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Samsung A30 Wi-Fi Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock $397.95 (was $569) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Coming in over $51 cheaper than the last sale, Amazon have the Samsung SHP-A30 for $397.95 as part of their mid-year sale (30% off the normal price of $569).

If you're quick you may be able to price beat at Bunnings also for $358.15 before they drop their price.

  • Fingerprint, pin pad and mobile app access
  • Unlock your door from anywhere in the world via a smart phone
  • Invite friends or family to your home via the free smart phone app, they can then unlock the door remotely, adjust settings and send access to others
  • Create and send PIN codes via the app with temporary time restrictions
  • Receive real time arrival notifications when a family member unlocks your door and view an activity log of up to 30 entries
  • Easily install this lock into your current deadbolt door lock, just follow the instructional video to complete this DIY install

Full specs

Also available are the SHP-DP609 and SHP-DR708 mortise locks for $702.45 and $789.

If you don't need fingerprint access or mobile connectivity, or can make use of a ZigBee connection the Lockwood T-Lock may do the job as a much cheaper alternative, still available for $119.50 or $109.50 with eBay Plus.

For the Home Assistant users, the Samsung A30 does not integrate that easily. It uses it's own app "Samsung Smart Doorlock" which while it works fine standalone, the system doesn't offer any API to integrate. It is possible however, as you can link the lock with SmartThings and integrate that with Home Assistant. The downside is the SmartThings API requires an internet accessible Home Assistant (or Nabu Casa subscription) to work, and as far as I can tell only offers basic lock/unlock service, no identification of which fingerprint or code was used to unlock, temporary codes etc that are available in the Smart Doorlock app. I haven't gone so far as to open my Home Assistant to the world to try it.

I do have both the A30 and T-Lock though so any questions feel free to ask.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • who can help install this?

  • +3

    I don't have $397.95 worth of things to protect.

    • +1

      Not even your life???

    • +2

      Yea, you will need a house, and a door to really benefit from this. You could buy it and then one day when you have a door, you could put it on.

      • Hahaha , exactly the situation I'm in at the moment. About to break ground next week. Don't have a house or door yet but will have……in 150 working days time… :)

        This or Schlage Connect????

        • IMO it depends entirely on appearances. I don't like the appearance of the Schlage, and not sure how the app goes. Samsung app is very good. I ended up going the samsung SHP-DR708 due to appearance and use case (I didn't want a handle and a deadlock separately as it's a new build ready in 60 days!)

  • Can you install these on french front door as well?

    • Don't see why not. Do you have an existing deadlock?

      • Yeah, a deadlock that can only be opened with a key from both inside and outside.

  • How is this different to the more expensive models? They all look to have fingerprint and smart phone access?

    • If you are comparing to the other two Samsung models in the post, they are mortise locks and also have NFC and mechanical key access.

  • Anyone know if it can integrate to home assistant?
    Although being wifi rather than zigbee, Iā€™d imagine the battery will drain faster

    • Check the bottom of the post re HA

  • Are these able to be locked to not open from the inside?

    • No you can always turn the lock on the inside, so not really what I'd call a real deadbolt. You can only set privacy mode to disable unlocking from outside.

  • Does this just open as you walk up to it with your phone in pocket, like a tesla? Thanks

    • +1

      Nope, fingerprint, PIN or manual unlocking with app required

      • I got the Lockwood T-Lock so I'll install that one for now. Pin is ok. :)
        No more keys in my life then.

        • The T-Lock is good, quite like it. I use it on the door from garage into house.

          Samsung is on front door, kids only just started walking home from school by themselves and didn't want them to have keys to lose, or PINs for others to see over their shoulder so fingerprint was the go.

          I guess if you integrate the T-Lock into Home Assistant or similar you could achieve auto unlocking doors with presence detection.

          My next step is to automate it so when the roller door opens and wife or myself are detected present HA will automatically unlock the T-Lock into the house.

  • +1

    Been looking at this for a few weeks. Bunnings price beat cheers OP!

  • What if the battery dies? How do you open the door?

    • There're two pins at the bottom of the front plate for you to place a 5V battery. The 5V battery will power the door so you can open it with your PIN or fingerprint. I think this is the same for all samsung locks.

      • By 5v you mean 9v of course ;)

        Also for it to get to that point means you likely ignored the low battery warnings it gives you (from 30% remaining I think)

        • I stand corrected! šŸ˜ƒ

  • this is in stock again, any one have issues with bunnings price match policy?

    • I saw a post about an updated policy to only match if available for collection or same day delivery.

      Seems still depends on the staff at the time, some are not so thorough about it so can only try and try again.

      • Thank you for this, it's very helpful!

  • Looks like price for Samsung SHP-DP609 is now back to $899. https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-SHP-DP609AS-EN-Biometric-M...

    • Yep all back to normal price it seems

  • the sun is always shinning at my front door, any issues for long term users?

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