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DeLonghi KG521M Coffee Grinder $149 Delivered @ David Jones


I missed this grinder from Amazon when it was on sale about 150 last time but have bought it at David Jones for $149.

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Still have mine in the box from the Amazon deal..

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    fairly mixed reviews for this…

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    Bought at about 80 from amazon deal and used it for a yr before selling. Not fine enough to make espresso.

    • Thanks for the heads up (re: espresso grind)

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    is this better than the breville smart grinder?

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      Depends on your needs.

      This is NOT even close to the capability of the Breville Smart Grinder pro when it comes to getting the fine ground coffee you need for most mid-high range espresso machines using non pressurised baskets.

      This is designed for pressurised systems like Delonghi's own Dedica Espresso machine.

  • Anyone know when we're getting some espresso machines on sale …. ?

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      Try online

  • I'm thinking of getting this for grinding coffee to put into reusable nespresso pods, will this machine to the trick with grinding?

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      Not fine enough to make espresso

      Seems no

  • Delonghi Magnifica S for $525, or a Bambino Plus and this for about the same price (or +$100 for Smart Grinder Pro)? Can’t decide.

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      This grinder won't work with the Bambino Plus with the unpressurised baskets (without modding the grinder).

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        Bambino plus only comes with a pressurised basket…

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          Most people searching for good espresso will use non-pressurised baskets even if the machine doesnt come with them as stock.
          The bambino is a pretty solid machine capable of producing espresso with an unpressurised filter on a budget, so I think the comment is fair.

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        My understanding is the Bambino comes with a pressurised basket, and they are a lot more forgiving when it comes to coffee ground size?

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          By default the bambino comes with pressurised baskets.
          You can swap them out for non pressurised ones for ~$15.

          Pressurised baskets are intended for pre ground coffee where the grind is generally coarser.
          They are also good for beginners as they are very forgiving and will get you (average) espresso in your cup most times.

          If you're going to the trouble of buying a dedicated grinder then do yourself a favour and buy the non-pressurised baskets.

          I'd also recommend the SGP it's a great grinder and you should be able to get one for $200 via an ebay 20% offer or similar.

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    FWIW This doesn't grind fine enough for an unpressurised filter basket. It will be okay for a pressurised basket (the single hole one)

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    Thanks. Got one!

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    This grinder can be modified to the fineness for a non pressurised basket as this YouTube https://youtu.be/aSuBrhZI-xY

    • Seems straight forward. Anyone tried this?

    • So basically what is being done here is removing the upper burr and putting in a couple of shims?

      That will work and is relatively easy to do .

      Worth noting that the early Breville Smart Grinder Pros also had an issue fine-ness adjustment and so Breville sent out a free shim kit to owners so that as the grinder loosened over time owners could install the shims to reset the grind to a finer level, as is being done in this video (although the BGS is much easier to pull apart).

      Now the BSG Pro has a tighter tolerance between the 2 burrs out of the box and comes with an adjustment mechanism on the upper burr so you can make adjustments over time without the need for a shim.

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