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BenQ Tk850i "True 4K" Projector with Built-in Android TV $2595 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Been looking around and waiting for this type of deal.

Just bought the last one at Broadway with an extra $100 off. Woohoo!

  • Note that according to Projector Reviews: The TK850i uses a 0.47” DMD DLP projector that creates a 4K image through the use of pixel shifting. Pixel shifting uses a native resolution 1920×1080 sensor to fire the same pixel four times, shifting where it hits the screen slightly each time, to create a total of 8.3 million distinct pixels on the screen.

BenQ advertises the product as "True 4k"

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  • It’s a very good projector for the price. The android tv is ok. Does not have official Netflix. I have hooked up my nvidia shield tv with it.

    • I'd never condone use of an internal media player on these anyway.

  • It this good for presentations?

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    most of the content is in 1080p, so will it upscale ?

    • Even if it does, if someone blind tested you the same content 4k V 1080p, you'd never see the difference.

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        Do you have it? I am saying because I have it and you are deadly wrong.

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          i remember upgrading from 720p to 1080p
          looking at the resolution as of numbers its not a big deal
          but for the eye it was enormous difference

          when it comes to 1080p and 4k
          number difference is big
          but cant really see that much of a difference in quality

          • @alwayspoor: We're talking about upscaling 1080p content to 4k, not 1080p v 4k native.

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            @alwayspoor: You might have a problem with your eyes, visit a doctor haha. Joking, shame you can't see it. It is beautiful.

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          Rubbish. It's all in your head. Videophiles need equipment to prove it, you'll never see it.

          I'm not talking native 1080p V native 4k projectors.

      • That's BS. I can tell native 4k Vs 1080p instantly when watching it.

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          No you can't, not with a 1080p device doing pixel shift. If you're going to join the conversation, first understand it.

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            @R00D: If you're going to be an ahole, how about you first express yourself properly. I have a Benq 800m projector with pixel shift, and you're right, it's indistinguishable from a native 4K panel projector, and 1080p content on it looks worse than 4K content by a long way, but that's not what you said in the post I am replying to, and that's not what the OP who you replied to was talking about. Get a command of basic English expression before you attack others about not understanding something.

            • -2

              @DisabledUser100949: "pixel shift, and you're right, it's indistinguishable from a native 4K panel projector"

              ..please, keep going, I'm using this thread as my evening comedic relief.

              • @R00D: Probably want to spend more time working on your reading comprehension.

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            @R00D: R00D, I'm not quite sure you understand how pixel-shift works - a 4K projector that uses a 1080p chip with pixel shifting does produce a 4K image on the screen. It's not as sharp as a dedicated 4K projector, but it's still a 4K display…
            You can absolutely tell the difference between 4K content and 1080P content on a pixel-shift projector like this one - because the 4K content is twice the resolution on the screen !

            • @Nom: Twice? Wouldn't it be almost 4 times the resolution?

              • @Dienk: Yes if you're counting resolution as number of pixels. I just meant from 2K to 4K as a "doubling" - the pixel count quadruples…

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              @Nom: It's the same native resolution (not 4k), it's just shifting the pixels, hence it's known in the industry as fauxK.

              • @R00D: Yes - it's the same native resolution (not 4k) AND it is just shifting the pixels. That's how it produces a 4K image from it's 1080p DLP chip.

                What's your point here ? That pixel shifting is not a valid way to create a 4K image ? That is patently false. Pixel shifting is just as valid as any other method. It may not produce as clear definition as a native 4K projector, and so it's not priced at the level of a native 4K projector either.


                In our new reality of 4K resolution and pixel shifting technologies, there is ZERO correlation between native resolution (the number of physical pixels on the chip) and the actual resolution of the picture you see on the screen. The chip's physical resolution, at least in the home theater world, has become irrelevant.

    • It runs in 4k. You will need a 3080 to run everything at 4k using it. It is not a 1080p projector. There is no upscaling. 4k runs natively.

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          4K is absolutely seen here - that's the what the pixel shifting technology produces !

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    It's a true 4k pixel shifter that's for sure.

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    I'm personally waiting on reviews for the upcoming Viewsonic PX748-4k before I pull the trigger on an upgrade.

    My BenQ W1070 is getting on a bit in its age. But, it's good to see that this TK850i is a drop in replacement for the W1070.

    • I'm still on a W1060, but it's doing a fine job 🤗

      Unfortunately to upgrade I'll need a 16m 4K HDMI cable, which adds a significant amount of extra cost…

      • Unable to get the blu Ray player or devices closer to the projector to run a shorter HDMI cable?

        • No - projector is ceiling mounted at the back of the room, AV gear is in the front corner 😁

          16m of 1080p HDMI is easy, but 4K, not so easy…

          • @Nom: I got a 10m length Tegal HDMI 2.0 cable from Amazon which hasn’t given any problems with sending 4K signal to the AV.
            It’s also flexible enough to route along the walls.

          • @Nom: So mount the AV gear to the wall or on a shelf next to the projector? You only need to have long speaker cables or Bluetooth surround sound system?

            • @wtfnodeal: Short answer is that I can't - it's a concrete basement, and there's stairs, a bar, a door and a fireplace that limit where I can put things 👌

              The current layout is fine, I'm not looking to change it, just means I have to buy an expensive cable when I want to upgrade 😁

          • @Nom: I was about to suggest trying fibre optic HDMI cable. I bought a couple of long ones for my ceiling mounted projector and they work perfectly. Just looked up my invoice, I paid only $60 each about a year ago, but when I click on the link to view them now, they are now selling them for $250 each! 😬

            • @Maximum64: Yeah I've got a few options for a 16m 4K run but somewhere around $200 is the going to be the ballpark cost…

    • +1

      Viewsonic PX748-4k has very good specs on paper, I will be keeping an eye on it as well.

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    Not true 4k. Pixel shifting is decent but the title should be changed.

    • "True 4K" is correct, it's the universal industry term for a pixel shifter, misleading as it is.

  • Not a fan of DLP but thats a pretty good price for a very decent projector

  • I purchased a refurbished Epson TW7100 recently from the Epson website for $1.5k. If you don’t mind looking out for one when it’s avail rather than this (seen a few in recent weeks but disappears quick).
    Can’t tell the diff between a brand new one vs the refurb one I got. Even smells new lol.

    • Nice price, great projector. Picked one up for $2100 new, but still no complaints.

  • just replaced my BenqW1070 lamp which cost $200, guess i have to wait for 1 more generation (6 years), if this lamp last as long as the original one. If i am going to upgrade, i probably need to replace my 6-7 years old receiver as well.

  • +1

    They need the quotes to make it a legal statement, it's True 4K only in the fact it can accept a signal.
    After many years of 120hz and 144hz gaming screens, I cannot stand DLP, everything is rainbows and 10 minutes in I'm reaching for a bucket to be sick in, add "pixel shifting" to that and it's a no thanks from me.

    Epson's LCD tech looks so much better than DLP, comes at a price, but I've had a $2500 EMP-TW2000 for close to 10 years now (2nd lamp) and the day it dies I will order another epson immediately.

    $4500, but you will not find a better unit anywhere than these https://www.selby.com.au/brands/epson/epson-eh-tw9400-home-t...

    • Rainbow effects doesn't happen to everyone, bad luck for you unfortunately

  • Surprised there is no mention of ultra short throw laser projectors in this thread. Anyone have experience with those? I have a Benq W1080ST and am looking to go laser 4K next.

    • Also looking at going with a short throw but not sure if they worth the price

  • I’m sure this is available for a little less with Costco,
    I was there last night but didn’t really pay attention.
    Anyone who is going to Costco , please check for the price of this item

  • Anyone have experience with change of mind returns at jb? Would like to check out if a projector would satisfy me for a planned media room or just go for a tv.

    • If a TV in your chosen size is available, then there isn't really any reason to choose a projector unless you want to watch movies with the "cinema effect".

      You use a projector because you need an image size that you can't produce reasonably with a TV 👍

    • +3

      A good projector setup is a different experience, bottom line.

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