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[eBay Plus] i8 Wireless Backlit Mini Keyboard & Touchpad $5.95 Delivered @ ewook2014 eBay AU


Good price on this wireless mini keyboard and touchpad combo. These are good for use with TV boxes, Smart TVs, Raspberry Pi, Computers etc as they're in a small form factor with a QWERTY keyboard, mouse buttons, media control buttons and a touchpad with gestures.

It also has application shortcut buttons, multiple backlit colours, a removable lithium battery with the option of using AAA batteries and a USB 2.4GHz wireless adapter for connectivity.

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      • What do you mean? Most USB WFi dongles are not cross compatible?

  • According to pic #9 this has a

    No / off switch

    So how does it work?

  • +5

    Looks like they oversold so you may be getting cancellation and refund requests from the seller.

    Bonus points for them actually reaching out and not sitting on their hands for 2 weeks (looking at you Officeworks).

    • Got the email :( does anyone know if we’re able to use the code on another order?

      • Checking with live chat to see.

      • +1

        Can't be used again. Would be easier just to make another account and use the trial.

        • Damn that’s annoying. Not sure if it’s worth just waiting for stock to eventually arrive?

    • same got refund request

    • Same here. Apparently Olinda received a message from their 'logistics department'

      "Hi, how are you ?
      Sorry to be a bother. I really don't want to let you down, I just received the email from our logistic department late
      , that the item you ordered has been sold out. And we have no idea when we can get more in stock.
      In order save your time, how about offer u a refund asap ?
      Sorry again and please accept my sincere apology.
      Waiting for your reply
      Kind regards

      At least they let us know soon-ish.

    • same

      • Good use of ctrl+c and ctrl+v🤦

        • Ok? 😐

          • +1

            @DrDogRespect: I meant they are copy pasting the same (personalised) msg to everyone, as if are sincere in their apology.

            • @Boomnam: Oh haha my bad, misunderstood the tone of the last comment, yeah was confused when I saw everyone else received the same messages

    • Received the same msg, replied with happy to wait for more stock and just received email saying it is on its way

      • They said 8 weeks for new stock

        • yeah they said 8 weeks and will send when once it arrives lol will wait and see

  • Got the same email as you all but just got a notification that it’s been sent?

    • Same, I didn't reply to the original message. No tracking info though.

  • The seller updated the status to dispatched after telling me they run out of stock. I agreed for a refund.

    • So will u get it then if it’s been sent?

      • No idea. I'm confused. They say to discard the message it's a mistake.

    • Same, very confusing.

  • I contacted them because I got the out of stock message and the on its way message. They confirmed it hasn't been sent and it is out of stock.

    • So many conflicting messages. Is it sent or not lmao I didn’t get tracking on mine

  • Got contacted that is out of stock and actually I’m glad that I get refund. I didn’t need this!

  • It will be interesting to see if they cancel the sales on eBay or just process refunds and record them as sales. It's suspicious because they have recorded shipping these items but they haven't really sent them. If they don't cancel the sales, one could assume they are still collecting the $7 from eBay for the vouchers and only refunding $5.95, which is good profit for basically doing nothing.

  • Add another (me) to the list of 'goods sent' notification only to then be hit with email saying 'out of stock'.

    If it was just my order or a few, then okay. However, it sounds like it's large scale such that the notion of them racking up the $7 vouchers does sound the reason.

  • +1

    Refund just came through and marked as refunded in eBay.

    • Any explanation why many purchases were marked as 'sent' when not actually sent but rather refunded?

      • No idea.

      • The seller may be trying to build the number of items that they have sold to make them look good despite not being fulfilled.

        • Surely a refund just rolls that back for the seller. Refunded me too, btw.

  • +1

    Since it was cancelled I could use the code again.

  • Chalk up another refund over here.