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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphone $299 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Some might argue it is not as good as last gen but better to be quick if you want one.

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    • Only silver available now, black sold out.

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        Black still available

  • Wait…why is this not better than the xm3s??

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      probably due to aptx but this has bluetooth 5 which is pretty impressive.

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      Missing aptx but AAC is still pretty good for music listening. They will just have a higher latency vs the XM3 due to the lack of Aptx. Depending on use case (ie. gaming) it can be noticeable.

      • i have the XM4 and I notice it sometimes when watching TV (LG 2020 model tv). It seems to get slower (latency increases) till I reset it. but for music its fine

    • Slightly worse (4dB) noise reduction than XM3 measured in some reviews.

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      Mate read 7 different true reviews (soundguys, what-hifi, host of others) and you'll get 7 different answers as to features and preferences. MOST do seem to say XM4 are better.

      If you have Android, the LDAC sounds as good or even better than AptX I've found. Yes, SBC/AAC aren't "high quality" but the new AI does an awesome job to rectify for great sound no matter what codec.

      The people who prefer the XM3s generally need AptX or prefer out of the box more consumer friendly sound (apparently the bass is like 5db stronger on the XM3s - more natural sound on the XM4)

      I have XM3 and am upgrading to XM4 because I want multi-device, I like the fact they pause when you remove them from your head, and that chat function seems pretty cool. I generally prefer more accurate sound but even if I miss some bass I can just EQ it anyway.

      Plus my son broke his Bose QC35 II and wants to buy my old XM3s for $150. Why not :)

  • Yay an Ebay item that has shipping to NZ.

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      I dunno, I'd switch my 3s for these just to be able to switch between devices.

      • Anyone with an iPhone and a windows PC would be much better off with xm4s

        • I'm not too sure about the Windows PC remark as that'll 99% be using SBC until at least 21H2 releases, perhaps even 22H1. (AAC encoding is only just arrived on Insider)[1]

          Not too sure if vendors are still shipping their own encoders in drivers like they did in ye olde days.

          [1] https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/29/22410088/microsoft-window...

          Although I do have SBC/AAC/LDAC working in Linux…

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          I've got the iPhone 12 Mini and a Surface Pro 6. It connects easily to both, but worth noting that for almost all video players, only the volume touch gestures work when watching a movie on your PC. Play/pause only works on Windows Media Player - not Netflix, Plex nor VLC. FWIW I had the same issue with the (now returned) Bose 700s. It's not the end of the world, but it's a shame you can't pause a show/movie on your PC quickly with the touch gestures, as you have to use your keyboard instead.

          Gestures all work with the iPhone 12 Mini so the issue is prob a Windows 10 compatibility issue.

          • @y2k: Oh, and there are occasional (maybe once every two hours - not too bad) drop outs in the BT connection. Again, had same issue with the Bose 700s so could be a Windows or even just a Surface Pro problem.

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    I didn't like sound signature on these

    I bought Sony xb900n instead, they had much better sound balance, but their ANC wasn't that good, and I was almost happy that their microphone failed and I returned them in the end

    now I got Jabra 75t Elite Active from one of recent TGG deals ($178 I think?) and they are working much better for me. better noise isolation than over ear Sony's, ANC is better than xb900n, maybe slightly worse than xm4/xm3, but sound quality is just right.

    also they are so much more portable, just pocket them and go

    just my 2c. it was a long journey including Plantronics BBPro 2, V-Modas, and a few JBL and Sennheiser in between, and the best solution overall turned out to be in ear headphones, quite unexpectedly

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      Piggy backing to say I agree, but if you search on Reddit for popular upvoted EQs it makes a MASSIVE difference to the sound signature. I hated them out of the box but after some tuning they sound great.

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        good point. I might be wrong but as far as I remember, enabling custom EQ disabled the DSEE sound enhancement engine, which in my case was a noticeable downside

        I heard that now DSEE stays on even if you customise EQ, so maybe it's more relevant now

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          Yep AFAIK that was fixed with a firmware update.

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        Yes it of the box they didn't sound as good as my old plantronic bb2 pros, but they're better in every other way. Once you have the sound dialled in they're much better.

        • I guess I will give Sony another go when my 75t die. it might be a while though as I have 2 pairs due to shenanigans

          I am really impressed by 75t noise cancelling, especially since they added ANC via firmware update, 75t launched without it

          I haven't been on a plane with them, covid and all, but on a train or tram, or just walking down the street, they reduce all noise (ANC on) to a distant mild version of it, with occasional random sound coming through - that's with the music off. with music on, it's completely unnoticeable. stellar performer

    • Have you used them for phone calls? My Galaxy Buds are awful at call quality, the mic picks up every sound around me clearly but I sound muffled. Looking for alternatives, the 75T might be the go.

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        I think it works well for calls.

        I had people struggling to hear me when on an old tram, mask on

        also next to 8 lanes of 70kph traffic

        but I think anything would struggle under these circumstances? no complaints otherwise

        • I can understand struggling to hear in those circumstances, I've had people struggling to hear me in an open-air office which would be a lot quieter.

          Thanks for the feedback.

  • Anyone with xm4 used on airplane can comment on NC?

    I just tried few days ago.
    It doesn’t completely cancel all noise, I can still hear what sounds like highway wind noise. (With no music/video playing, pure just NC)
    I used the calibration in the app too.
    Is that normal or have does my one have an issue?

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      Noise cancelling does not mean complete silence. You will still hear something with no music/videos playing.

    • There are different noise cancelling profiles on these (they auto switch between them by default). I notice that on the default (sitting) profile there's a slight whisper if white noise.

  • Does JB HI-FI price match eBay stores?

    • If it's Aussie stock, usually yes

    • They wouldn't match it for me.

    • Not if the deal includes a code

  • Good Price

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    How does this have 95 updoots? It's literally cheaper elsewhere in the same eBay Plus sale. Come on folks..

  • I tried to buy without success. When I entered the code, I get a msg that I need to be a Plus member. Did others have the same experience. Thanks

    • That's expected. If you see any OzBargain deals with "[eBay Plus]" in the title, then you need to be an eBay Plus member to access the deal. A lot of people either sign up for the yearly subscription with the bonus $50 voucher, or sign up for a free trial.

  • Wow!! Im buying this rightaway! Great deal!