Black Round Circle on Sony TV

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can tell me if my tv could be repaired at a cheaper cost vs getting a new one? It is a Sony TV KDL-50W800C. The picture had no issue last night but turned it on again today and noticed flickering on top of the screen with 2 grey lines and saw black round circle on the bottom right corner. I am contacting Sony for troubleshooting and wondered if anyone here have had the same issue. Thanks.

Black round circle:
Double Grey lines top of screen:

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    Unlikely. Time for an upgrade to move into the 4K realm.

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    Pretty sure the 800c series is around 6 years old, so unless the repair is just a couple of hundred dollars probably wouldn't be worth it.

    Unfortunately most repairers would charge $100 to look at it (most will then take that off the repair fee if you go that route), and it would still be a TV that could have another issue in 12 months time.

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    It needs a new panel when lines start to arise, cheaper to buy new. Trouble shooting will be reset the tv to factory settings..

  • A round circle? Bizarre.

    • Looks like someone took a lighter to the screen

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        Indeed, likely a component failed and heated the screen from behind

  • Thx all. To make things worst is after 1-2 minutes the screen goes dark but the audio is working. Looks like I'll be waiting for a good bargain on tv.

  • Looks like some capacitors popped.

  • Hi ozbaragan
    Did you sort out your TV?
    I sent you a PM.

    • Hi Max Sony is looking into it now and will send a technician to check the problem. Sorry I didn’t know you sent a pm.

      • No worries. I hope you can get it fixed.
        Let me know. Cheers

  • Hi All Sony came back and offered a Trade in with KD75X8000H for $1500 inc GST and Shipping. What do you guys think?

  • The KD75X8000H is $1980 at Videopro. Sony could do better. I suppose better than nothing.

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