Cordless Stick Vacuum for Hardwood (Bamboo) Floors

Hi guys, any recommendations for a cordless stick vacuum for hardwood (bamboo) floors? Would like to keep price under $300.



    • Its a pretty small dustbin

      • That's no good

      • Can't have them all really. You might want to get a pricier dyson then if the small dustbin is an issue.

      • +3

        Luckily you can empty it and use it again.

  • +3

    I don't have hardwood floors…just tile, lino and carpet.
    But I can honestly say, of all the s**t I've bought off Ozbargains over the years…The item I'm most happy with is my V9 Dreame stick- vac..I would definitely recommend my family/friends to buy one…possibly the newer models are better but for under $300 you can't go wrong.

    • I bought this recently in one of the eBay promos, we've got tiles, carpet and floorboards and it works great! We do have a reasonably small house though (2 bedrooms, 2 living areas, and kitchen/dining) and it JUST does the whole house on a single charge if I zoom through daily, but if it needs a good clean, doing skirting boards and windows etc, I need to do it in a few charges or get the corded Dyson out…

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