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Zojirushi 480ml Insulated Mug in Black $35.11 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Local stock, free delivery with Prime.

Black only for the price.

Zojirushi's stainless steel vacuum insulation mug will keep your beverages hot or cold for hours. The compact design takes minimal space while maximizing capacity. Each flip lid is tightly fitted for excellent heat retention and features a safety lock to prevent accidental opening.

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    SlickSteel™ is created utilizing electropolishing technology

    What is this?

  • +4

    These work, left in the car all day on a 40 degree day and water was still ice cold

    • Or the otherway around, made coffee at 8am was still warm by 8pm.

  • +2

    They work too well - coffee is too hot to drink after a few hours

  • +7

    Can't comment on this brand in particular but I bought similar flasks from Contigo, I take a hot coffee into the office and it's still warm at 11am, my son takes his to school and still has ice in it at 4pm when I pick him up.

    To date ours are both still leakproof, if either one failed I would buy one again to replace it without any hesitation.

    edit: The contigo byron (709ml) is currently only $26 + free postage for prime members for anyone interested.


    edit: Dammit !!! I just bought two more to keep as spares.

    • -7

      11am? Pathetic.

      • +4

        For clarification, I leave for work at 6am, I drink milk based drinks and steam the milk by feel to around the suggested 55-65 degrees. I'm pretty impressed to have a hot brew 5 hours into the advertised 7 hours as 11am is the latest I recall ever finishing my coffee.

        Happy for you to suggest something better though if you can?

        • +1

          You're looking at it… (this deal)


          I realise that wired is probably not the most reliable source but there's a reason why Zojirushi is a cult classic among Ozbargainers.

        • -2

          Alright that’s not so bad.

          (Lighten up people)

    • +3

      I agree on the contigo. The Westllop was highly recommended on here a while back, and I grabbed one when on special. Looks like the black is 22.99 (https://www.amazon.com.au/Contigo-507511-Westloop-Autoseal-C...). Best travel mug I've ever bought.

      Zojirushi, however are highly reputable makers of anything. My inlaws have had their Zojirushi rice cooker for about 30 years and its name is the pinnacle of rice cookers.

      • +2

        I use the Westloop all day every day at work. It keeps my coffee hot for hours, which is handy because I'm in the type of job which can take me away from my desk at short notice on a frequent basis. Basically before getting the cup I would often end up drinking lukewarm coffee due to not having enough time to drink it all at one time.

        I'm also relatively clumsy and I can knock the cup over with no drops spilt :)

    • +1

      Contigo is really good, have two and will happily replace with Contigo as well.

    • I see a lot of reviews mentioning how it is spilling a lot with the leaky top. I'm a bit hesitant to get it even though it's cheaper and larger.

      • Those reviews are for other (lower priced) contiga flasks. The Westloop Autoseal gets very high praise for being leak proof.

  • Can anyone comment on the impact it has on taste?

    • I have a similar (see post above) flask and there is no discernible flavour at all that I can notice from either coffee or plain water, if you are putting anything into it other than plain water you will probably just need to make sure you give it a good wash including the spout mechanism.

      • The one you posted looks good. Does it happen to fit inside a standard car drink holder?

        • I think so, it fits a late model Mazda BT-50 and a late model Nissan X-Trail I can say for sure.

    • The inside of mine is painted white so no bare metal to affect the taste of anything. Although I drink tea a lot so the inside has stained so I imagine a similar thing happening with coffee. Very hard to remove the stains on the inside with a bottle brush. I just have to live with it.

      • I found the rubber nose inside the lid that seals the bottle opening is quite easy to grow mold, and very hard to get rid off. Can anyone suggest a good way to clean it?

        • +2

          Ah, I've tried scraping it off with a small sharp blade but it only removes the bumpy buildup on top and not the underlying stain. Seems impossible to clean. Hopefully it's just a sediment buildup of tea/coffee instead of mold.

          • @Jeffu: I only fill with water, no tea/coffee, so I think it's mold. Wonder if there is a spare part I can buy to replace it.

      • +1

        Fill with water, drop a dishwashing tablet (half one will do) and leave to soak, all the stains will lift and it’ll be back to new.

        • Denture cleaning tablets also work

  • Warning for this, I found the "spout" of the bottle a bit hard to fit ice cubes in, I went for the bigger camelbak instead in the end

    • Not an issue. Get a knife you don't really care about, and then cut the ice cubes by smacking it. I have large ice cubes though. It's not even a thing for me.

      • +1

        That is super inconvenient having an ice dispensing fridge. The crushed ice option still requires a rather large bottle opening.
        I am willing to give this a go tho.

  • How do there compare to Frank Green bottles?
    Stainless Steel looks good too at 37

  • How does this compare to the Yeti?

    • +1

      I have not used a Yeti, but I’ve also never come across anything better than Zojirushi, hot water is such a big part of Asian culture even the really cheap brands out of Asia is good.

  • Champagne Gold colour is available for $38.93 if you prefer other than black.


    • Stainless steel one for $37.23.

  • +2

    Way too many parts to clean.
    You’re better off going for a simpler design if you can live without a one hand open design.

  • +1

    I have 2 of these, top quality products. Using them for about 7-8 years now.

    • Does the rubber nose under the lid grow mold? Two of my Zojirushi bottles have the mold on the seal rubber nose, impossible to clean it.

      • +1

        No it doesn't, gets washed frequently though. It does stain long term since we use it for tea.

      • +1

        Mine does too. I soak it and clean it regularly but theres a black stain that cant be scrubbed off.

        Everything else i can clean including the mouthpiece.

  • +1

    I love these so much. So much better compared to the competitors.

  • +4

    Average price is 38.97

    Not a great deal

  • Despite the fact this isn’t a big discount, the design is great, I’ve had iced drinks in these still have solid ice after 24+ hours, mine is losing its external finish after 6 years of use, but still works fine.

  • Average price but decent for local stock, I guess.

    Bought the exactly one on a lightning deal 2 years ago for $26.

    It's still going strong. Insulated an icedrink on a hot day so well that my friend decided to buy one too.

  • As per reviews these are getting scratched easily. Wonder if stainless steel model is way to go?

    • I got the stainless steel one. Scratches might be less visible but they're still scratches. Honestly thinking of buying the painted model just to add personality

  • So what makes these better than the ones from Woolies https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/689576/sis... those go for 10 in promotion every few weeks.

    • I own one of those and was tempted by the price, They don’t hold heat or cold very well in comparison. Also very heavy in comparison. The Zojirushi one keeps ice cubes and water, ice cold at the end of the day (I brought it and waited in line for a concert on a hot summer day) and it keeps hot water, mildly hot at the end of the day ( 6-8 hrs), there will still be remaining heat after 10 hrs

      I’m not sure exactly what it is but what happens is the way the insulation is designed breaks down over time for a lot of these common metal “thermal” bottles sold at Woolies and Coles (just Aussie brands slapped on common quality goods). So the length of use for the Zojirushi bottle is way better cost per use/wear, because it 1) it retains temperature properly and 2) insulation doesn’t break down so quickly over time.

      Drinking hot water is like a huge health thing in Asian cultures and Zojirushi thermoses are seriously popular.

      White Aussies don’t really care about drinking hot water and tea and stuff, I think this is why a lot of common thermoses sold don’t insulate heat well.

      The Zojirushi one is very light, like half the weight of the woolies one, and like I said keeps temperature very well, I encourage you to try one, seriously.

  • -2

    Too much for me. I prefer one that is around $15.

    • +1

      I carry my water around in a sandwich bag, around 2c.

      But this is infinitely better…

  • +1

    Never can go wrong with a Japanese product. From design to quality…

  • .
    Usually $50+ for this…..today l bought a spare as they're so good 🙂

  • Just wondering - Zojirushi or the Contigo Byron Snapseal someone posted above: which would one get for a first timer? Just looking for a bottle to hold sports drinks, water, perhaps filter coffee down the line, basically thinking a standard 700ml bottle or thereabouts would be good (i intake a lot of fluids).

    Otherwise I get a normal flat white so probably fits whatever container size.

    My main question though are these all stainless steel inside? in terms of material and exposure to metals and the usual BPA etc. arguments of flasks - are these all made from materials that are safe/scientifically green lighted? Just curious for anyone in the know (I have no idea). Would love to get my first thermal flask if so!

    Any suggestions on which brand would be welcomed!

    • +2

      I can't comment on Contigo as I haven't used one.

      But between Zojirushi and Tiger, these 2 Japanese brands represent quality itself. You definitely would not go wrong with one.

  • +1

    Zojirushi is one of the best premium brand from Japan, you can't go wrong with their products.

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