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PlayStation 5 Bundle with 2 Controllers - Disc $859.90, Digital $709.90 Delivered @ Sony Australia


Sony has PS5 bundles back in stock.

Might want to get in quick if you want one

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Sony Australia
Sony Australia

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  • PS5 Disc + 1 Controller $859.90
    PS5 Digital + 1 Controller $709.90

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    Ordered one , thanks OP

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    Digital version is gone.

    • If your in Victoria its worth asking Ebgames stores. There was digital ps5 in the chapel St store maybe two weeks ago. The bloke there reckons they aren't selling too well.

      • Probably because theres nothing to play on them yet

        • Talked to a guy in EB 3 days ago and they said Digital preorders were still available with delivery buy at least the end of July. They are no longer taking orders for the disc version.

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    Thanks mate. Finally got one!!!!

  • Ordered one, thanks =)

  • OOS both consoles now

  • Got one, I think. The email says my order is being reviewed so fingers crossed.

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    This could actually be the way to sell them to put off scalpers as I think it's less likely they would want to buy a console with dual controllers.

  • I thought I got email because I Preregister for it:p
    Anyway grabbed one luckily…

  • Waiting for the 2nd version. Meanwhile this one still sold out ….

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        err.. current CPU is 7nm not 5nm. The new version is a die shrink

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    I had one in my basket but then it said no stock when I went to check out!
    Not impressed that it doesn't stay in your basket once you start the order.
    Oh well.

    • they most likely had 10 or 20 in stock and then you have serveral 100 people tryingn to get one.

      some people are siting on those sites full time 24 for 7 just waiting for stock and then buy everything and puting it on ebay.

      there is little to no chance, unless you lucky.

      • Really they put it on Ebay .
        Must be Amateur's who don't like big margins :)

        • they have a deal going right now 5 sales $0 fees and since ebay doesn't use paypal any more for seller payment you have no fees and 100% profit So yeah they would be doing it on ebay more than ever right now.

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            @kungfuman: Selling on ebay isn't free - the % paid under ebay Managed Payments is fairly similar for sellers compared to using Paypal in the past.

            • @CaptainHoltisDad: I didn't say it was free but as I said Ebay are currently offering a promo for 5 free sales with no
              fees. they do this a few times in the year to drum up business.

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                @kungfuman: "since ebay doesn't use paypal any more for seller payment you have no fees and 100% profit" - this implies there are no fees due to moving away from Paypal…

  • I signed up and registered for it. I just noticed that I got the email from Sony.

    I actually got one on Amazon yesterday by fluke. I added the disc version to a Wish List and then randomly checked it, and by chance yesterday afternoon it was in stock. It took several attempts to add to the cart and I nearly gave up, but after the eighth attempt, it worked. When I had finished the purchase it was out of stock again.

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      Your username should be "con-fuzor" because you seem to be confused by this deal.

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    Even Sony is bundling now. Yeesh.

  • oof, that's pretty scummy of Sony to tack on the 2nd controller…

  • JB HIFI at World Square has stock preordered last Monday 17th May and it was ready for pickup on Friday 21st May

  • I wonder how long the PS5 shortage is going to drag on for

  • Anyone want to sell the second controller for $60, please pm!

  • How long it takes for Sony Au to ship the order? Anyone got shipping details?

    • My order still needs to be confirmed. Has anyone got their orders approved? Shipped?

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        I got a confirmation email about half an hour ago. Fingers crossed the shipping one comes today too

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          Got the confirmation also. Awaiting shipment..

          • @pete69: Got shipping confirmation as well. Awaiting shipment.

            Please update if any of you gets it as well.


            • @MXsoul: Mine has been shipped a few hours ago. Sadly via startrack but hey, I've waited months so what's another week

              • @hambuger: Mine shipped as well. Got tracking number yesterday.

                EtA is Monday 31st at the moment.

  • Got mine today :) who wants to play?

  • What’s a great multiplayer game?

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