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20% off Plex Lifetime Pass (A$127.99) @ Plex.tv


20% off RRP$159.99
Apparently it is a 24 hour sale but not really sure how long it is going to be up for due to international time zones. Please note that this is often sold at 25% off but I thought I'd post it up in case someone wanted it now.
The key thing is that this is NOT TARGETED so you do not need to wait in hope of a random email being sent to you.

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    I found that by logging in to the Plex website, looking around the buy Plexpass page, adding the life time membership to cart…. Then wait a few minutes and close the page, you might get sent a $99 or less offer in a week or so.

    Did it recently and got the $79.95 offer. And a mate got a slightly different offer, I think $89. It might be a coincidence, but it has appeared to worked at least twice. Just takes a week or two or three if it's going to work.

    Might be worth a try if you're not in a rush. And I don't guarantee it lol

  • thanks - got this to add to my synology 918+

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    Waited 2 years for an opportunity for mine (some time ago) if you are in the fence (and will use it), just do it.

  • I got this a while back, but I don't think I've used a single feature unlocked by the pass.

    What are people using it for?

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    Got into Plex around 2010, and was so impressed by how easy it made everything I bought it as soon as it moved out of freeware.

    Pass gives you

    DVR functionality (with blessed add skip!)
    Free Apps for Android and Apple
    Parental control functionality through the apps
    Mobile sync (Android, Apple, windows, tablet, phone, computer) it just works! perfect for a long road trip for the whole family with their portable libraries.
    Hardware acceleration streaming - make that NAS sing for its supper! Includes Bandwith and transcoding limits and controls.
    Camera upload and sync (nice alternative to google photos) really useful tagging system
    Premium music including lyrics
    and more, and always adding new stuff
    In addition to all the goodness in free.

    Constant updates across all different ecosystems, I used to run it on an old windows machine, but now have it and my libraries on a NAS.
    Honestly, one of the best pieces of software I have ever purchased. Definitely a zero regrets piece of software that has given me a solid decade of service and I fully expect it to be one of the first things installed in any new system.

    • Biggest benefit for me is the Mobile Sync. When traveling I just load up on what I want to watch on the various devices I have and just stream onto my Chromecast at the hotels I stay in. If there are any particular shows that I wanted to watch that I missed out on, I can just either stream it straight to the Chromecast or download it first from a free WiFi location first.
      I also love that they are dedicated to improving the software month after month. This even includes recommended electronic TV Guide calendars for AU for those who have a TV box connected to their PC.
      I didn't know about camera upload and sync but looks good.

      • I read alot of android users having issues with sync. Ios user don't seem to have issues

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    can we download movies off Plex media? or do we still have to download movies off piratebay?

    • You can download off your own server or a mates server if they turn on that functionality for you.
      I consider this Netflix for home.

      • you mean Plex creates a server for you to download all the new movies? (sorry a bit confused)

        • Plexcreates the server, you just point to a TV or Movie folder and say 'share'.

  • Be aware, one of the most useful (in my opinion) features, Camera Upload, is being discontinued from Plex next month - https://forums.plex.tv/t/important-info-about-camera-upload-...

    Full disclosure though, I already own a Plex Pass and have been generally happy with it, although they are starting to stray a lot more towards the offering streaming services rather than managing and working with your own media.

    • can i use this to transfer video and photos for my wedding clients?

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        As in, use it as a public site for clients to see their videos and photos that you've edited for them? You could probably make it work that way, in that you can share certain parts of your library with other Plex users, but it's definitely not intended for that purpose. For a start you'd have to get each client to create a Plex account before they could access anything. I'd say there are much better options out there that are designed specifically for this purpose that would give a much better customer experience.

  • I have had Plex for quite some time now and have to say it is one of the best purchases you can make if you are able to get the $100 deal.

    The movies it offers are not that great but nice to have and the mobile sync works a treat. Unfortunately my TV tuner is not compatible and the app does not play nicely with older TV models. (my friend has a 1st gen Samsung smart TV)

    I don't use the music feature since Ozbargain introduced me to YouTube music but would definitely recommend Plex. This and a solid lifetime VPN are great purchase choices in my book.

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      Every time Plex comes up for sale people say this, i think well i should get it if its so great and then check their website and just dont see the point of Plex.

      This year is no different, i still dont see the big attraction.

      • The main unadvertised use of Plex is to play locally downloaded Movies and TV shows (usually from the high seas). I use it in combination with Sonarr and Radarr to automatically grab them when they release, and it's awesome.

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          Yes that's probably why i struggle to see the value in it, i haven't bothered downloading movies since the Limewire days. I have a smart TV with Foxtel, Stan, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and free to air TV. Between all that content i dont have a need to download files.

          • @LowRange: Personally I don't see the value in paying for all those subscriptions when there's an easy automated solution in Sonarr/Radarr/Plex that also provides higher quality material.

            • @BeerCrisp: It's not so much value as ethics. Of course free stuff is better value. Like if I took your TV instead of buying one :p

              But I totally agree that "4k" on streaming services is a scam given the low bitrate quality you receive. But of course.. you can always buy such stuff on disc. Which is how I do it.

  • FYI guys, the 24 hours is probably going to finish soon so if you want to get this offer I would suggest you do it now. Otherwise wait and hope for a 25% discount in the near future but to be honest, if you are already paying the monthly subscription, then that 5% difference is not going to be much.

    • can i use this to transfer video and photos for my wedding clients?

      • Only if your clients purchase a monthly subscription or lifetime. Otherwise they can only watch it.

    • FYI I have removed the expiry date on this deal as it seems to still be active.

  • Thanks OP, was waiting for this for a long time!

  • Just use jellyfin for free. But maybe Plex does stuff jellyfin can't?

    • It does. But you can use Plex for free too. There are other options and for some people even better options. But it's pretty slick, even if there are popular requested, easy-to-implement features that are nearly a decade since they were requested in the Plex forums and still not implemented (like better handling of multiple versions of content).

      Plex Pass is something you buy after you're happy with Plex and you want the few things you need it for and you like it better than the free options. It's not something you cold-buy a lifetime pass for.

      • Hmm I'll have to do more research on whether it has something I want. Cheers

  • I like the idea of Plex, and I've purchased a lifetime pass, but I find it horrible for managing my music collection. >1200 CDs (thanks Vinnies), and it absolutely cannot comprehend the idea of sountracks or compilations, of which I have about 200. I have one (1) "Best of Sting & the Police" CD, which is given equal standing to the "Various Artists" artist with hundreds of CDs behind it. On the phone app it takes a good 6 seconds and 8 or 9 swipes to get down to "T" because there are no index letter shortcuts etc.

    So poor UX. "Random" play is also notoriously buggy (check out their forums!).

    Unfortunately I feel their attention is on the streaming/providing content side - they haven't really innovated or improved in the "collection" space in years, as far as I can tell.

    I've got a lot of use out of it because it's… there, but I'll probably try out JellyFin soon, or just write my own service.

    One man's opinion…

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