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Xbox Series X 1TB $749 Delivered @ Microsoft


Looks like it's Xbox day today, Microsoft have restocked Xbox Series X consoles :)

Stack with 9% off Microsoft Gift Cards at Suncorp and / or Cashrewards / SB (currently 1.5%) and / or Amex Cashback.

Note: Seems to be coming back in and out of stock, wait a few minutes if it's OOS and refresh, it should update. I am checking in cart for OOS.

As always, enjoy!

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    • OP, this is a known problem with the MS website. Even if you see a green configure now button, it will indicate OOS at a later step. This has been happening since launch.

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    Damnit I'd prefer to have got from this than bigw

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      I was thinking the same thing but then realised it's probably a safer bet going with a retailer just in case something happens.

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        Uhhh it’s definitely better to go through the Microsoft store

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          MS have been known to be very efficient and easy to deal with. All Big Dub will do is send it to MS anyway.

          • @p3r514n: Nothing to stop you from contacting MS directly with Big W receipt if an issue pops up either.

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    Good to combine with Amex $80 off

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      Exactly what I did, $637.50 after Amex (gift cards purchased) and Suncorp cards, then hopefully $10 cashback via CR. Worked out well.

      • How did you combine Amex and giftcards? Didn't see an option for combined payment

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          I purchased $400 in Microsoft Gift Cards yesterday (triggered the Amex email) and added them to my total balance with the Suncorp cards. Then just selected the MS balance as payment and went through.

          There was an issue with payment however so had to give them a call to resolve and they put through 2 batches of 2x$100 cards.

          • @doweyy: Hey, so one could purchase $400 x 2 Microsoft gift cards and add $800 worth into the total balance?

            • @lilkid28: Yep, if you have 2 Amex's, you could do that. But they only offer $100 max denomination, so you would need to set 4x$100 as your quantity and order seperately twice. They send the codes via email and can be redeemed to your balance here.

              • @doweyy: Ok thanks, yeah sadly never saved the Microsoft offer before. Not showing now, probably expired/allocation exhausted.

                Any idea if Sony store can do the same?

          • @doweyy: Great idea. Never thought of being able to get MS GCs under the deal (good for people holding multiple cards).

            I only learnt how MS GCs work today.
            - Buy the GCs
            - Redeem them into your MS account https://redeem.microsoft.com/
            - Credit shows up on your account and can be applied during checkout (can be combined with another payment method - such as Credit Card/Paypal)

            • @sydney_kings: Yeah really good deal for multiple Amex. Stupid me for not saving the offer before. Oh well learnt something new today for next time.

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    Is this post 1001? 😁

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    More stock.

  • What's the Cash Rewards rate? I can only see 6% for Series S.

    • 1.5% on Xbox Consoles & Accessories I think

  • Hi will this play CDs and DVDs?

  • Sad, didn't save Microsoft offer before, now not showing on Amex Offers.

  • Do I stick with Big W or try to cancel and go with Microsoft Store?

    • If you prefer to get it from Microsoft themselves, and use the cash back options, then yeah sure

      • Yeah I'm thinking it's a safer option going retail just in case something happens. Easier to take it back to the store then send it to Microsoft directly.

        • True, much easier to return it to Big W than shipping it to Microsoft.
          Probably best to stick with your Big W order😊

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    I think SB also offers 5.5% CB on Xbox purchases as well

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      Argh. You're right. 1.5% using CR when I purchased 3 minutes ago. Maybe OP can update the post to suggest the best option?

      EDIT: "New Xbox" is 5.5% and "Xbox (consoles…)" is 1.5%. Both CashRewards and ShopBack have 1.5%.
      No idea what a new xbox is if it isn't a console, but I stand corrected

    • Just confirming, I just checked the SB site and it says 1.5% for Xbox Series X consoles, have updated the OP. My understanding is that New Xbox may refer to the Xbox Series S, as CR has a similar rate on that one.

      • Thanks @doweyy, and you are correct! 1.5% still a decent perk. Love your work!

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    Bought a Series S about a month ago and always tempted to go in on a series X but cant justify it! Urghh

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    Nice to finally see some stock but I just cant justify dropping $750 bucks goddamn

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      I can't justify due to the lack of games so far.

      Rather stick to xbone until some decent titles come out.

      • agree

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        Rather stick to xbone until some decent titles come out.

        That was my thinking. Scored an XBOneX for $190 2nd hand. I figure that it'll do me just fine until it dies.

        • Yowza, thats a great price, all the xbox one X i have seen being sold 2nd hand on ebay and forums have been around 240-350$. I ended up getting one for $300 with 2 controllers and 7 games. (not that i need the games as i use Xbox game pass mainly). Where did you get it for $190. Damn!

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            @lonewolf: Got lucky on ebay.

            I still need to find a vertical stand, though. Don't like that sucker getting insufficient airflow.

            • @the discombobulated panda: I have a vertical stand for my Xbox one S, can i use that for the Xbox one X or are they different?

              • @lonewolf: Unfortunately they are different. :(

                • @the discombobulated panda: I havent set mine up yet, as i only picked it up today but the guy i bought it off seemed to have it standing upright by itself on the entertainment unit? Is that not possible? or is it a bit wobbly?

                  • @lonewolf: It is but the One X sucks air from both sides so, effectively, he's blocking one source of air (so am I infact) to cool the system with.

                    I'm actually thinking of making something out of lego to stand it up so that it has breathing room on the down side. :)

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    must not buy must not buy dammit must not buy

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      and recieve a notification "Thanks for your order …"

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      Give in to the dark side. We have XBoxes.

    • halo 6 still isn't out yet!!! hmm… the dark side is suddenly less enticing…….

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        But think of how you'll feel when Halo 6 is out and you've no XBox to play it on and they're still out of stock.

        Come over. Give in to your desire.

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          Oh you're good (insert Skywalker fam reveal meme here)

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    must not buy another one

  • Came and gone like a fart in the wind.

  • Never had an X Box, waiting for a chance to get a PS5…. Getting tempted though as PS5s seem to be so rare… Are they practically the same? always gone the PlayStation route

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      If you've always had Playstations and enjoy the exclusives on Playstation consoles, you may want to stick with Playstation.
      The XBox is on paper more powerful, but the games you wish to play should be the major deciding factor.

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      I think that it's much of a muchness, really.

      I believe that they do lean differently in gaming styles available, though so you may wish to check out the games you wish to play and which has more of them.

    • Why not get both? That’s what I did.

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        At that price point might as well get a gaming PC. :)

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          por que no los tres?

        • Not with the way GPU supplies and prices are going…

        • Tell us which gpu we should get.

    • You should look into getting the Series X and Game Pass, best value in gaming. Get to play all the Xbox exclusives day 1 for $10 a month.

  • Damn, I just literally picked up a Xbox one x this morning 2nd hand :(. I wanted 4k gaming and i didnt think i would be getting a Xbox series X offer anytime soon besides at RRP (I have the MS amex offer so for me this wont be RRP if i buy it). Much difference in current games / gaming with this console over the Xbox one X? Besides the 120 FPS (which i dont think my Display sources can do).