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Victorinox Swiss Classic Steak & Tomato Knife (11cm) $0 Delivered @ House and Beauty eBay


Free Victorinox knives, should be other sellers you can grab it from too but this one had all the colours and worked for me.

Paring knife

Serrated Paring knife

Original Coupon Deal

Edit: Sold out, swapped to another listing, check out the sellers other items for more listings or here thanks to tcoates.

Edit: Restocked.

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  • Code Expired: You already applied this code to an order.

  • +14
    • Worked for me. Thank you.

    • Thanks!

  • said it once, i'll say it again.. these are deadly sharp

    • Yup, they sure do bite if you're not careful.

    • Zzzzz

  • +3

    damn i shouldve done this one instead of the usb cable.

  • Thanks, got one!

  • +1

    Keep getting this error "Something went wrong with this payment option. Please try again, or select a different payment option."

    Now its saying order must be at least $1.

    • Maybe you have another ineligible item on your cart?

      • Nope.

  • Wow I got one!!!

  • +15

    waiting for a better deal

  • Can't use the code more than once :(

  • Worked! Thanks.

  • Legend OP thanks!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Perfect, the dog chewed the handle of one, and I needed to replace it.

    I can vouch for their sharpness - I took a nice slice out of my finger the first time I used one!

    • +9

      At least your dog knew which end was which

      • Savage.

      • +1


    • I've cut myself multiple times - they are very sharp!

  • i cant get this to work

  • Thanks got a pairing knife for free :)

  • Just change payment method to AfterPay and it works. Thanks OP

  • Got a blue one

  • +1

    Got a yellow one

  • "Bought" a paring knife; have I signed up for anything, or given my contact details to AfterPay?

  • I bought a serrated tomato knife a while ago and have a few small scars to prove how sharp these are.

    Don’t throw them in the sink to be washed. They go through your flesh like a hot knife through butter.

  • Got one thanks op

  • +2

    So I checked out by clicking afterpay but I don’t have afterpay?

    Hope it works haha

    • +1

      Same, lets see what happens :)

    • +1

      Me too! I don't have afterpay and don't even like the idea of it

      • Same here, mine seemed to work. I got my order all confirmed!

  • Got one thanks. Missed out from Amazon the last few times.

  • +1

    how can you say no to free!

  • Got one finally. Thanks OP

  • Only yellow color left. Got one. Thanks OP

  • So sharp haiyaaaaa

  • “code can’t be applied to your order”.

    Some help here please? Thanks

    • Change payment to after pay, worked for me.

      • I did that but still not working.. thanks tho

  • Thanks OP!

  • OK, someone explain to me what makes a knife specifically a Tomato Knife?

    But thanks OP, ordered

    • +2

      A tomato knife is a small serrated kitchen knife designed to slice through tomatoes. The serrated edge allows the knife to penetrate the tomatoes’ skin quickly and with a minimum of pressure without crushing the flesh. Many tomato knives have forked tips that allow the user to lift and move the tomato slices after they have been cut.


      • Someone wrote a Wikipedia article on that? Man, some people have too much time.

        • +4

          If someone needed to ask the question, people provide answers.

  • Got 2 before they went OOS

    Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Tomato knife gang

  • Now this is a deal.

  • +1

    3 eBay account - 3 set of pairing knife 🔪🔪🔪

    • I did the exact same thing 😂

    • I think I just checked out as a guest (don't recall signing in, but maybe it defaulted to that)

    • ebay not allowing me to order from diffrent account .. IT says : You already applied this code to an order. :(

      • try going incognito

        • tried.. still says the same. Tried address change and name change.. still the same

          • @angos: check in as a guest

            • @pentole: Tried.. IT says the same error. Do we need new address or phone or email ??

          • +1

            @angos: mobile data from phone guest login

  • Thanks OP! Worked for me.

  • If you are looking for another listing (lots of colours): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111497315460?fbclid=IwAR3fufy7sZ...

  • Please check your payment details or use a different payment option.

  • Got one. Thanks op

  • Got one, thanks OP. (paring, not serated)

  • This code cannot be applied to your order :/

    (I've selected after pay as the payment method)

  • Serrated OOS

    • +1

      There are seperate listings for individual colours, just look in the store. Also at a different store posted above.

      • +1

        Thank you got one :)

  • trying to get one, code works but wont check out
    We noticed a problem. Please review: your items.

  • Do you get charged at all if you select afterpay when the total comes to $0.00

    • Good question!

      Just have to remember to go in every fortnight and pay $0

    • If it was not 0.00 you'd be directed to Afterpay site to pay. Seems like you just get them for free.

      • which i did, but i think you can only get one per account it seems

        • +1

          No one said you can't have more than one account

  • Can you just keep doing this for each item and never get charged?

    • Nope. One and done.

    • -1

      I checked out as guest and bought 2. Just needs different email address.

      • Thanks, did this too. Let's see if they both arrive.

      • I received an email about one of my orders saying that the payment didn't go through, it wouldn't let me use the code again so looks like I'm only getting 1. Oh well, how many tomatoes can you cut at one time?

        • Both of my orders got confirmed. Maybe it’s because the seller keeps changing the listing.

          • @me1stt: Maybe, or maybe I did it wrong. I got the confirmation of the one I ordered as "guest" but the one through my profile got blocked. Either way I can't be bothered trying again, one is enough for me :)

  • This is brilliant. thanks op!

  • Cheers got one

  • +3

    Thanks OP, love free stuff but this is better than most free deals as it's actually useful!

  • Thanks!

  • Got one! Thank you OP

  • Got this. Thanks OP

  • Thanks, only had Pink but hey its free ( Paring knife from ebay link ). Edit should have gone to the house and beauty site they had more colour options

  • Thanks OP ;)

  • Thanks OP

  • Im so dumb took me 3 tries to understand you need to select after pay as payment.

    Didn't want to select after pay as thought you need an account/ credit check.

    But as its zero dollars it just goes through.

  • +2

    party over? need to have a minimum now

  • +3

    I get "We can't apply this code until you reach the minimum order total." 🤷‍♂️

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