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Back Order: ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB GDDR6 $588.50 + Delivery (Free Pick up) @ Techbuy


not bad for todays price.
above of all, It's in stock.

Update: recent comments suggest that the item is on back order, with no estimated shipping date given by the retailer.

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    2x what it was at the start of the year
    remember when a 2060S was cheaper than this? i member

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      remember when a 2070S was cheaper than this? i member

      • Lol and I passed on those cause I figured a 3060 would be faster and cheaper


        • I was waiting for the 3060 too, now I'm stuck with my almost 6 year old GPU until the prices normalise.

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    Just… no.

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    Poverty spec at a premium price.

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    Is this a joke?

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      Pretty sure the jokes on us .

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    remember when the price was half, Pepperidge farm remembers…

  • so the price has started dropping?

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      Nah.. still up at Everest base camp

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    Seems stupidly high a price?

  • I’m in the market at 350.

    • I got the gigabyte 3 fan model for $330 last November from shopping express lmao. I was actually lucky

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    • Some scathing reviews there…
      "They list items they don't have in stock, then make you jump through hoops to get it back."
      "I think it's a scam considering other people are having the same issue - they basically borrow your money without your consent, until you can get it back."
      With reviews like that I wouldn't buy it even if it was $300…

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    This crap needs to be put in its own separate sub-subsection (Deals->Computing->GPU->Vomit Inducing Garbage Price But in Stock) for those that are desperate at the moment to PC game with no other option.

    Everyone else not in that situation can then filter this garbage stuff out while not missing notifications for the slight chance of a decent deal trickling through one day. This is Oz’Bargain’ for heavens sake

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    Crypto crashing, prices will drop as market gets flooded with GPUs

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      We can only hope 👍

    • +1

      Fingers crossed. Hopefully the miners all lose enough money in the process to never want to mine again.

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      People were calling price drop back in Dec/Jan…look at it now… worse. The shortage is predicted to go through to 2022. Miners are saying they will still buy new Nvidia LHR cards since ETH 2.0 will come out and nerf all ETH mining for good (better job than NVidia can do) but miners will just mine different coins other than ETH. GPU shortage will go through to 2022 sadly :(. Dont forget scalpers dont care if a card can mine or not, they just want to scalp so they will still pump prices :(

  • lol…paid this price for the RTX 2070 two years ago

  • -1

    Alternatives? This actually seems like a good ATM

  • 2060 supers are back in stock in most stores but they are listed for 800-900+

  • just to think I sold my 2080ti for $700 … fffffuuuu

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    Unfortunately I needed to buy one - not because of gaming but because of video editing. Really silly prices at the moment, though…

  • Mine was $299… lol

  • This is a great price given most of these cards are going for about $800-900 now :) I wish I saw this earlier as I got a Gigabyte on Amazon for $850 on the weekend :(

    • are you serious? pay 850 for 1660?

    • There is one sucker right there XD

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    Placed an order two days ago, and just got an email:

    The ASUS TUF-GTX1660S-6G-GAMING Video Card - 6GB, GDDR6, (1815MHz OC Mode/1785MHz Gaming Mode), 1408 CUDA Cores, 192-bit, DVI-D, HDMI, HDCP 2.2, PCI E has been placed on back order with the distributor, currently they have no confirmed ETA for this item.
    As this delay may be a problem for you, please advise if you would like to wait for this item, or modify your order.

    insert angry face…..

  • No… if they were selling these for $300 maybe there'd be less anger about not being able to get real cards for under 1k.

  • Holy crap. And I thought I got ripped off paying $370 for a Gigabyte in August when the MSI was $299 a few months later. What happened within 7 months!? I thought demand was high in late 2020.

    It runs Microsoft Flight Sim on full settings surprisingly well.

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