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Logitech G512 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard - $139 Shipped @ Microsoft


Posting a deal for the first time, let me know if I missed something !!

Saw this while I was searching for a mechanical keyboard. Microsoft store has if for AUD $139 while Officeworks has it for AUD$199. With Officeworks price match and 5% discount it should be down to AUD$132.

Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/logitech-g512-carbon-tacti...

Officeworks : https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/logitech-g...

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    Excellent keyboard and a good price, well done!

    You can't list price match as the deal though, so change the price in the title to the Microsoft Store price and it all looks grand to me.

    The extra info about the Officeworks is an appreciated addition in the description though.

    Also available through Microsoft eBay Store

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      Thanks for the help :D

  • is this considered a quiet keyboard?

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      It's using GX brown switches so no, not really quiet by any means. There's still a tactile bump and while they aren't supposed to have a click, they still make a sound when they bottom out (i.e pressed all the way in).

      If you want something quiet maybe consider something with scissor switches, like Logitech MX Keys. You can still buy one for $157.10 @ LogitechShop ebay

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      Hell no, I used to work in an office with a guy that had one, 2 cubicles away, sounded like he was punching a typewriter.

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    The Gamesmen seem to have this for a bit cheaper at $119.95 + Shipping (free local pick up, Penshurst NSW)

    They also have a few other logitech things on sale too.

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      Thanks for this mate, I got OW to price beat Gamesmen + delivery, still works out cheaper than price beating MS.

  • Looks like a decent keyboard. My favourite keyboard to date is the WASD Cherry MX White I purchased a few years ago, excellent build quality and nice backlighting, was very expensive though, I also have a MX Master Pro keyboard, which I find is decent but lacking quality (also quite expensive), wonder how the quality of this one stacks up?

  • How does the G512 compare to a Razer Blackwidow Elite? I've been considering Razer yellow or orange switches but can't make my mind up.

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    Also on ebay from Gamesmen for $133.95.
    Can use code PPSS1 for $10 off, or an ebayplus 10% off code PLUSES10 to bring it down to similar pricing if you live too far from Penshurst

    • This keeps getting better. By this rate, we might find it in a sub 100 range by the end of the next day :D

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    I bought this keyboard awhile back. Top notch so far. My only grip is that the Uppercase numbers ([email protected]#$%) are printed and not backlit.

  • I had G613 failed in a year and ghosting and double type on 5 keys. Went with Leopold and happy so far.

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      Be fair, Romer-G switches does have bad reputations with chattering, and this one doesn't use Romer-G.

    • which leopold did u buy?

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