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[PC, Epic] Subnautica: Below Zero UA₴129 (~A$6.25) @ Epic Games Ukrainian Store (VPN Required)


Set VPN to Ukraine. Make account and follow usual steps.

Some banks may knock the transaction on the head but Amex verified okay.

Should work with other games too.

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    Worth it if you enjoyed Subnautica. Just went full retail, not many bugs I've found after 10 hours and 2 heart attacks.

    Don't forget to Manual save in game!

    • I've only really found 1 major bug and 1 thing that is kind of a bug but really effing annoying.

      1. Movement around the ramps in the moon pool. When you are trying to get in, get out, or maneuvre around a vehicle in the moon pool, you get kind of floaty-stuck. This is the same when trying to navigate around some of the man made land structures as well. I've had to use the secret menu a couple times to warp forward 1 metre to unstick myself.

      2. You can't really back the sea-truck up to join up the modules. You really have to get out of the sea truck and guide them on manually and if you do reverse into them and they don't attach, they take MASSIVE damage. Like, you can drive the sea-truck into walls at full pace, grind them against walls and objects, smash them into structures, dock them into the moon pool and have them forcefully detatch and they don't take damage but if you slowly reverse into them with the truck, BOOM, they're gone (or close to it).

  • if i made an account with Ukraine can i buy for my normal account i wonder?

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  • Wow, that's cheap. I bought it for Early Access (Steam) months ago, and Xbox recently.

    Not a bad game, but the first is a heck of a lot better. This one has too much land exploration, the water sections aren't as big/interesting, and the leviathans are… boring? Give me a Reaper any day of the week (or rather, not!).
    Still, there's a lot of good improvements, especially around base building and weather systems.

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      Below Zero is basically a DLC for the original, but a HUGE DLC. Also, yeah the Leviathan that i have found so far looks AWESOME but is just somehow meh by comparison.

      A huge part of it I think is that I really enjoyed the original and played it through multiple times and so the depths, the exploration, the ballsy way that I play the game has mitigated a lot of the original wonderment. I think if you never played SN and just bought BZ and played that, you'd have a very similar experience as those who payed SN first.

      I do like that you can play either without having played the other and can still enjoy it 100%.

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