that I hate about it is the ultra reflective panel they have. U really need a very dark room with one of these. Even my keyboard rgb reflects real bad.

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          But the dimming feature isn't going to save you if you're using the monitor and it has a static element in the corner of the screen that stays the same for hours a day and for weeks on end, right? I have a B7 so I know about the dimming thing.

          • @Budju: Nah I'm sure it will get burn in eventually but that's where the other measures help, such as auto hiding task bars. Full screen browsing would help but I hate that. I couldn't find a browser addon that would auto hide the tab bar unfortunately. I probably have a browser open for 1-2 hours daily, and so far so good. I check about once a month for burn in using full screen images of red, blue, cyan, magenta, 50% grey and haven't noticed anything yet

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              @DanielP2: Yeah that's what I mean, you will be worried about it. I don't like to worry, so high refresh LCD IPS seems to be the best for now.

              • @Budju: Depends on your use case I guess. If you spend many hours in front of a spreadsheet/ word processor/ browser every day it might not be the best option.
                For me, I use it mainly for gaming or watching video with a couple hours a day max in a Web browser / windows desktop.
                For me the benefits of picture quality far out with the risk of burn in.
                Before getting this I was going to buy something like the pg35vq which costs more and has the smearing / ghosting issues associated with VA.
                Other option was waiting for the HDR 1400 miniled screens that are due out soon, but I could probably have 3x of my oled screens for the same price :)

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                  @DanielP2: As per my comment below, apparently when it standby mode it has a anti burn-in feature. TV shops will have a hard switch that turns off mains power and prevents the TV from going into standby mode, which results in major burn-in problems for their demo TVs. Make sure you let it go into standby by switching off with the remote and do not turn off with power switch :)

      • LG pretty much replaces all of them under warranty, I've seen people get in writing that they'll replace panels up to 5 years no questions asked

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          Correct you get a 1 time replacement by LG in the unlikely event you get burn in, even if it's out of warranty, a LG Australian representative confirm this over the phone to me I recorded the conversation.

        • This video from HDTV Test suggests that the standby power compensation cycle can help mitigate burn in. I didn't know this


        • Wow.. will have to try this.. I have a 4 yr old C7 used as a 8-16 hrs a day daily driver with significant burn in….

          • @Vladdo: Let us know how you go. Its the only thing stopping me from getting an OLED.

            • @El Grande: I was even half considering buying another one as I love it as a PC monitor.

        • I have a 7 year old 55EC930T with minor burn-in caused by gaming HUD. Probably too old to get replaced but at least it's only visible on red screen.

      • Not true. Burn in only happens to people who have no idea about burn in the first place. If you are self aware about it and always take precautions it won't happen to you.

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          there is a lot of misinformation being spread on forums though. While it IS possible to get burn in on these, its nowhere near the problem people seem to think it is.

        • Burn in is cumulative so everyone will eventually get it, just depends on how long

    • Only a crazy person would think that is insane.

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    FFS, bought earlier today for $1895. Anyone know it’s possible for eBay to refund the difference?

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      Damn, I'm in the same boat. :(

      Edit: I tried my luck with eBay's chat, but didn't get anywhere. They're unable (or unwilling) to provide a voucher for the difference, and the only avenue is to contact the seller to cancel the order and repurchase it. Should've saved the online shopping until tonight. :/

    • in the same boat :(

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    if only i can refund my 1 year old c9 to get this

    • Prob sell it for 1600-1700 second hand

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          Haha good luck with that.

      • Very doubtful electronics fridges and furniture is very hard to sell second hand esp on marketplace

    • Why? There's not much different, what would be the benefit of a BX?

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    Would it be worth going into The Good Guys physically and try haggle with the salesman on this price and then they get commission? Win-Win?

    • Doesn’t hurt to try is end of life stock, would try both jb n tgg

    • I tried haggling at JB today… they're not having it. They would only go as far as doing free delivery and install service which is usually $199. But would charge to pickup your old TV up. So hagglers won't have any leverage these days unfortunately.

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    Looks like I'm bringing home a new TV tomorrow.

    Thanks OP.

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    This or a 9500H :/

    • -3

      oled if u watch more tv n movies, 9500h if you game much more :P

      • I think your thinking of the 9000h but thanks for the feedback

        • this would be better for gaming than eigher and pretty much anything else.

    • Super bright room,probably the 9500H, otherwise the oled

  • Daaammmnnnn that’s a good price

    If there was a 65” BX at the same discount level, I’d be trying to work out how to explain to the missus why we’re getting a new TV next week…

    • you can tell her there's a chip shortage and you're helping the economy skip along so nobody will miss out on glorious viewing pleasure.

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    I just got back from my local JB… apparently the new C1's are going on display this weekend… I'm sure they're trying to clear old model stock now I'm waiting for the CX 55" to drop to $2K. One can always dream ;)

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    any 8K tv on sale?

    • +9

      Any 8k content yet?

      • -3


        • No 8K porn either lol. Only yutube vids and pc gaming but good luck affording that set up, That's it.

    • +10

      Interesting post if you lived in the US a year ago.

      • That's a moot point, you will see similar sentiment on the net when tossing up between a 55inch Oled and a 65inch led

        • Agree, It's not a new debate…

          • @NachoMafia: Yes, I understand all the negs. ppl living in apartments and units can't fit a 65 inch tv

            • @mlburnian: Lol they must be living in a shoebox if they can't fit a 65".

  • How does the BX compare with CX (which Choice recommends)?

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      The BX has poor peak brightness compared to its 2017 predecessor (B7).
      I would purchase a CX if you can afford it.

      • +2

        +1 to this. Check out HDTVTest comparison on Youtube. He's the only reviewer that gives you the cold hard facts instead of the wishy wash "slight difference" that other reviewers do.

  • Nice.

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    Very tempting but the stand looks like you could blow it over. The CX has a much more stable stand that would make me more comfortable with my two young ones.

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    How low can it go before it's sold out from all retailers. Let's see.

    • It was pretty much sold out at JB HiFi & Harvey Norman 10 days ago….
      This is stock released by LG

  • Do not pull the trigger.. do not pull the trigger, there will be better deals.. Damn!!

    • Right. Price seems to be falling further in the next two months. Dell monitors and LG tvs are getting cheaper by the month. I am pulling the trigger on both of these after two months. My personal opinion only.

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    Price error in today’s email states tv is 1195 lol
    Did anyone manage to get at this price instore

    • I highly doubt it because an hour later they sent out another email titled

      Oops, let's try that again | $800 off LG 55" OLED TV $1995

      I checked a handful of store opening times. Majority opened at 9 am today, too early for in-store purchase at the incorrect price.

    • That was only in the subject line, the actual ad for the tv still had $1995 so it would have been a hard sell to get it for $1195 based off that.

  • Same price I paid for the 65 x9000h a month ago - bright room and game a fair but so probably still went the right choice, but damn this would have been tempting

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    Cheers OP - bit the bullet :)

  • Told myself I didn't need it but found myself putting it in the boot of my car today. Thanks OP!

  • Anyone know how the Good Guys delivery works for TVs? Given an ETA of Wednesday on eBay, but no word on it shipping or anything, so wondering if maybe they have delivery people direct from the store?

    • +1

      Mine came yesterday (Great TV!). I got a call from the online team on Sunday asking when I'd like to arrange for delivery. Once you've locked in your preferred day you'll receive a text from them either later that day (if you're arranging it for the next day), or the day before your preferred day. You won't be able to pick a time, as they give you a three hour window of when they'll be coming. Mine ended up being an hour early, so be careful if you decide to duck out before the delivery window.

      • Thank you, got the call today! I missed it but called the online team number back and arranged a day when I'm free during the entire delivery window.

        Good to know they might be significantly early too! Did they give you a heads up when you were next delivery and they were on their way?

  • Oops, did I miss out on this? If so the smaller price difference compared to the CX might push me to the CX