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Mistel Barocco MD770 75% Split BT Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry Silver $149 + Delivery ($0 to Melb, Syd, Bris, Can) @ Mwave


Stumbled across this deal whist looking for a keeb for a friend but I've always been wanting to try a split mech. RRP 199. Free shipping for people in metro Syd, Melb, Bris and Canberra.

Only the Cherry MX Speed Silvers are on sale. Seems like a very good price for a split 75% Bluetooth keyboard.

Other non-BT split mechs are on sale for $126 (Cherry Blue or Red) - $132 (Cherry MX Red Silents) - https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?w=clearancesale&cnt=40...

More deets on the non BT version from taekeyboards - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSc2Ol2wEI

And a few leopolds for ~96-108 - https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?w=clearancesale&cnt=40...

Mistel Barocco MD770 RGB TKL Black Split Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry Silver - Split Keyboard design for ergonomics - PBT Double Shot Keycaps - Black Frame, Glaze Blue Two-Tone Keycap, Yellow Lettering - Connection: USB-C to USB-C (connect sides), USB-C to USB-A (PC) or Bluetooth - Polling Rate: 1000Hz - Key Number: 85 - Lithium Battery: 580mA - MD770-SUSPDBNB1 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

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    awesome deal, bought 100

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    I ordered one but it arrived snapped in half.

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    (working timing with BT: 8 days but no RGB lighting, Working time with BT and RGB lighting : 1 Hour)
    uhhhh what? Is it really 1 hour with BT and RGB lighting?

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      Looks like it - https://www.techpowerup.com/review/mistel-md770-barocco-rgb-...

      "… BT versions will use Bluetooth 3.0 with a 580 mAh lithium battery that should provide for 1–1.5 months of regular use without backlighting, which goes all the way down to 30–45 minutes with RGB lighting on at max brightness."

      • what muppet would want a keyboard with RGB that only lasts an hour, and that's best case scenario.

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    Why would anyone want a split keyboard? What's the use case for this device. I don't understand why would someone want this?

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      To some it up in one word. Ergonomics.

      To sum it up in a sentence. It's help avoid getting a repetitive strain injury. It's common if you're a desk jockey!

    • Used to have to tilt my head to the left a lot to drink my Mountain Dew, but this invention saved my neck AND I can still enjoy my drink.

    • I have 2 x these split keyboards. One at home and one at the office. Ergonomics is the key reason I have them. With this particular one compare to other split keyboards, if someone wants to type something at your desk, you can push them together and become a traditional keyboard again.

      Even for gaming at home, I just connect the left side of the keyboard to the computer without the right side, which means, my right hand which is controlling the mouse is much closer to the left. I find it more comfortable too.

      So yes, there are a few good reasons why a split keyboard can be useful.

    • Just adding to what others have said, if you touch type in the mainstream? way, left hand stays on the left side and right hand stays on the right side.
      I say mainstream, since I have seen a few people who types with their muscle memory and do not really follow the conventions which many people do talk about and types fairly fast as well.

      Hence why split is done in a certain way and you have a homing button on the keys f and j, and 5 on the numpad.

  • Anyone know where you can buy compatible (preferably cheap) wrist rests for the Mistel Barocco MD770?

    I'm ideally looking for an ergonomic silent red full keyboard (with numpad) with a budget of $200 but it doesn't seem to exist…

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      I genuinely think if you have someone who does wood work or cuts acrylic, it would not be that difficult to make a wrist rest out of off cut wood pieces from Bunnings.
      I got a full size wrist rest from China, but eh, that was more because I had other things I wanted to get from the vendor.

      • Yep, I considered that but honestly don't want to pay that much just for wrist rests

        • I think I paid around $30 for the wrist rest, I think if you go down the DIY route, it should cost less than that for sure.

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      I reckon this would kinda fit:

      (basically mouse wrist rests)

      • Nice! Didn't think of that. I'll take that into consideration :)

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