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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker (Global Version) US$36.99 (~A$48.01) Delivered @ Banggood


Great price for the new released Mi Band 6 (Global Version). Selling for around $70 on eBay and Mi-Store. I believe this is the cheapest ever.

  • Fullscreen 1.56" display
  • AMOLED display
  • SpO₂ tracking
  • 30 fitness modes
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 14-day extra-long battery life
  • Magnetic charging
  • 50m water resistance

Ships from Hong Kong warehouse (~2 week delivery). Limited stock.

Apply coupon code: BGe54404 at checkout

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  • -3

    Still no google pay on these?

    • +8

      Who said there would ever be?

      • Noone but there have been NFC models, it's just that Chinese NFC is different to the Western NFC. I would love GPay on one but accepted it's a very long way away.

      • The fact that they have NFC and payment options in the china versions gives me the impression it could be done.

    • +1

      No; but WeChat pay is a possibility eventually.
      If it can show a QR code, a phone can scan it!

  • Thanks OP, bought 2

  • Cheers OP, got one each for fiance and I :)

  • Had 2 old versions, now I don't feel worth the money.

  • I have Amazfit 5. I think about the same features.

  • +1

    FYI, I've been using it since a month now. It is a good band for value but the battery life is about 4 days if you turn all features on like sleep monitoring, sleep breath monitoring, continuous heart rate monitoring and stress monitoring. Still not bad considering that it charges quickly.

    • Only 4 days with everything turn off…….thats not good. My MiBand 4 gets me close to a month with sleep tracker on.
      So how long do you get with those turned on?

      • +3

        Read dealbreaker85's post again.

        battery life is about 4 days if you turn all features on

    • Ah that's a shame. I have the Band 4 model and that thing keeps going for a month between charges.

      Edit Borg beat me to it lol

      • So you misread like me. Glad that I was not alone :-)

        • +2

          Both of you should have gone to Specsavers. 😂

    • I have all that stuff on and it's well over a week for me.

      • I have set the frequency for heart rate monitoring every 5 mins. What's yours?

    • I get about 4 days as well with the same stuff on but when I turned off all heart rate and spo2 I still got about 5 days.

  • Got one too, thanks OP!

  • Has anyone managed to connect this to a Wahoo Bolt for live display of HR in the Bolt while bike riding?

  • Thanks OP kept missing previous deals and jumped on this one. Bought 2 :)

  • thanks op bought 1

  • Does this work nicely with iPhone? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Using with my IPhone 12 pro max and have had no issues.

  • +1

    Worth the upgrade from the Mi Band 4?

    • I've had a band 5 for a year and I'm upgrading.

  • -1

    That’s the difference with the non-global version?

    Also can’t seem to find the box to enter the coupon code. Can anyone plz help?

    • during checkout, enter it in Discounts/Coupons section. It brings the price down to $US32.66

      • Thanks vrsac. Does that apply to PayPal payment too?

        • I haven't bought it, however, the next step after entering coupon is selecting a payment method, so, maybe.

        • +1

          Yes, discount code worked for me for PayPal.

  • +1

    Good price, but no local warranty. Had Mi Bands in the past and had to throw them away when went faulty, within warranty period.

    • +1

      any issues with aftersales / warranty, contact: [email protected]

      or can pm @banggood rep on ozb

      • -3

        In order to properly address my concern, you should provide a full warranty statement and how RMA process would work.

        • +1

          In my experience, they just refund you or offer to send a replacement. One just selects the item from purchase history and make a claim. Include all info and pics etc.

        • they now have a [return/repair] option under "my orders". pretty sure thats the official RMA process - alternative would be email

          warranty info here - varies depending on product

          • +3

            @skido: https://www.banggood.com/help_center/question_category.html?...
            After 180 days from shipment
            All warranty requests will be rejected after 180 days from shipment.

            So, 6 months warranty with a following clause:
            "we will cover the return shipping fees based on the shipping receipt you will provide only if these charges are worth less than US$40"

            Considering that advertised price before you apply the coupon is more than $US40, you'd have to cover return shipping fees (unless you claim it from Paypal). Not worth the trouble, unless you don't care about any warranty. This is cheaper than Australian price for a very good reason: no Australian consumer protections are available.

            • @vrsac:

              "we will cover the return shipping fees based on the shipping receipt you will provide only if these charges are worth less than US$40"

              The price of the item is more than US$40 but the shipping charges are less than US$40.

            • +1

              @vrsac: double check it carefully. That is referring to return shipping costs. They will cover a max of US$40 for return shipping.

              The items price isn’t taken into consideration here. Though for small value items like these, most times they’ll just refund or replace without asking for it back

    • I had 3 Mi bands in the past, but all of them managed to pop out of the band somewhere in public.

  • -1

    What’s the difference with the non-global version? Saw that non-global version a bit cheaper.

    • global version comes with multi-language options and English packaging.

      Chinese version comes with only English or Chinese language option, Chinese packaging, and has NFC (only for Alipay though)

      • Thanks skido

        So the Chinese version is a better go if we not using other languages?

        • +2

          the NFC feature can't be used outside of china I believe

          if you're looking at aliexpress, note that they take extra 10% for GST in checkout. This current deal should be lowest price among them all including Chinese versions, from when I checked last night

  • Pretty sure the coupon is now expired,

    "This coupon can only be used 100 times." when trying to apply it.

    • +3

      added 50 more

  • Battery life just keeps getting worse and worse on these. The original was like 40+ days. The 4 is 20+. The 5 was 15+. This is now like 10+. Wrong way Xiaomi.

    • +1

      You can't have it all! There's always some sacrifice somewhere that needs to be made. More features, bigger and better screens, smaller form factors, these all lead to higher battery consumption. Anyway, 10+ days is still pretty great in my opinion!

    • +1

      im happy to charge it every week

      it gives me most smart watch functions that always require daily charges

  • what's the band size like? looking for a smart watch for the kids

    • +2

      FWIW, my Miband 4 is slightly too big for my 5yo.

  • I'm looking to upgrade my Mi Band 3, from what I read the Huawei Band 6 sounded better than the Mi Band 6. Is the only pro for the Xiaomi the customisable watch faces and better software experience in general? (and cost too considering this deal I guess)

  • "This coupon can only be used 150 times."

    Coupon not working anymore.

  • Are these guys any good as a watch for running? All I really want is current pace and total distance. some sort of interval feature would also be nice…

    • -1

      No. It's a pedometer. You probably want a watch with GPS.

  • Mine arrived today, pretty close to the 2 weeks actually.

    • Mine is still listed as 'processing' and 'expected to ship 2 June'. Useless!