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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered, Graphite, Size B $1602 (10% off) + Shipping @ Living Edge


This morning I saw that Living Edge has started its EOFY sale.

The price of their AERON Graphite size B has increased from $1690 to $1780, but after applying the coupon code EOFY10 it can bring the price down to $1602. Not exactly the big discount I was hoping for, but it's better than nothing.

The shipping is $60 for me, but as an ozbargainer I decided to pick it up from their warehouse which is not too far from their showroom.

Btw, the coupon code can be used for other items as well.

[Edit] Forgot to mention that if you have signed up Amex Shop Small offer, you can get 3 extra points for every $1 spent.

[Edit #2] Looks like they've removed the coupon code from their website so I'm marking this as an expired post.

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    They have also put up prices before the 10% sale, for example, on the Sayl: Was $790, now only $845! Still marginally cheaper after discount but dishonest practice that should be called out.

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      ditto ^^

      have been monitoring Aeron prices, it's technically cheaper, true
      but prices were adjusted just before this comes out :/

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    Would like a herman miller but cant justify the price, people always talk about buying them for 1k and under but never seem to be lucky enough.

    • True…

    • True, I bought for around 1100, 10 years ago (RRP used to be 1400 or 1300) and I used to think that is expensive. In US at that time same model used to be selling for around $800 mark.

    • I paid $400 for a (good) used one some five years ago. Not sure what has driven the prices up so high - perhaps lack of supply into the secondhand market?

      • everyone working from home and getting one… just like me

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    Size C was $1690 most of this year. They now back at $1860 so -10% ends up $1674.

    • Thanks for the sharing. When it comes to promotions, this is the one I hate most.

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    Price jacking…

    Never heard of Living Edge but this misleading 'sale' means they'll never ever get a cent from me.

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      Unfortunately that are the ones which supply to corporate and main distributor I think.

    • Living edge are one of the main suppliers dude.

    • they are still cheaper then most of the other high end chair dealers

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    ozbargainers should buy this 2nd hand, way cheaper

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      Where can I look for used but good condition Herman Miller's ?

      • +2

        Gumtree and Ebay always have some. Due to lockdown even secondhand prices went out of roof.

        Here is an example:


        Many others are selling for around $900 mark which used to be between 350-550 earlier.

      • +1

        If you're in Melbourne, I purchased a couple of good quality second-hand Aerons from Egans in Footscray for around $800.

        I trowled through gumtree and ebay for months to find one <$700 but they were so rare to come up and when they did, they would be gone within literally minutes, so I just settled on paying a little extra to get these and I'm very happy with it.

      • I bought a second hand off gum tree for 400 including delivery 2 years ago. Very happy

    • +2

      Would not buy second hand. Imagine all the farts the chair has absorbed

      • +4

        Not with the mesh on these bad boys. Those farts just sift right through.

        • yes sift the farts; the particles on the other hand

        • There's still a bit of foam on the front near the crouch. I've pulled one apart and it's disgusting between the mesh and the seat pan.

    • +1

      Heres a video about second hand aerons if you can find them.


      I bought mine new in 2015 for $1200 (from memory it was from Living Edge too). Still good as the day I got it, 8 hours of daily use. Will I sell it? never…

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    Unfortunate. This is really a ~5% sale, misleading.

  • The price of their AERON Graphite size B has increased from $1690 to $1780

    Wow!!!!!!!!! Imagine having a product that you you don't need to spend any R&D money on and you just significantly increase the price every couple of years. Pure gravy.

    • Basically the same model every luxury boutique applies…

      E.g. Chanel bags, high end men’s watches,

      Change a buckle here, put different face there etc

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    the recent Steelcase promos are still around if you're considering a chair investment.

    I've gone for the leap, not quite as steep as the Aeron's 1.6K but many comparisons in the post comments here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622773

    • +1

      That's a great price for the leap. . The leap beats the Aeron in almost all comfort and ergonomic tests I've read.

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    neg for price jacking/minimal savings.

  • +5

    Well that rules this company out now when buying one yay let's Jack the price first then have a sale

  • How to find one's seat size without being able to go to shops ?
    Is there a template/guide somewhere to refer to ?

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    This is like those 20% off eBay sales where the prices get jacked up right before sale goes live, bad practice bad for business.

  • If you're after a Size B, they're normally $1,690.

  • Why is this so much more expensive than the leap V2

  • $1200 wholesale price ; )

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    I bought one of these basically brand new on eBay in 2017 for about $500.

    Great chair, gonna last me a lifetime.

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    Hmm. keep getting Coupon cannot be added to your cart

    • same here

    • Code not working as well. Just message them to see what is going on

    • yup, seems they have removed the banner on the listing (all listings, had my eye on a Cosm) with the deal code, sneaky (profanity)

  • Mod should remove posts like these, don't encourage dodgy businesses doing the same and think they can get away with it

    • Better to keep it up imo. So you can compare to previous posts and see evidence of company being dodgy.

  • +3

    Dodgy practice

  • Will wait until the price comes down $1,200 new or $700 used. Would love to see it comes down further but with many have already used to working from home I don't see how it can happen any time soon even when the Covid is over.

    • +1

      But your dollars purchasing power were worth double 10 years ago. Inflation is through the roof and getting worse.

      • Remember when we hit parity with the USD? Living Edge never passed down the savings to the consumer.

        According to the RBA's inflation calculator, a basket of goods and services valued at $1495 in calendar year 2010 , would in calendar year 2020 cost $1806.13.

        The stainless steel Aeron costs more than the graphite one. I stand by what I said.

  • Normally they should have a lot of stocks with size B and the base graphite setup(Saying 100+) as this is the most popular configuration of this chair. So the shipment should not be any issue as they will be shipped as cargo not just one by one. I have 3 of these with me, 1 in 2013 for $1100, 1 in 2017 for $1259 and 1 2nd hand $600 last March/April lockdown time. I don't understand why the price is going up this year especially the AUD currency to USD is stronger this year.

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    By the time this chair is on a good sale again my back will be too far gone for it to matter.

    • +2

      Honestly get the Steelcase leap over this. You will save $600 on a superior chair.

  • A meh sale. 😑

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    Coupon cannot be added to your cart

    • I think the coupon code has been removed.

      • I couldn't use the coupon and messaged via the website.
        They gave me the price at 10% off similar to the coupon. Shipping is $80…. Ordered it as have been eyeing a new HM for a while

        • @Pesty looks like they are selling it at a slightly lower price today. It's now showing $1590 on their website.

  • I got one before the price hike which they said due to shipping and aud - it didn’t matter as much to me as I got an architect friend to arrange a discount for me and I also had a work subsidy. As for second hand, warranty does not cover if it’s sold to someone else and living edge insist on having the original receipt and your name on file…..