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Ducky One 2 SF RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Kailh Box Brown) $111 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


Normally $159. Does apply for all Kailh Box switches on their Ducky One 2 SF lineup. I've got one but the Cherry MX version. Great compact form factor.

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    In my opinion, Kailh Box switches outclass Cherry in almost every way. I have box jades on my keyboard, and they feel a lot smoother and stabler than Cherry Blues which I had before. This seems like a fairly good price too, would recommend if you're on the fence and need a 65% keyboard with local warranty.

    • The Cherry Blue was a Ducky too?

      • Yeah, but my new keyboard isn't ducky.

    • Yeah but you need to be careful on the generation of boxes. Some destroy keycaps.

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        The older ones did, but the new retooled versions are fine.

    • Are they as resilient? I've been using a Ducky Shine & Daskeyboard with Cherry MX Browns at work since 2014 and they're still going strong. Every other board I've bought since then for home use has either failed or now feels terrible to type on. I type 8-10h a day, 5 days a week.

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        Haven't had mine long enough to give you an accurate answer, sorry. Maybe someone can chime in to give their real-world experience. From a quick search, the lifetime for Kailh switches is rated higher than Cherry.

        Cherry has 20-50 million keystrokes
        Kailh appears to go between 50-70 million.

        Either way, I think they'd both last equally long. I do know that Kailh switches are used in automotive applications too, so quite trustworthy in that regard.

        • Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for them. Appreciate the feedback.

  • I was considering this too before i opted for kemove snowfox gateron brown. But no regrets. Love the wireless connectivity and hot swappable option that this keyboard does not have.

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      Was deciding too and choose the keychron K6 alu hotswap with gateron browns

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        Yess! All aboard the brown switches team ;)

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        Good decision imo. For anyone looking at the Ducky as a first keyboard I would almost always recommend the K6. Having bluetooth and 5-pin hotswap for the same price is well worth it. The K6 is a lot more flexible and can be modded very easily.

    • Just got the Kemove too. Good keyboard. Dogsh1t software though

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        What switches did you get? I got the brown ones and I love the tactile feel of it. It even comes lubed too. Apparently, the software is not too bad once you get the hang of it but yeah general consensus Dogsh1t sounds about right.

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          I got the browns too. I've got some Outemu browns on and old board and the gaterons are so much better. I bought some yellow switches too to swap over at some point once I lube them.

        • Your browns came lubed? That's not really standard practice in any keyboard, are you sure they meant the switches or the stabilisers?

          • @YeemaiI: Actually my mistake. Its probably just feel lubed because I used to have a razor blackwidow

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      Also using the Kemove Snowfox, put in some lubed and filmed Feker switches and they're superior in every way compared to Gat Browns.

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    For ppl who use compact form keyboard like this, do you also have separate keypad for more efficient numbers related work?

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      You can purchase a separate numpad but they will set you back a decent amount for a mechanical one - I just cop using num row because it isn't as big of a part of my work anymore

      If you want to go real fancy - look at southpaw keyboard layouts

      • If you want to go real fancy - look at southpaw keyboard layouts

        Might work if you're a leftie, but I've found that I'm much faster on my right hand.

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      If i used Excel at home, I'd just buy a full keyboard

    • I don’t do much numbers related work, but a prefer a full kb when i’m on my computer. i do have a 60% with bluetooth that I pair with my phone and iPad that works fantastic.

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      It's also missing the home/end keys which I heavily use along with the ctrl & shift keys combined with arrow keys for moving around lines.

      Not a good keyboard for anyone who does programming or lots of typing (no home/end) or works in Excel (due to no numpad)

      I think this is purely made for gamers but I suppose the RGB lighting was a dead giveawy on that to begin with.

      Still find it ridiculous to pay such premium pricing for a majorly cutdown board with a plastic frame.

      Edit: Actually, not made for gamers.


      Latency Wired 18.5 ms
      The latency is quite high for a wired keyboard, almost as high as some Bluetooth connections. It's fine for general desktop use but not recommended for fast, reaction-based games.

      tldr; good keyboard for people who have brand recognition / allegiance to Ducky

    • I use a Motospeed K23 for work, in addition to my Ducky Shine TKL.

    • Replied to the wrong comment. You might like an 1800 layout keyboard, or using something like the Motospeed K23 tenkeypad in addition to a compact board.

      • any recommendation for 1800 keyboard?
        I am currently using CoolerMaster MasterKeys M Cherry MX Brown, like it but would prefer narrower design so that I can bring my mouse closer to body, reducing strain

  • Is this wireless? If so do you have to charge or it uses double a?

    • Not wireless. It's USB Type-C.

    • Its wired

    • not wireless

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    quick vouch for this: I previously used a Ducky One 2 SF and it's an excellent compact consumer board; it's built well, it offers about the same functionality as a laptop keyboard if you're used to that and frees up a heap of space on your desk. As ozfrugie alluded to above, I wouldn't necessarily recommend compact boards to people who use numbers a lot because you'll miss the numpad but as a day to day or gaming keyboard, it's pretty solid (esp for the price)

  • which color is the best if i dont want it to be super loud

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      box silent red, box red, and your black switches are linear (pre quiet). the browns are like tactile switches (moderate noise)

  • I have this exact keyboard with cherry brown switches. Do you think it's a good idea to buy the white version with the Kaihl Box White? To have two different types?

    • they are light clicky linear, watch a yt vid to see if you like it

      • *not clicky linear, just clicky

      • How can a linear be clicky?

    • +4

      That feels like overspending for not a great reason.

      If you want it, go for it, but in terms of real benefit it's not worth it.

      • Thank you for that! You saved me some money lol.

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          I find the Kalih Box Whites to be an extremely satisfying switch to use. At home I ended up using them more than my K6 with optical browns. I've also got a full sized board with cherry browns, though I haven't used it for two years.

          I'm my opinion, it's worth trying out other switches. I would consider getting a switch tester first and then maybe a board with sockets.

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      Why not? They are different kind of switches (Cherry MX Brown is "tactile", Box White is clicky), and Kailh Box clicky switches are different to what Cherry MX clicky switches are like as well. Cherry MX Blue has a plastic jacket that creates a click as you press down, whereas Box switches use a metal click bar that clicks. I personally think clicks from box switches sound better because it doesn't sound as rattly or plasticky.

      Out of what's available with the keyboards there, Box Jades is probably something that people who want a really clicky, really tactile switch would go for.
      Cherry MX Brown does hold a reputation as a not very tactile switch among enthusiasts, so it'd at least feel different.
      That said, greater tactility doesn't necessarily mean better keyboard, so bear that in mind.

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    I was always really tempted by ducky in the past; until i learned RTINGS existed, and saw their input delay.

    I mostly game, so regardless of what the human response time is, I dont need another double digit of milliseconds added to that on top.

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    Is it too much to ask for free shipping (over certain amount) nowadays?

    • It's also weird that standard and express postage has the same cost. For VIC atleast.

  • Anyone could comment on this compared to Hyperx Alloy Origins? The hyperx is consistently on sale was thinking of getting that.

    • I bought and returned the Alloy Origins TKL size. It is a nice solid keyboard but the spring ping was insane.

  • Does Ducky use software to control the RGB?

    I'd be all over this if I hadn't purchased a Keychron K6.

    • +1

      no software. they said it's coming but that's over a year ago lol

  • So sad. No full size with blues or browns.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for
    - full size
    - blue or brown switches
    - detachable cable (cats are enemies of my keyboards)
    - + bluetooth would be good also

      • Have looked at it (i currently use a K6 from a previous deal) but no print screen button unfortunately.

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    The downside of Ducky making such well made and durable products is that I legitimately can't justify an upgrade on my Shine 3.

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    Non-Cherry switches and missing a heap of keys. What are you paying for?

    • Also plastic base plate and no software to customize the RGB lighting.

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        Maybe the SF version is different but the full size one absolutely has software customization. Even integrates with Razor's lighting software from memory, not sure how well it all works though.

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      Common misconception these days that Cherry switches are the best, that might have been the case 8 years ago but nowadays, the more 'exotic/enthusiast' level switches are in a completely different ballpark to most standard cherries (red, blue, brown). Khail Box switches are typically a lot better, as one of the previous comments mentioned.

  • Is it possible to remap the keys on the keyboard?

  • whoa since when did Ducky started selling boards with Kailh switches?

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    Ducky is extremely overpriced in Australia. PCCG has an exclusive distribution agreement, which means they can price gouge without competition.

    • -1

      Everything is overpriced in Australia, e.g. the ROG Falchion is 149 USD and its 300 AUD RRP.

      If you order from amazon AU shipped from US it's like 216 AUD. Cheapest local stock is like 232 from JW or PCCG right now.

  • Ducky keyboards are the best!

  • +1

    It is really hard not to like Kailh box switches once you have tried them. Really smooth and stable.
    Also it is good that we have so many choices rather than only Cherry.

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      Really smooth and stable.

      Some yes, some no. Depends on what switch you get e.g. Kailh Browns are still pretty scratchy (practically any switch with the name 'brown' is).

      And what do you mean by stable?

      • +1, used before and they really aren't too special until lubed. They are still better than Cherries though in my opinion.

      • I mean there is less rattling sound and the keys are "firm" especially for large keys

        • +1

          That would be the stabilisers then, not the actual switches

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    Lol, everybody spelling 'Kailh' wrong, even in the title.

    • Lol, didn't even notice.

  • I’d prefer leopold over ducky, build quality wise