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[eBay Plus] Castrol Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil 5L $25 Delivered @ Sparesbox Auto eBay


Excellent price on this engine oil. Supposedly 900 units available, enjoy.

NOTE: If you see that its OOS, its because the seller seems to only make 10 units available at a time but adds more every 10th minute of the hour, not exactly sure why…

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    NOTE: The seller seems to only make 10 units available at a time but adds more( once they're out of stock, not exactly sure why

    To make the listing look like they have limited supply left. Basically a dodgy marketing tactic to put pressure on buyer to buy without hesitating

    Edit: they have now changed >10 in stock.

    • You mean like every ad campaign / marketing tactic? (FOMO)

    • +3

      Or is it so that someone doesn't clean it all out in one go? I don't have a problem with them staggering it out so everybody gets a go.

  • Good for Audi Q5 V6 turbo diesel?

    • Not sure about diesel. Probs not.

      • According to Castrol, it is suitable for diesel.

    • Not if your Audi has DPF.

      • How does dpf affect choice of engine oil?

        • The higher ash content of non-DPF compatible oil will cause plugging of the DPF.

        • Diesels like to drink oil. That's gonna clog up dpf faiy quickly if it wasn't made for it.


      check your fit but I think it doesn't fit.

    • +1

      No, does not have Correct VW spec of 504/507 00

      Need to get the Castrol LL variant or Nulon Euro

    • +1


      You Need VW 507.0 spec

    • +1

      Get SCA to price match this:

      I did the other week.

      PS: Most oils for Diesels can handle DPFs, the 507 for VAG cars is to do with the CAM LOBE wear issues albeit TDI or TFSI.

    • look for LL04 over LL01

  • You can only buy 1….

    Not sure why I even bothered

    • Make another account……

      • And start a trial

    • It was 2 for $50 last month at autobarn.

      • I saw the deal, I kept forgetting/it was too inconvenient to pick up =\

        I need 3x 5L (-1 I got just now) bottles for an upcoming service

        • next time price match with supercheap.

        • You need 15L for a service?

  • Oos

    Edit: in and out of stock keep checking

    • This is frustrating. I'm at the checkout and it ran out of stock.

      • Check every 10th minute of the hour, that's when the seller seems to add another 10 units.

  • New to changing engine oils. If you change the oil & filter without any maintenance/oil lights coming on, will it screw up the schedule for the maintenance light? Do you need to reset it?

    • +3

      Honestly just turn off the maintenance light and ignore it. It's a misleading indicator designed to make people get it serviced more than they have

      Edit: oil light is another story. Make sure you check the oil regularly and fill it up between servicing before the light comes on. If the oil is dipping that low that it's turning the light on, it's bad for the engine

      • Thing is none of my maintenance or oil lights came on in the 10k km I've used it for in the past 1 year

        If I change the oil filter and oil without the lights coming on first, the light might come on for the next seller prematurely

        • +2

          The maintenance reminder is just a reminder that comes on at set intervals, the oil light only comes on to let you know that there isn't enough oil in the system. On most cars the oil light will never come on unless it's low on oil. The car won't be low on oil just cos you changed the oil unless you didn't put enough in. If the maintenance reminder comes in after someone buys the car off you just reinteglrate to them when you did the oil change (date and kms) if you don't know how to reset it, or look up your vehicle and how to reset maintenance reminder to see if it can be user set

  • Thanks - just got 1

  • +3

    Doesn't allow you to buy 2, you can only buy 1

    My car needs 7.2L so don't know what the point of putting a limit of 1bottle per customer.

    • Same here mate.Mine takes nearly 10 litres.

      • What car takes so much oil?!

  • +2

    Delivery is to only certain parts of Australia. Ebay is showing "item won't be sent to xxxx" on the item page.

    • Yep. No love for me in the NT

  • Showing OOS for me.

    • +1

      read OP's description. Seems seller restocks item every 10 minutes and will sell out within 1 or 2 minutes

  • +1

    I've had issues with this seller not delivering on goods, hope they come through this time (fingers crossed)

  • +11

    Just an FYI to previous Sparesbox customers, they leaked customer emails (at least) recently, I myself received a few phishing emails to my unique email address for Sparesbox.

    • +1

      Mods can we highlight the comment above?
      IMO if they're involved in a recent breach then it's probably best to avoid until the company responds.

    • ah that explains the random mary email I got too. thanks for the heads up.

  • Got one even though not needed at the moment.
    Just classic Oz bargainer thinking
    Buy now Think Later

    • oz bargainer things, grabbed one too and i literally just did an oil change 2 weeks ago. Cheaper than when I got nulon 5w-30 for $29

      • i know I am always lazy and end up going to mechanic always (from groupon) instead of doing oil changes myself (even though i have all the tools (just never done an oil change before). But whatever the case Can always learn to do oil change myself.

        • +1

          Can you unscrew a 14mm plug and oil filter?
          If so, you can change your oil.

      • bought one, now i need to learn how to do an oil change :D

  • +1

    Just managed to get one, can confirm that continually refreshing around every 10 mins from the hour seems to work

    • For me it was like stock up at 11 mins instead of 10 mins ???

      • +1

        Haha yeah maybe 10mins 30secs?

  • Great! Time for a service for my lawn mower!

  • Great on the dot @ 10mins for me.

    • +2

      Yes… much better for it to be all gone in 15min with people brodening it. Come on man, this way more legitimate customers can get it.

      • But it's capped at 1 bottle per transaction and 1 transaction per account… if anything a staggered release allows more opportunity to Broden it with multiple accounts

        • requires Ebay Plus though?

          I reckon if people have multiple Ebay Plus accounts, they've got far too money on their hands :).

  • Confirmed, restock on the hour… managed to get 1.
    Tried to reorder a 2nd one, but even though there was still stock the code is only single use.

    $25 for this delivered has got to be cheapest ever.

    Thanks OP, good find!

  • -1

    This item is out of stock.

  • -1

    This item is out of stock.

  • Is it a good idea to use this on a 0W-20 car, I've heard this stuff is better but dunno if its safe.

  • Thanks so much. Best deal ever

  • Do I really need more than 7 of these……. I bought 2 at the last good discount - ~$30/bottle - and didn't realise I already had 5 still in the garage…. addicteddddddddddddddd. Haha

    Good price OP.

  • Thanks, grabbed one!

  • Still adding stock every 10min… 9 available right now.

  • Not again, I have enough 5w-30 oil in my garage to open up my own engine oil shop…..

  • Got the last one on this batch…

  • Is it necessary to use a torque wrench when doing an oil change?

    • Bought one from Bunnings a few months ago never really used other than as a breaker bar (it's way cheaper than breaker bar, and does exactly same job plus extra torque specification

      • Which one is that mate? Can you link please? Thanks

    • +2

      If you are familiar with the amount of force needed to tighten the sump plug (may approximate hand tight then another quarter turn), or hand tight for oil filter. Too much force and you may strip the bolt on the threads, very costly. You will probably want to replace the washer on the sump plug each time, ymmv.

    • +1

      Not really, but you can if you want to. My hands are my torque wrench.

    • I never used one.

      As long as you keep the torque between hand tight and tearing-the-sump-a-new-one, you will be fine.

  • damn just bought from them last week for $36

    • Return that one

      I see free returns with EBay plus.

      So basically buy one at cheaper price and return this cheaper price one at last price you bought at

      • other one was through there website and honestly sounds too much like hard work haha just sucks

  • This company never delivers and just holds my money for months everytime I order. Never again.

    • +1

      This company never delivers and just holds my money for months everytime I order. Never again.

      You must be terribly unlucky. Based on their 230K+ positive feedback, I imagine you must be the exception to the rule.
      I get some shitty store owners have large amounts of feedback, but close to 1/4 million positive feedback is not a small feat to achieve.

      I've ordered heaps of things from them without issue.

    • Never had an issue ordering from their eBay store. Item always arrives before or by the due date in my experience.

  • Thanks OP. Got one!

  • Sigh sometimes I wish I had eBay plus :(

    • Start a free trial or otherwise pay $4.99 for a monthly subscription, ~$30 would still be cheap for this engine oil.

    • +1

      eBay Plus membership is always almost free(after $50 voucher). I have two plus accounts.

  • Wow, 1 day delivery to WA. Amazing.

  • If you buy on a sale it seems to take ages for delivery. And it's like they sell stock before they actually have it.

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