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[eBay Plus] Standing Desk Dual Motors Frame Only 120kg 60-126cm $287.20 Delivered @ Mytopiastore eBay AU


Original Coupon Deal

Never purchased anything from this seller before but close to 230k reviews at 99.4% gives me some comfort if the product is dodgy. Also right under that magic number for tax time.

Some details -

  • 120KG Load Capacity
  • 25mm/s height adjustment (approx 26s to go from min to max if this is accurate)
  • Dual motors (built-in as opposed to sticking out the bottom)
  • Height range is 60-126CM (this is the lowest I've seen.. and the height is really good too)
  • Adjustable frame (suitable for 108-187cm wide desktop)
  • 4 height memory buttons

Also available in grey for $303.20 and black for $319.2.

If anyone has had bad experience with these, please comment below. Don't think I've seen anything with 120kg rating and this much flexibility in terms of height range for this price.

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  • Great find

    Thoughts on table tops?

    • +1

      Struggling to find a decent desktop to be completely honest. I'm after small but deep desk.. so something like 120x75 would be perfect for me but can't seem to find any other than 60cm deep.

      Might go with this from bunnings but comment says some can be a bit bowed but otherwise, theres a few different ones from Ikea. I've read some recommending going to the as-is section and picking up a counter top.

      Edit: just had a look at ikea again and found what I think will be perfect for me.. TOMMARYD 130x70 not the cheapest but combined with the frame for $366 is still cheaper than all the available ones out there.. Plus a little more realestate on both end.

      Or here's another one.. BEKKANT 120x80 for even less at $59.

  • +2

    I purchased this last week except in black color and direct from Mytopia themselves.

    All is good, however I think the motors being at the top of the desk instead of at the feet contribute to the desk being wobbly as its more top heavy.

    Assembly was quick and easy. Had it assembled in about 20-30 mins.

    I paired with the top from my existing desk (180cm wide) originally from Officeworks.

    EDIT: Purchasing from Mytopia directly is cheaper (by $10.20 for the black frame)

    • And $10 coupon if you sign up to their marketing for spend over $150

  • +1

    I get a $46.93 charge for delivery - not free. Anyone seeing free delivery? Or $1,573.28 if i would like it express!

    • +1

      "Sorry, we don't deliver to the Moon."

    • Just bought it before I made the post and it was free. I'm metro melbourne though. With big items like these, they start charging for certain postcodes I think.

      • damn the outer suburban curse!

        checked other closer in postcodes and free shipping for them!

        • +1

          Send it to a mate, and pick it up from them!

  • +1

    I have an Artiss one which looks virtually the same as this (but controller with 3 presents than 4). I love it - no issues at all.

    So glad I got it rather than a desk with a ratchet or even a motorised one without pre-set levels

  • Postage is AU $96.77 (only free to limited metro areas)

  • +4

    I literally just started looking into getting a stand-up desk tonight, thanks to the Melbourne lockdown (it is never going to end, so I am finally biting the bullet and moving off our dining table onto a dedicated desk…)

    I found something similar available on Amazon for $370 that includes the top with dimensions of either 140x70cm or 120x70cm. The specs are almost identical to the eBay version except the following:

    • the Amazon version doesn't go quite as low but does go slightly higher (64-129cm);

    • the legs on the Amazon version telescopes the other way (like a pyramid rather than the upside down pyramid of the eBay version);

    • the Amazon version has a USB port on the controller for you to charge things; and

    • the Amazon version will take 2 weeks to ship, whereas the eBay version only takes 5-8 days.

    I am currently leaning towards the Amazon version because it comes with the top so it's less hassle compared to the eBay version that will need a bit of shopping around for a top and some DIY drilling to attach the top to the frame.

    • +1

      Wow, good find!

      Definitely less hassle.. and those dimensions are pretty good too, the 120x70 would probably be perfect for me.

      Had a quick look and it seems like you can get the table top from them seperately for just $25 bucks! You just found me the perfect desk top for my legs haha.

      $287.2 + $25 for a total of $312.2 delivered or $322.2 if you went with the bigger table top. Product weight is 16-18kg too so it looks to be made of fibreboard and not paper filled.. so thats great!

    • +3

      I have checked the Amazon version and it is actually 334.95. There is promotion that gives you $105 discount.

      • Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! Looks like the discount coupon applied to the top actually lowers the overall price, even though the top is included for free!

    • Thank you for the finding. I placed the order on amazon with 120*70 white top + black frame @ 344.99.

    • Hi brotherfranciz,

      Just wondering if the Amazon listing you linked has changed? It looks like it's the base only now, unless I've completely missed something.

      I'd be keen to go for the Aimezo version for a bit more if it comes with a tabletop.


      • +1

        Hey nickeveli, yes unfortunately looks like that special with the free top has ended - it appeared as a checkbox on the Amazon app that you could select, which is no longer showing up.

        Sorry for the late reply, the top just arrived today and I set it up and came back to these comments to see if anyone was asking about it, or wanted a review, etc.

        The desk is great so far, although there is still some drilling needed for the top, but the frame does come with screws and high quality rubber grommets (which go between the frame and top) and all I needed was a portable drill and a tape measure to ensure the top was sitting central. Everything works perfectly and it's very sturdy, like proper thick metal frame and solid wood top. Setting up the default heights was easy and the instruction sheet was quite clear (although it had some broken English, you got the gist of it). I ended up using double-sided tape to secure the electronics box and the control box to the underside of the top as I didn't want to drill more holes into the beautiful top!

        Anyone feel free to send me a PM if you want a more detailed review/feedback on the Amazon desk.

        • Thanks for the detailed update! Appreciate it

  • Unless I missed something, the Mytopia is only a 12 month warranty as well whereas the Amazon version is 5yrs on frame and 3 yrs on motor

    • You're right, looks like warranty is better on Amazon, and it moves 4cm/s too which is the highest I've ever seen from any manufacturer.

      To be honest though, I'm not entirely sure if the 5 year warranty is entirely useful.. It really depends on whether they'll honour it or will even be around. But better than one year regardless.

      • +2

        Yeah, that is a concern with the one on Amazon. At least with Mytopia, they have a physical warehouse and office/support building in Seven Hills, NSW. I bought an item from them a few years ago and it kept failing. They have a good warranty claim process (very formal with paperwork), which keeps track of it and they gave me a new replacement every time it failed. With the final time I asked for a full refund instead as it looked to be a product design defect and got my full refund.

  • How stable are these? They don't seem to have much bracing, and with both the vertical and horizontal parts being expandable, do they rock around when leaning on then etc?

  • +2

    Jacked, now $300 with code.

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