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Samsung 43" The Frame QLED Ultra HD 4K Smart TV (2021) $945.25 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


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I believe this is the best price at the moment for 2021 version of 43" The Frame Samsung TV. I've been looking for smaller sized TV that has good picture quality and I think this Samsung QLED is one of the best ones you could get. Confirming it is stackable with several gift cards.

Other sizes are also reduced:




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    Art Mode - The TV screen turns into a beautiful work of art when it is not in use. Access the Art Store to buy your favourite artworks from over 1,400 pieces*

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      Comes with 20 pre-Installed artworks, then as you say need to buy more if wanted. Alternative is to display your own images via usb or phone sharing.

      • Does it support Microsoft Paint?

        • Maybe the Frame - etcher sketch edition?

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        Or just turn it off, and save money on your power bill.

        After all, you are only looking at a facsimile.

      • Can upload our own pictures too

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      Such nice art until my niece used his compass drawing on it. Make sure you let kids know it's a TV or they might turn it into their own art.

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        Haha, kids. Also - your niece is a he?

        • Lol you're right, my nephew.

  • Does the QLED panels have better colour gamut than older high quality plasma TVs? From what I've seen in the past in shops, only OLED has really been an improvement colour wise (ignoring the obvious higher resolution with $K), but am suspecting QLEDs are getting there now as well?

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      No, I still prefer my Panasonic 1080p plasma over the frame. The 4k resolution, and bright scenes are nice, but anything dark looks washed out. I had the 43 inch frame from 2020, as well as a plasma from 2013.

    • You are not going to see Quantum dot technology shine in a shop just showing footage from unknown sources. OLED will look better showing low bitrate, SDR content because it has high contrast. But that is not to be confused with the fact that the LCD could produce high colour gamut. You look at random reviews of mid range Samsung Q70 and it already has a DCI P3 range of 90%+, which destroys any old Plasma. Not to mention HDR at 1000nits there is no competition with colour.

      • The Q70 series would be better than the frame series then, or do they use the same panels almost?

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    Wondering if this would work as a computer monitor?

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      Yes it would via standard hdmi

  • Do you guys think we can expect lower prices around July EOFY sales?

    • I might be wrong but I believe this is part of their EOFY sales…
      If you can hold out until end of November for Black Friday Sales… Might be better

      • Yeah $400 off the $1395 RRP is like 28% and you add the extra 5% off promo, considering this is a newly released tv, I doubt you'd get anything better than this until it is superseded by next gen one again.

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    The biggest % discount is on the 43" - at that price (with today's 5% off code), it's $140 less than the Samsung Corporate discount store - that's a pretty good deal on a new model TV!

    Pity the same discount level isn't on the 50 or 55…

    • Yep really good price, no brainer if you're looking for 43 inch tv. The new one looks much nicer than the 2020 model too.so thin

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    Would have been a perfect PS5 TV and PC monitor if this had HDMI 2.1, but a good 60Hz TV nonetheless ( 43 inch and 50 inch don't have HDMI 2.1 )

    • Oh I thought the 2.1 was universal across all sizes. I wonder if it's because they figure that benefit of 2.1 won't be apparent on smaller screens?

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        I was planning to pull the trigger, then read this and decided no :


        "Differences Between Sizes And Variants
        We tested the 55 inch Samsung The Frame 2021 (QN55LS03AAFXZA), and we expect the results to be valid for the 65 inch and 75 inch models. The 43 inch and 50 inch models have a 60Hz refresh rate and don't support variable refresh rate."

  • Videopro have very competitive baseline prices on many of the TV lines at the moment, in particular the Samsung Frame series. Example: 55 inch for $1570 link . If an eBay special came along as well their pricing would be very interesting

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    Thanks OP. Was trawling last night for a deal on this one. Picked up the 50" for $1,288.20 with the 5% discount + $38.55 by using 3% shopback giftcards. Net price was $1,249.65. The refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 is a non issue for me, this will be a telly for the bedroom so wanted something sleek

  • The screen is the main thing here. Other than that, you are paying for the functions offering nothing that a sub $100 tv box can do, only built in, linked to a proprietory sales and marketing network and destined to become obsolete when, as they have consistently in the past, Samsung walk away from and stop updating it and network capabilities move on.

    Still, in 3-5 years you'll be able [and need] to plug your smarts into it rather than the locked-in version

  • any benefits of getting this over the ls03t (2020 model)? my jb hifi has an ex display 50" for 1005 so $954 after the 5% discount.

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      Most apparent one is thickness of tv. New one almost half of 2020 one so it will sit more flush and more painting like on wall, and 6TB instead of 500MB internal HDD.

      Remote seems to be much nicer too. It has solar charge and also USB charge, no battery anymore

      • thanks for the quick reply!

        I'll be getting the wooden (black) magnetic frame for the tv, once that's installed, does the thickness matter?

        remote sounds good - but not sure if i can justify $300+

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    Awesome price. Been eyeing for the 65” one. Using GC will get it to around $1850 delivered. Very tempting. Wonder how much to wall mount though.

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    ended up getting the 50" LS03A (2021) model. yes it's a lot slimmer and looks more like a photo frame. and the remote is a lot nicer too.

    ended up paying $1,288 for mine. very happy so far.

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