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10c/L off Premium Fuel at Ampol via NRMA App (NRMA Members Only)


Usually it’s 5c for premium fuel

From 3 June to 9 June, NRMA Members can save double their usual discount with 10c per litre on Premium fuels and 6c per litre on regular fuels at participating Ampol# and Caltex branded service stations*.

Plus, to help celebrate the 2021 Ampol State of Origin, each time you fill up in the month of June with the Official Fuel of the State of Origin Series, you’ll go in the running to win a year of free fuel** valued at $3,500, and two Category 1 tickets to Game III of the Ampol State of Origin, played at Stadium Australia on 14 July. There’s also 20 AmpolCash digital vouchers, valued at $100 each, up for grabs.

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    My local caltex magically turned into ampol overnight

    • Same, mine too..

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      I heard Caltex is coming back but only once the rebranding to Ampol is finished.

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        "In 1995, Ampol merged with Caltex to form Australian Petroleum, which in 1997 became Caltex Australia.
        In December 2019, Chevron Corporation, owner of the Caltex trademark, gave notice to terminate the licence agreement for the use of the Caltex brand in Australia.
        From May 2020, the company officially rebranded as Ampol along with a new logo that is being rolled out across Australia in 2020 and 2021."


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          Caltex will come back in name only - it will be owned by a different company to Caltex Australia (now Ampol). Current stations that are branded as Puma will adopt the Caltex name.

          • @Mondorock: I believe Caltex was bought out by chevron who also own Puma so that makes sense.

            • @RICKYLOVESYOU: Rather, Chevron Corporation, owner of the Caltex trademark took their trademark back to use on the Puma servos they bought.
              Ampol had previously been using the trademark Caltex under licence from Chevron Corporation. So Ampol can't use it, leading to the rebranding.
              I've learnt a bit in this Deal!

            • @RICKYLOVESYOU: Incorrect. The Caltex name was being used under license. Chevron significantly upped the price of the licence hence the re-brand to AMPOL.

              Conveniently Chevron owns Puma so will be changing Puma’s branding to Caltex.

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        Through rebranding of the Puma Energy network that it acquired more than a year ago.

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        Chevron purchased Puma Energy and will use that brand under licence until they can use their own brand (Caltex) from 2023.

    • Yeah, same. Southport QLD.

    • Rebranding ?

      Many years ago when I was in Sydney, there were full of Ampol petrol stations around.

    • same lol literally felt like overnight

  • Do these caltex ones accept 4c off woolworths vouchers?

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      Some of these Caltex/Ampol stations also accept 4c/6c off Woolworths vouchers, but the NRMA offer clearly states it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

      • I combine my discounts all the time. The attendant was the one who told me I can stack the offers.

        • I tried once, the staff manually removed my 4c discount on the screen.

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    Just for the love of god don't try and get this deal at any EG (formerly Woolies Caltex) sites.

    Heck of a deal though.

    • EG?

      • The company that bought Fuel from Woolies a couple years ago; Euro Garages. They've still been too cheap to change most of the signs though, to the big ol' Caltex logo makes plenty of people think we accept everything Caltex/Ampol does. Which we don't.

  • Which makes the price almost competitive with Costco's everyday rates in the closed Canberra fuel market. Good deal if you aren't a Costco member or can't be bothered going to Majura for your shopping/fuel.

    I wonder if it stacks with MyToyota's 4cpl off code?

    • +2

      You will find Canberras fuel prices are these days amongst the cheapest. The major cities spend less time under $1.40 on average during the cycle which most stations in CBR are constantly. Metro in Fyshwick is virtually always the same price and sometimes even cheaper than costco but I'm assuming you are at a bookend in Canberra given you comments. If you want the always cheapest use the 711 fuel lock trick and dont mess with coupons.

      I do agree prices have been expensive in CBR historically and even with independents some do take advantage of the affluence of the city but those days are long over now.

      • Cheapest compared to where? We aren't even close to other capital cities for cheapest available petrol most of the time, although it clearly depends on the cycle and where (suburb) you buy in other cities. Averages mean sfa unless you pay no attention to cycles when you fill. From regular observation, even Wagga is cheaper than Canberra "on average". Years ago it was invariably ~10cpl dearer. I joined Costco primarily for the fuel and to thumb my nose at Colesworth and the closed fuel market in general, and I travel from west Cba to fill up. Metro is almost always at least 5-10c dearer than Costco.

        There's a reason why Costco expanded its fuel site and why there are still queues to fill up on a regular basis. For suburban fillers, those bad old days aren't long gone, unless you're a sucker for Barr mythology.

        • No fuel lock, no petrol spy and supporting a US company over an Aussie…

          Jokes aside. You should download Petrol Spy and click the graph icon at the top and take a look.

          Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane for example given a random day will be higher than CBR - statistically. Sure you see prices below CBR price of 1.40 but it does not hang there for long. If you drive a lot and fill up once a week maybe you can get 1 fill cheap and 3-4 fills mid range but overall its higher than $1.40. If you drive less than a tank a month capital cities will work out cheaper as you can just choose the cheapest day. Assuming being in CBR you are closer to tank a week sort of guy

          Im also assuming that Costco are expanding the pumps to increase memberships and to squeeze out Aussie independents such as Metro?

          Wagga is about the same price currently as CBR according to petrol spy

          Petrol went up slightly yesterday in CBR. Metro was 129.9 for unleaded (Costco was 129.7) and today Metro is 134.9. Some coles and woolies went up 2c from 139.9.

          Not sure what Barr mythology is? Lol.

          But seriously if price is most important and Aussie business doesn't matter hand in your Costco membership stop lining up for pumps and use the fuel lock. Plenty of 711s out west.

          • @DrLobster: I use Petrol Spy routinely. The reference to "Australian businesses" is simplistic to say the least. You'd have to know who the shareholders of these "Au" companies are, where their profits are invested (offshore tax havens like our own sovereign wealth fund perhaps?), and how much tax they contribute to this country for a start. Costco has at least helped keep a lid on Cba fuel prices, and afaik they haven't been found guilty of wage theft, like 711 for example. Costco also pays its fair share of tax in this country - unlike IKEA and plenty of other companies: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/dec/11/austr...

            • @DisabledUser67242: That is good to hear you use petrol spy. Looks like it cleared a few things up.

              Metro vs Costco. You explained the criteria but didn't provide an outcome? Are you implying Metro is less of an Australian owned business with less of the money staying here compared to Costco?

              I agree with you on the companies paying their fair share of tax.

              Costco pays more tax as they generate more profit may not be the best metric. Maybe tax % is better? Are you saying Metro doesn't pay full company tax %?

              Good to see that ethics has been added not just price. However a quick google search shows Costco were named and shamed by the UK government for underpaying staff.

              • @DrLobster: Haven't got a clue what the Metro business model is or who owns/profits from it. They simply aren't competitive enough, possibly due to lack of purchasing power - who knows.

                Costco pays more tax as they generate more profit may not be the best metric.

                Didn't suggest that because it's not a metric which holds up at all in many cases, thanks to ridiculous concessions, lax tax laws and enforcement, and a bunch of pathetic and apathetic federal politicians. If you aren't aware of tax avoidance in this country (legal and via abuse of lax law/regulation - tax accountants/lawyers, essentially funded at least in part by taxpayers, using loopholes) then I suggest you do some reading, starting with the list in the link I posted.

                I wasn't aware of Costco's underpayment in the UK but a quick search suggests it's a drop in the ocean (£3,747.52 to 58 workers) compared to the $173M involved in 711's systematic wage theft/bullying here.

                • @DisabledUser67242: I can tell you that Metro (and to an extent united and other independents) drive the positive consumer price in the major capitals. First down last up. Quick snapshot of Melbourne shows Metro braybrook the cheapest. Back on the Petrol spy app.

                  I think if Metro pays close to 30% it holds up. As it's like for like. If I was a betting man I would say Metro Petrolium Pty Ltd ownership is a little higher locally over Costco.

                  I am well aware. I can probably guarantee you that you are using or benefiting in some form of at least one of the 33% of the largest corps in Australlia that pay $0 company tax. Probably worth casting your eye over that list…

                  What's your view on the 13bn in lost revenue through annual tax concessions for negative gearing?

                  Without checking out the compliance process side I'm sure behind that they were given ample opportunity to resolve the issue before being named and shamed. Its the principle though isn't it? Similar to paying the correct amount of company tax. Stealing $1 or $1 million they both stole. The quantum is different but the principle is the same. Support good principles.

                  • @DrLobster: You like to make assumptions based on nothing but your gut feeling eh doc? I'll make my own. If you think a $173m age theft should be treated the same as £3,747.52 (which could be down to any number of reasons) you'd no doubt think paying zero company tax is the same as paying 30%. Some perspective please. Plenty of companies in this country have been caught through the complexity of wage rules and accountancy software which isn't up-to-date. Possibly excusable in the case of small employers relying on third party payroll services but no excuse for larger ones which pour huge resources into tax "advice", advertising, executive remuneration etc

  • Can someone confirm if the barcodes are unique?

    • +1

      Seems unique QR code.
      Simply open the my nrma app, click on ‘Membership cards’ to bring up your Caltex discount QR code. Simply show this QR code to the cashier at the counter to scan to receive your fuel benefit.

  • I like their generosity during the week that the normal unleaded costs $1.45 to $1.60 a litre around Sydney.

  • You can find cheaper prices most of the times at other petrol stations anyway.

  • Only seems to be on for one month. I'm not selling my soul to the NRMA and Ampol for 60c.

  • +1

    FYI NRMA roadside membership is currently waiving the $55 joining fee. Basic plan starts at $9.99/m,

  • Good deal if buying premium fuel. For standard unleaded, probably better off with coles voucher and carsales voucher at Coles Express if stacking is hit and miss.

  • Stack with 28 degrees offer.

    • Hi. What's the 28 degrees offer? Couldn't find something when searching non-expired deals.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Can you use this with Ampol cash card (5% off at Suncorp)?

    • +1

      That should be fine, as long as the station you’re going to also accepts AmpolCash Digital gift cards.

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    Taking the chopper will still be cheaper. Good deal for people with no 7-11 though.

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    98 @ Local Ampol $1.76.. Medco $1.49. So much for the 10c off :-(

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    Before you try this, check the map at the bottom of this page under "Participating locations". Not every servo with a "Caltex" or "Ampol" sign will honour the NRMA discount. EG-owned "Caltex Woolworths" servos aren't part of this, for example, as Selenium pointed out above. The two servos closest to me fall into this category.

  • None in the ACT according to the NRMA app :(

    • +1

      Are you sure? In my app, I can see the following Caltex locations are participating:

      • Nicholls
      • Holt
      • Kaleen
      • Braddon
      • Weston Creek
      • Weston
      • Kambah
      • Calwell
      • Canberra Airport

      I know the Weston location (opposite Cooleman Court shopping centre) also accepts Woolworths 4c fuel vouchers, so you may have luck stacking discounts there if you have a staff member nice enough to do that.

  • are they still going to charge 1.70/L and my local independent budget petrol1.24

  • -

  • +1

    really weird thing happened. I got a 12c off per litre and a 1c added to the total price when I scanned. Unsure if the lady at the counter did something wrong…the line item on receipt says "UBER PRO F DIAMOND 12CPL"

  • +2

    Just FYI it stacks with Woolworth's 4 cents docket. But i am not sure whether applicable to all stations.

  • Pretty hopeless deal if only Sydney servos are part of the deal. We drive on the Central Coast too.